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Welcome to today’s final Eclipse and Super Full Moon in Sagittarius.  The Lunar Eclipse happens at 04:09am BST and the Full Moon at 04:24am BST (approx 11:24pm USA).

Today’s Eclipse closes the door on what has been an unusual eclipse season.  Usually there are only two eclipses (one that opens the door and the other that closes the door), however we have just had three.  This trinity of Eclipses has shaken our lives and world in ways we could never have expected (and for some, in ways they have still to see and understand).  It is a relief that this is the last one, many folks felt as if they have been living inside a pressure cooker for weeks!  What has been amplified and magnified (and made you feel raw) will now start to settle down.

It is also a Full Moon in Sagittarius today (the most powerful Full Moon of the year), and is also the first of three Supermoons that start another cosmic ride of ups and downs as we journey into and through the Summer months.  This is a particularly potent and powerful Full Moon.  Be careful driving this weekend and be aware that you may be a bit more accident prone (we are in a Snake year and can get distracted easily, ensure that you pay attention to detail).

Sagittarius is the sign that says “I Believe – I See”, it is a fire sign that represents exuberance, travel, the outdoors, freedom to explore, adventure, prophecy, higher mind, religion, clubs and groups, other cultures, sport, higher education, teaching, law, publishing and religion.  Embrace freedom loving Sagittarius’ traits and introduce them to your life in a more real and physical way (or the Eclipse energy will do that for you!).
Whichever house Sagittarius is in, on your personal birth chart, is the area that needs a shake up and changing.  (For me personally, the Eclipses have all fallen in my 4th house, the house of parents, and it is during this Eclipse season that my mother died and in fact it is exactly a month to the day today that we had her funeral).

Isn’t it interesting that we are experiencing two consecutive sets of triple phase experiences?  The number Three has always had a lot of significance throughout the ages.  Three is the number for expansion, moving forward, for protection and abundance.  (It is linked to the countries; Australia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Iceland, Vietnam, England and the USA.  It will be interesting to see what evolves and is revealed over the coming months from these countries).
The Three also highlights our strong connection to Spirit and how we practice our faith.  Three also connect to the “great outdoors”, so during the coming months spend as much time in Nature as you can, it will help to ground all the weird cosmic energies that will be swirling around.

Over the coming months stay grounded (get outdoorsy) and keep track of your thoughts, there will be the energies of confusion around which may throw you off path and start to create chaos or mess in your life.  Keep a grip, as this could sabotage the many wonderful gifts and opportunities that are waiting to come in for you with Jupiter, in June especially.

Full Moons are culminations/completions of what has gone before during the previous Moon phases.  Full Moons encourage debating, mating and celebrating!

So have you let go during this Eclipse season?  Whatever you are stubbornly holding onto will be ripped from you if you do not willingly let it/them go.  Remember that what seems like a door closing, is guiding you to another door that has something so much better on the other side of it.  And yes, we have all had wobbles and feelings of insecurity etc during these Eclipses, which is what eclipse energy is all about, it shakes things up that need to change.  Be kind to yourself on the days that are difficult, remember to drink plenty of water and eat properly, get more sleep if that helps, be gentle to yourself and others until clarity returns and your strength returns.  However, do not miss the opportunity to finally let go with this Full Moon.

Many have experienced despondency and depression through this Eclipse season.  This was an indicator that something needs to change; that there is something our Soul has not been happy with and wants to change.  Sitting with the feelings and diving deep into them, is the only way to deal with it, as this enables you to go through the process quicker (rather than resisting it or pretending it’s not happening) and to receive clarity when you get out the other side of it. 
Trust your intuition.  Trust yourself.  Let go and clear your pathway for all the good that is waiting to come in for you over the coming Summer months.  So work on those dreams and goals of yours, get excited about them, and they will happen.  What you place your attention on grows, so ensure that your attention is focused on what is positive, happy and exciting for you. Now is the time to take steps to making those dreams and goals manifest and you do have planetary support for this.

We are like the Phoenix rising again from the ashes of all that was taken from us during the Eclipses.  We are reborn and renewed through the power of this Full Moon, and as such you can recreate yourself in whatever way you want now.  If you have been waiting for the ‘Big Breakthrough’ then this Full Moon will bring it for you. Invest in yourself (energy/time/health practices/spiritual practices/material things that match the new you and your new image).  Whatever you want more of, invest in it, give it to yourself and watch more of it show up in your life.

