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APRIL Updates


Mercury and Mars are no longer retrograde but wait until around April 18th for things to settle down again.

Although Mars and Mercury are no longer retrograde, wait until around April 18th before signing any contracts or pushing ahead with new projects, as we don’t quite have the green light for go yet. If you can be patient a little longer it will make things less frustrating further down the line. Also according to some astrologers, this shadow aspect of Mercury could be with us until the beginning of July. This means that there could still be little misunderstandings, reworking etc between now and then. Forewarned is forearmed, so double and triple check everything you commit to between now and July. Use this time to finally rid yourself of toxic habits, toxic behaviour, toxic environments and toxic people. The blocks that you feel have held you back will start to clear from your path from the middle of April. Once you feel the way is clear, channel your energy into creative, successful action (no more procrastination, go for it!) This is a great month for putting your plans into action – and if you haven’t got your plans together yet – get on with it – great planetary support is around now for setting down the practical steps needed to achieve your dreams and goals. Believe you will be successful and you will. A positive mental attitude will carry you far over the coming weeks.

FULL MOON – 6th April in Libra @ 20:19pm GMT

Elly: The Full Moon in fair minded, sociable Libra will occur on April 6th in the UK. This is the first of FIVE Super Moons this year! The Full Moon is a powerful culmination and celebration of all that you have achieved in the past few weeks. It is the peak of the month and the harvesting of all that you have planted and created since the New Moon. Now the events of recent weeks come to a ripe fullness. Breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate. Remember the Full Moon is the best time for feasting, mating and debating! So set aside some quality time for you and your beloved, eat something wonderful, talk to each other, and love, love, love, under the light of the Full Moon. (And if you are on your own, do this for yourself and enjoy!). Remember Full Moons are the right time for celebrating and revelling in your successes.

This Full Moon ties up the Eclipse cycle, which started way back in November last year. Libra is all about balance in relationships. How much have you been putting up with? Are your needs and desires being fulfilled? How far have you been pushed? It’s time to take a clear-sighted look at the dynamics of all our close relationships - getting up close and personal and looking at them warts and all. Yep that includes acknowledging the not so good and negative aspects. And why are we doing this? In order to find brave new solutions to the problems, and allowing excitement to override any feelings of despair or disappointment in your relationships. It’s about finding win-win solutions, creating and co-creating healthy supportive collaborations and alliances in order to achieve peace, harmony and balance. Get your head out of the sand and face what is going on, none of you can move forward until you do. Face the fear and do it anyway!

It’s time to be fearless both as an individual and part of your global family. As I said in a previous newsletter/blog update, this year People Power will continue to grow in strength. Those in authority need to watch out, the people will only take so much, especially financially. Just how much more do they expect us to pay for? We cannot continue bailing out their mistakes.

This Full Moon aspect can create financial or romantic illusion, so be careful. There could also be individuals around you that are not as honest as they seem to be, you could be betrayed. Tune up your Inner Bullsh*t Detector around this Full Moon so that you are not duped by them (and call in Dragonfly medicine to help you see straight through to the truth of any situation or person). There are a lot of people out there offering you the Moon at the moment, they seem authentic and it all seems very exciting. However be careful, further down the line you could be very disappointed and could end up out of pocket (and possibly with a broken heart). As one astrologer said recently “see people for who they are and not who we want them to be.” Trust your intuition and gut instinct and when that little warning bell goes off in your head or you get that twinge in your gut, don’t override it.

Neptune in Pisces makes us feel dreamy and romantic. Neptune invites us to dive deep into our psyche and helps us to “wash” away the past. He empowers us to move from war to peace (a theme we will be working with in June at our annual Women’s Retreat and Celebration). He encourages us to open up in order to be flooded with the Goddess love energy and masses of Light. Confront the monsters within and transform the old fears that keep us dark and block us. It is time to reclaim your power and stop giving it away. As another astrologer said “do not bully and do not allow others to bully you.” And don’t try to change anyone, you can’t, you have to let them find their own way. Respect your individuality and that of others.

