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NEW MOON and Chinese New Year

NEW MOON and Chinese New Year

Because there is so much to share with you, I am writing this in two parts, today I will focus on today’s New Moon and tomorrow I will expand further on Chinese New Year and the Year of the Wood Horse.

NEW MOON – Supermoon!

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We have a New Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarius – “I belong”

Aquarius is an Air sign.  Aquarians are intellectuals, visionaries, pioneers, eclectic, and very individual.

Aquarius represents truth, science, friendship, altruism, hope, ideals, associations, inventors, eccentricity, electronic media, charisma, catastrophe, computing, New Age interests, anything unusual, astrology, and humanitarian pursuits.

This New Moon is the second New Moon in a month, and is also a Supermoon.  The numerology for today adds up to 11, a Master Number representing a gateway or portal that we are now going through.

Have you noticed your dreams have increased and/or become more vivid in the past week?  That is because we are receiving illumination and downloads from this New Moon. 
If you have been worrying about something, ask for the answer to be given to you in your dreamtime, as this is the perfect moon for receiving answers to your questions.
And keep a note of your dreams in your dream journal, even the split second seemingly insignificant ones, as they all have meaning which will be revealed to us over the coming year/s.

Slowly but surely the heavy energy of last year is fading in our memories and our energy fields.  We have almost shaken off the “shackles” as we tentatively step forward into our brave New Year riding on the back of the Wood Horse.

If you have been thinking about trying something new or different then go for it.  You are totally supported by the energies of this New Moon.  Aquarians aren’t afraid to experiment, so we need to follow their example.  I said to several people right at the start of this year, that this would be the year of “who dares wins” and the planets now support my theory.  This is the year when your dreams really can come true.

This New Moon offers us the opportunity to see something or someone from a new perspective.  You may see yourself in a new way and decide you want to completely change your image.  You may see your home in a new way and decide that you really cannot stand that old sofa any longer and you want to revamp your home (a great opportunity to get creative with an upcycling project).  Are you in a rut?  With your habits?  Daily routine? Relationship? Work? Social life?  Use this refreshing new perspective to open your eyes and see things anew.

And if you have been feeling stuck (and last year kept many of us held back or stuck), then this New Moon can help you to get moving again.  On a good day we can smell the promise of Spring in the air and our bodies are aware of this.  We are now in the last Moon of Winter, so we can prepare for Spring.  We continue to clear clutter on all levels and review the plans we want to bring to fruition this year.  Enjoy the last Moon of Winter, the last Moon of rest before we enter a busy year ahead.

Take a big, deep breath and let it out. 
Do it again and let it out like a long sigh. 
You are off the hook. 
You can relax. 
You are free to completely be yourself this year. 
You are free at last. 
You are Free!

Now you may not quite feel like that yet, as I said earlier, we are shedding the remainder of last year and we are almost there.  Can you feel inside a gentle excitement building?  That is the change of year energy building, the energy of Horse coming in.  Welcome the changes in your energy openly and gently, there's no need to analyse them, just let them happen.

Even though Horse years are all about cantering ahead, the planets have already told us that it will be slow and steady progress for the first half of this year, so do be patient.  By all means go for it, however do not be disappointed if things do not start happening as quickly as you would like, they will – when the time is right.  The first half of the year is about building solid foundations for lasting success.

Collaboration energy is around again, so continue to see who you can team up with and work with.  Is there a new group you want to join?  Is there someone you would really like to join forces with?  Do you want to create your own group/organization?  The energy is there to support this, so go for it.

The era that we are in is one of collaboration, doing it together, not thinking we always have to do it on our own.  The more of us that gather together especially when thinking of our communities and global family, the better the chance of success. 
We all know the power of group energy; a group can bring about change so much more quickly than individuals.  We have seen this in Somerset where the people united regarding the flood damage and got the Prime Minister to implement dredging local rivers to help prevent future flood damage.  I have seen this in the past week amongst my global community of Herbalists, an issue arose and we found ourselves (thousands of us from all over the world) uniting to achieve a positive outcome. 
As I said a couple of years ago, people power is the way forward.  So stand in your power as an individual and unite with others standing in their power to bring about the changes needed in our world.  I cannot wait to hear what you get up to!

As ever, Love is the key.  We need to keep checking that we are thinking love, speaking love, acting with love and emitting love.  That’s not easy when you are busy in 3-D land, but do check in with yourself regularly.  Before you react to something or someone ask yourself “does it serve me to react?” and then go into your heart centre and send love to the person/situation.

Last year’s Snake year enabled us to shed our old skins on all levels and in all areas of our lives.  This month is the completion of that before we boldly ride forward into what could be the most exciting, interesting, abundant, wild year we have ever known.  Sure there will be ups and downs, however this year you will not let anyone or anything hold you back from achieving your dream/goal.  When tests and challenges pop up, keep your eye on the prize and keep going.  This really is the year to “follow your bliss” and to totally be yourself.  Be excited about the year ahead, it’s gonna be a good one! 

The symbol I keep being shown is a Butterfly.  I saw all of us revealing our dazzlingly beautiful wings, fluttering them and filling our world with a riot of colour and beauty-full vibrations.  Let’s fill our world with colour, beauty and love this year. 


"If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it"
--       William James, Psychologist

New Moon Blessings y’all!

Elly x

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