You may have reached the point in your life now, where it is time to upgrade everything.  All that you have been doing before has gone stale and does not hold power.  You may have outgrown people, groups, places, ways of working, relationships, where you live etc.  It is time to revamp, upgrade and demand only the best for yourself and your life.  As mentioned before in my previous posts, this Eclipse season invites us to rebrand ourselves and our lives on the inside and on the outside.
Upgrade your thinking - You are now free from fear and are clear to think positive, loving, thoughts all the time. (Yes it is possible).
Upgrade your emotions – it is okay to feel happy, joyful, excited, passionate, sexy etc – every day!
Upgrade the way you look and present yourself to the world - you have changed, this needs to be reflected on the outside now as you rebirth yourself.
Upgrade your home – does it truly reflect who you are now? Take a look around and change things.
Upgrade your Spiritual practices – change how you have been doing things and introduce new ways that hold power that match who you now are (not who you were a few weeks ago).
Upgrade your energy – who you give it to, how you use it, how you look after it and maintain it.
Upgrade your Groups/Communities – you may have outgrown some of these now and need to move on.
When you no longer seem to ‘fit’ where you did before “it may simply be time to move to first class” as a friend said to me recently, I thought that was such a powerful statement and life changing. So raise your standards and show the world the new you, fearlessly. Show up for yourself FABULOUSLY!

As I mentioned above, the Summer months might have their ups and downs (and remember we are still in a Snake year so there could be twists and turns) however do not allow anything or anyone to knock you off path.  The Three Magical Keys for this Summer are;
* Stay grounded
* Stay healthy
* Stay positive
Do this and all will be well.

The one gremlin in the works is fear.  Yes, that little four letter word that causes us so much grief. And my goodness, we have all had fear issues come up during this eclipse season, some really old ones, some ugly ones, some new ones, all of which knocked us for six and off our centre.  They came up to be dealt with, healed and then let go of.  They cannot happen again.  Fear simply flags up where change is needed immediately.  The problem is that we bury our heads and don’t want to deal with it, well that turns a little monster into a big monster that takes longer to sort out.  Knock it on the head straight away, I promise you it is so much easier and makes the whole thing disappear a lot more quickly.  Our instinct is to run as far away as possible from the person/thing that is pressing our fear button, yet if we draw on our inner Warrior strength and face it head on, we see it shrivel before our eyes and disappear.  If you really feel you can’t cope with what has come up, get help!  There is always a solution to the problem and never be afraid to ask for help, it can save you a lot of time and wear and tear on your emotions.  (If you would like some help, contact me for a 1-2-1 appointment).

Our ‘Fear Buster’ spray mist is fantastic for helping with fear issues, it is like spraying inner warrior strength all around your aura, which filters down to your physical level reassuring it and helping you to feel strong enough to deal with whatever is happening.  Find out more here .

A Note for Earth Sensitives
You may have been experiencing incredible pain over the past few weeks.  Bones hurting deeply, muscles aching as well as pains in odd places.  The earthquake activity increased considerably during this Eclipse season and is ongoing.  Indicators were hips, calves, ankles, shoulders, neck and strange pains in the small bones of the hands.  We all sense differently, however one thing I and my fellow Earth Sensitives have noticed is the increase in the pain levels over the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully this will ease now.
These aches and pains are also to do with the huge changes we are undergoing as a result of the recent Eclipses and Moon transits.  The recent Solar Flares and Sunspots also caused nausea and dizziness, blurred vision and hearing difficulties.  Physically we have had to cope with a lot going on energetically, sometimes to the point where we thought we couldn’t take anymore.  (Some of my clients were concerned they were developing Lupus or other conditions, I advised them to get tested and if the tests came back negative then it is more likely to be due to the energy conditions).


Just remember that Love is the transformer, Love is the true key to all this, and it starts with Self Love.  Unless you love yourself fully you cannot truly love or help another.  Give yourself the luxury of time to develop a deep self love awareness.  Draw on the power of the Supermoons to strengthen this in yourself and you will see your life transforming in ways you cannot even dream of.  June I feel will be a much easier and more joyous month for us all.

Bright Blessings to y’all!

Elly xx

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