All of this is worth remembering not just around Full Moon time, but also for the rest of this month. As I mentioned on Facebook earlier this week Acceptance helps us to stay in the now and cope with what is going on. And watch out for spiritual superiority (those that think they are doing it right, living it right, saying it right etc). This is the worst form of spiritual snobbery around and is not spiritual at all, it is entirely the opposite (it is ego led not heart or spirit led) although they are very clever at how they do it – another hint about not allowing yourselves to be bullied spiritually either. Spiritual maturity is the ability to accept people and their point of view without trying to change it. Separation is the illusion – connection is the reality, and not just with each other but also with our beloved Mother Earth. Please stop focusing on what is wrong and see Her as whole, and in the words of Grandmother Rayleene “tell Her how beautiful she is.” Remember that you are very powerful, you have the power to change things, and when we all unite together we are a force to be reckoned with!

DARK NIGHTS: 18th, 19th,20th April

Elly: Remember that your energy will feel lower than usual; you may feel more tired as the Earth pulls you towards her. Time to go into your cave; reflect on what has happened and what you have achieved in the past month. To give thanks for all that has occurred during this lunation. Decide what it is you want to let go of and what you would like to see grow with the next New Moon cycle. Prepare your New Moon Manifestation List – these are the magical wishing days of the Moon. On the New Moon, light your candle and read your list aloud, then place it somewhere special such as your altar, and let Grandmother Moon get to work on helping you to manifest what is for your highest good over the coming month. These days signal to you the beginning of a new Power time.

NEW MOON – 21st April in Taurus @ 08:18am GMT

Elly: The New Moon in earthy, sensuous, food loving Taurus will occur on April 21st in the UK. The New Moon is a time to start again, an opportunity to start anew and bring in the new. New moons encourage reassessment and planning for the month ahead, you may have a need to be alone during the first few days. You also may want to stay at home and may not feel you have the energy for going out or travelling. Any seeds (ideas and positive energy) planted during a New Moon will culminate and flourish during the Full Moon. The New Moon to Full Moon is a time of creation and expansion, of dynamic energy. What are you going to create for your coming month ahead, where are you going to focus your energies?

It’s time for your New Moon Wish List, and as it happens in Taurus this month, you might want to focus on some Taurean aspects as a guide to the kind of wishes to focus on over the coming weeks. These include; money, food, being comfortable at home/at work/with yourself, sensual enjoyment indulging all the senses, material possessions, Mother Earth, or perhaps focus on the shadow aspects that you wish to heal over the coming month; issues around loyalty, tenacity and staying power, commitment, over exaggeration, stubbornness, refusing to be truthful.


Life has speeded up so much, sometimes I can really feel this planet speeding up and hurtling through space. It reminds me to stop and breathe. It reminds me to spend more time meditating so that I can stay in balance and not get caught up in all the rush-rush energy that surrounds us. We need to be the calm in the storm in order to keep the energies as balanced and centred as possible. As you have seen over the past few weeks, the masses have been acting out and projecting left, right and centre. It is because they do not understand what is going on. You do. So avoid the troublemakers and those that try and get you caught up in their rushing or dramas. Someone has to stay calm!

March was one heck of a month, with bizarre weather worldwide (we had a heat wave on our side of the pond!) and also I have to say, it was one of the worst months I have ever known for bad news and it just kept pouring in, I do not know one person in my life who went unscathed. A massive clearing is going on at the moment with many crossing over having fulfilled their Earth Walk this time around. Including more Elders.

