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FULL MOON Blessings! (January 2014)



CANCER – “I feel”

Cancer is a water sign that represents feelings, nurturing, home, defense, patriotism, conservation, family, sensitivity, moodiness, introversion, mothering, caring for others, catering, property and home, interiors. Hobbies involving fantasy and imagination.

 Artist/copyright: Josephine Wall

Cancerians are Moon Children who love to live near water especially the sea.  They are terrific fun to be around and sometimes enjoy being the centre of attention.  They adore their families and take great pride in their homes.  They are creative and often psychic and many can be found working in the healing/therapeutic and creative arts.  When they are on form, they are great but if they are having a bad day, watch out, as they can be darn right horrible!  They then retreat into their shell and everyone around them is saying, “WTH is going on?”  They come out of their shell when they are ready acting as if nothing had happened.  Whilst this can be maddening to live with, they are so adorable that we forgive them over and over again just to be in their wonderful light once more.  They are good parents and have a strong connection to Mother Earth, they can see the bigger picture and are happy to be activists particularly regarding conservation.

This Full Moon is the culmination of what was seeded at the New Moon we were gifted with at New Year.  How are you doing with all that?  By now most people have fallen off the wagon regarding their resolutions (I’m so glad I never bother with them).  Take time to use the bright light of this Full Moon to shine on something you may have missed when making your New Year plans.  Allow Grandmother Moon’s beautiful beauty to bathe you in lunar knowledge and open yourself to receiving Her downloads; She just may have a tip to give you to help you for the year ahead (particularly regarding your creativity).

A Full Moon in the homely sign of Cancer invites us to shed our darkest fears and to dance with our shadow side.  Some have found the start to this year quite challenging with an internal battle going on with their shadow side.  All of this is part of the divine plan to free you of the chains of your past and its associated emotions so that you can move forward boldly and confidently into your year ahead.  Another inner conflict may be the urge to take a risk - yet the fear of doing so, the urge to take that leap - yet wanting to stay where it is safe and familiar.  This type of internal tussling can be tiring, now that you know what is going on there is something you can do about it:
- Sit down where you cannot be disturbed.
- Write down what you are feeling, just free flow across the page, do not re-read it, just scribble and scribble until everything inside has been emptied on the page/s. 
- Then twist the page/s and set fire to it/them (please do this safely, preferably outside near a water source, in an old metal bucket is ideal).  Ensure that every word has been reduced to ash – you may find that the most stubborn fears/beliefs take longer to burn, as they are the ones that are the hardest to shift. 
NB - you may need to use a lot of matches!

Don’t forget that Full Moons magnify and amplify whatever is going on, yet all of this will be forgotten in 2-3 days time.  Maintaining our balance is the key to getting through the next few days and that may be challenging at times.

January has brought realisations after last year’s continual clearance.  You may start to look around your life and the people in it and realise that actually you have changed, and no doubt they have changed, and perhaps it is time to move on.  Take time before taking action.  Ensure that you are attuned to your inner self for guidance on this.  Don’t allow yourself to stay because of guilt/have to’s/shoulds/everyone expects me to’s.  This is what the Winter Moons are all about, taking time to go deep inside to sort out what is right for ourselves and our lives in this brand new year.  If you start to feel confused and tangled emotionally, take yourself out for a long walk and connect with Nature, it will clear your head and perspective and refresh you.

And there are a lot of Ass’s about – yep those that ass-ume.  Because many are unaware or don’t understand the inner process they are going through, they are projecting outwards and making assumptions about all and sundry.  (Believe me nothing lights my touch paper more than someone making assumptions about me!).  We need to maintain our boundaries, stay strong in our core, know that we are okay and there is nothing wrong with us (it is their assumption remember which they have fabricated and is not based on fact).  It is a phase that will pass.

Tests about control abound this month and during this Full Moon.  We are being asked to step up, speak up and stand up for ourselves when necessary.  And if you don’t think you are a control freak just wait until one of these tests shows up!  It is a wonderful mirror for us to see that actually, yes we do still think that we are in control of our lives.  One of the hardest spiritual tests to master is surrendering and handing it all over to the Will of the Divine.  Take a back seat and let them all get on with it (only stepping in if your line is being crossed).  Hand it over and let the Divine plan unfold with you as observer rather than instigator.

Last year was so tough on everyone that it is kind of hard to realise that it has actually ended, it’s over – so we need to let go of it.  We got so used to bracing ourselves for the next blow that we are still on high alert.  Let’s give our adrenals a break and breathe out this year, it is safe to do so and we are going to be okay.  Drop the shadows of last year like an old skin (and shake off that snake year once and for all).  Lift your head and take in the light of this New Year.  Lift your eyes and look to the horizon, it’s time to expand your vision because the future is ahead of you.  Stand firm in the present, give thanks for all that you have right now and keep your sights firmly ahead. 

One of the positive aspects of Cancer is its compassion for others, and we are invited to be gentle on ourselves and have compassion for others, as we are all going through this together.  It’s okay to focus on yourself for a few days; it’s not selfish it’s self-care.

Questions to ask yourself this Full Moon:

How well do I look after myself?
How well do I look after my Home?
Am I giving too much to others?
How well do I look after Mother Earth?
Does my home reflect who I now am?
Am I honouring my creativity?
Am I getting back what I give out in all of my relationships?
What do I need to feel looked after?
Do I have enough time for me?


CME’s  (Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun) caused disturbed sleep and are still ongoing.  These caused symptoms such as - heart palps, headaches, tiredness, fuzzy thinking, digestive disturbances (gastric upsets), body aches etc.

Full Moon dreaming – dreaming always increases as the Moon increases.  Don’t forget to make a note in your Dream Journal of any dreams you have, especially if it is one that lingers around several hours after you have woken up.

The urge to purge has returned, I will be doing major decluttering of the house throughout 2014.  My priorities and interests are changing and I need to simplify my life of what is unnecessary in order to create space for my new creativity.


Use Cancer’s home-loving energies to nurture yourself, your loved ones and your home.  Enjoy cosying up over the next few days, eating together, creating together and playing together and let the rest of the world get on with it.

And keep smiling! :-)


Someone has said, "The Universe has imagined it even better than you have." And we like to add to that:  The Universe got all of its information about what you like from you, and it has remembered every piece of it and has put it together in perfect formation. And so, the things that are on their way to you are so much better than you even know that you want. And as you allow them, the essence all of these things that the Universe knows that you are wanting make their way to you and appear in perfect timing for you.  ---Abraham-Hicks

Blessings to y’all
Elly x

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