Letting Go

The old continues to leave my life as I let go of more things that have had their day and make space for new to come in. It was an absolute delight to go out and buy some new clothes for my workshops, I had an idea in my head of exactly what I wanted and I manifested it all on one short shopping trip. In the house, we are letting go of more that needs replacing (including our beloved car which has been the most fantastic workhorse for us, our Golden Girl as we call her). I realise now that it is in the letting go of the small things that prepares us for when we have to let go of the bigger things in our lives. I am preparing to let go of my Mother as she is in the end stages now and have come to a place of remarkable peace deep within about it all. A month ago I was stressed to the max about her, but now I am ready to let her go. Letting go is never an easy process (especially for a fixed sign like me!) yet it brings in refreshing new energy and releases a lot of personal power.

Grief Energy

Many have been feeling teary without really knowing why. This Grief energy can be for several reasons; grief as you let go of the past, people, possessions etc. Also grief as you let go of life, as you have known it because everything is changing so fast.

When we clear deep levels of old stuff we feel teary as it rises up from the emotions and out through the body where it is finally let go of.

Intuitives have been feeling teary for the loss of life in recent accidents and earth changes.

And sometimes you feel teary just because. You don’t always need to know why, just go with it, let it come up and then this phase will pass more quickly. At some point you will be given an insight into what it is all about, so just go with it.

The challenge for us during the dreamy energy around this month is to stay fully present, and stay in the moment. We are so easily distracted by the demands of others, our work, Facebook (lol!), but all of this just tires us out and keeps us projecting into the future. Staying in the now is less tiring and you achieve more each day. When you keep harping back to the past or projecting into the future you are leaking valuable energy and personal power, keep it in the here and now. That way you are always fully present to receive guidance from Spirit.

Fear Busting

That’s what this month is all about. I know I know, haven’t we all done a lot of that already? Yes we have, however the ante is being upped this month, to have a final clear out of all that fear nonsense so that you can stop repeating it in your life. When things are uncertain and you are waiting for clarity about the next step, or waiting for answers, it can make you feel a bit insecure and life can feel unstable. The media doesn’t help as it has recently really whipped up the fear level of the masses (the recent threatened petrol strike in the UK for example). You are on the threshold of owning your power in a massive way, so what’s a few fear issues in comparison huh? Identify them, heal them and release them. (Our ‘Fear Buster’ essence is fabulous for helping with this).

Leading up to my recent workshops, I was presented with just about every challenge you can think of to try and stop me getting there. (Including my Mother being rushed back into hospital, the threat of not being able to travel because of the petrol shortages, one cock up after another, etc. You name it I had it). But it didn’t stop me, I got there and most of the attendees got there and we had an amazing time.

ELLY Tip: if you sign up for any events with me, be prepared to have all sorts of obstacles thrown in your way to try and thwart you from getting there! It is to do with being tested by the Universe (as if our commitment is not enough), we then get tested on just how much we really want to go. And it wasn’t just me; many of our attendees had also had multiple challenges to put them off coming.

Of course the opposite of fear is love. That’s why we need to clear these fear monsters from our lives because they are blocking us from our full Love potential.

Many of you are now used to me banging on about protection, and I will do so again. This is because many of you are on the threshold of ascending to your next level of power. The extra light you take on and your ability to open and receive the Higher Love now available to you, is awesome and you will become even more awesome than you are now. So be prepared for those lower, darker energies to try and attack you to prevent you from ascending. These may come in the form of psychic or verbal attack etc. Protection, protection, protection! Is it any wonder that as fast as I am making ‘The Protector’ spray mists at the moment they are flying out the door to those needing them?

Life for some may be shaken up and take turns you had not dreamed of. It will be scary. Trust in the Divine Plan, that it is moving you to where you need to be in order for you to grow the way you need to now. (Our ‘Lighthouse’ essence is very helpful for when this happens).

So when the wotsit hits the fan, breathe and say out loud a minimum of ten things you are grateful for in your life. This helps you to get back into a positive frame of mind and interrupts a negative pattern forming in your mind and cells. Then re-do your Protection exercises or use your spray mist. (If you have been psychically attacked, you will need to cleanse your aura and chakras first. If you need help with this, I have some spaces for 1-2-1’s this month).

Removal of Masks

Our own and others’ masks are being stripped away now. Be careful around those who have not dealt with their stuff. You know the ones - all smiles and Love&Light boll*cks on the outside but seething on the inside. Their shadow sides will be revealed now and you don’t really want to be anywhere near them as they will project massively out of fear until they realise that they have to heal this side of themselves.

We’ve often talked of how lonely this pathway can be, and this will happen again for some, as they lose more ‘friends’ who have now been revealed for who they really are. Let go with love because you know that better is on its way for you.

I have said many times that we are now in the Era or Truth and this is part of the work required to live and be in Truth.

Money Matters

Despite the media’s fear mongering, as I told you at the beginning of 2012, this can be a good year to make money. If this is not happening for you at the moment it means that you are “refusing your destiny which includes money, love, health and great good fortune in general.” This is what the year of the Water Dragon is all about. The opportunities abound this year to make money, and as the wonderful Chuck Spezzano says “if finances don’t improve, it signals a buried tantrum in which you have closed the doors on your destiny. This is part of a hidden bad attitude and authority conflict with Heaven that wants to give you everything.” When we panic about money it is because our old stuff around it is coming up to be healed. Every time I have a wobble like that, it is the old me, the old patterns and beliefs that are coming up again. The fear isn’t real; it is simply a signpost that I need to start saying my abundance affirmations again and a clear signal that I am not being grateful enough! (I went through a huge wobble last week when so much was coming up to thwart me/my workshops, but I went around the house saying my affirmations and yesterday out of the blue we got an unexpected surprise in the post). I am also enjoying using our new ‘Water Dragon’ spray mist and the feedback from customers so far confirms that it is fantastic for helping us open to creative new ways to make money.


I do feel that April will be a lot better and a lot more fun than March was. And we should make the most of the good days, as we all knew in advance that this year, being such a significant year, would be a bit tough. Allow the fears to rise up and identify themselves, heal them and reassure yourself that you are walking in Light and protected by the Light. Put your plans in place and get organized (editor take note of that one!). And remember your Protection every day and also last thing at night before sleep.


Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so. As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.


Continues to be a problem with the fluctuating energies.


Continues as earthquake and volcanic activity continues.


This Full Moon is really dredging up some strange stuff as the clearing and healing begins. Prophetic dreams happening too. Keep a note of all your dreams and nighttime ‘wanderings’.


Some are allowing their chakras to be used as punch bags. Stop it. Up your protection and clear the blockages in your chakras.

Aches and Pains

Have returned for a lot of Sensitives. Partly to do with the healing phase (detoxing) that many are going through. Partly due to picking up earth changes. Drink plenty of water and good food (stay away from tomatoes, potatoes, red wine etc if your joints are aching).

Feet and Ankles

Many reporting stiffness or pain in these areas. As we ascend upwards we have to work even harder to ensure that we are grounded at earth level and below. If you have painful feet or ankles, you need to check how much in your body you are; how grounded you are; whether you are scared of what is ahead; whether you are scared of having to be more independent; whether you are afraid of the future. Get some reflexology to help you or put a drop of the ‘Protection sacred oil’ in the centre of the sole of each foot.


There seems to have been an increase in orb activity lately. No doubt a sign of the times as the energies increase.



In Nature.

To ground yourself.

To keep you connected.


For inner stability.

For inner and outer peace.

For All Our Relations.


For joy.

To help your creativity.

To heal your chakras.


To release stress.

To oxygenate your entire Being.

Breathe in Peace, breathe out Love.

The key for the coming month is ALLOWING. Allow them to be themselves. Don’t try and change them, just accept them. All of your relationships improve when you stop trying to fix everyone. When stuff happens, allow it (unless of course it is abusive in which case stand in your power). When you are the calm in the eye of the storm you cannot be affected by what is happening around you. When you allow, you remain at peace. It saves your body from fight/flight response and prevents stress hormones surging through you. The Goddess allows.

A bundance

N amaste

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:

These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

Easter Blessings to you and yours.

Elly x

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