Thursday, 22 March 2012

NEW MOON Blessings!

As we enjoy the last day of the Spring Equinox, we are blessed with a powerful New Moon in Aries, the start of the Astrological New Year and a whole new cycle for us. (It happens at 14:37pm GMT in the UK, in the USA 7:38am PDT and 10:38am EDT).

Aries is the Pioneer unafraid of blazing new trails, the Go Getter, the ambitious dynamo that loves success and is not afraid to go for it. Aries brings us the energy and drive we need to really move ahead with projects.

However, in today’s Planetary Cauldron there is a mix of planets giving us mixed energies. Because Mars (planet of action & goal orientation) and Mercury (planet of communication) are currently retrograde, it’s not going to be easy to charge ahead and launch our new goals. It could be a bit hit and miss, things may fall through or change, so just keep that in mind when you are all fired up with this Arian Spring energy and are raring to go.

And there is a reason for these retrogrades. You might jump in at the deep end with both feet before thinking properly about what you are doing and whom you are doing it with. You will be tempted to force issues because of all the forward-motion, driving energy that is coursing through you. You will try and bend things to suit your will – the ego is so impatient! But you will be slowed down to give you a chance to check it all out properly before committing yourself. Don’t rush in like a fool or you could have one heck of a mess to sort out later.

Also be warned that you must finish what you start or people will lose respect for you. This Moon’s energy will fill you with an abundance of creativity and fantastic ideas that you are so excited about that you feel like you wanna tell the whole world! Be warned, don’t start any of them unless you know you can commit to them fully and see them through - you could damage your reputation otherwise. Too many people Talk the Talk, they are always telling us what they are going to do but they never actually do it or produce anything, it’s all baloney. Be a doer not a talker, Walk your Talk, this will be your toughest test this month.

In your creative enthusiasm, be careful also not to ride roughshod over people’s feelings. What seems fresh, brilliant and perfect for you, might be perceived as wacko by them until they have time to understand where you are coming from. Pioneers walk a lonely path and it takes a while for others to catch up and understand. Temperance is the Tarot card to look at every day to remind you.

This New Moon invites us to get out of our boxes and start living and thinking in a different and more revolutionary way. How can we live our lives in a better way? What can we do for our local and global communities? How can we help humanity?

With Mercury retrograde, old faces from the past may suddenly pop up again in our lives. Why now? What do they want? Reflect and research their motives before taking action or getting sucked into old stuff with them again. Old conflicts could be triggered with this New Moon, so stay away from those who set you off or who know how to press your buttons. On the plus side for some, you could hit it off with an old flame again and it turns out to be passionately successful this time!

It is time for everyone to step up their Leadership qualities another notch. Arians are leaders not followers. Aries gives us all the gift of leadership energy. Remember that you are people not sheeple! Step up and take the lead in your life, your work and your relationships.

It is time for the Spiritual Warriors to take the lead and guide humanity through the rest of this year and beyond. Be innovative, do things differently, await downloads that could blow your fuses as what you receive will be so different from any other kind of spiritual direction you have ever had before.

Be aware of the responsibility you have as a Leader, do not mess people around, get your act together first and then lead. We all have the opportunity now to make a difference for others. Never feel that you do not make a difference, you are planting seeds in others that will truly blossom and grow at a time that is right for them, and that would never have happened if they had not met you. So, Spiritual Warrior, never doubt yourself or your mission.

Leaders are true to themselves, they believe in themselves, they trust themselves, they act with confidence because of their faith in Spirit and Universal guidance, they have courage, they are not afraid to go where others have never been, they defend the Innocents and those in need, they have integrity and strong personal values. They are focused and determined and never mess anyone around or let anyone down. They serve to protect and defend, not destroy. Are you up to this? It’s time for everyone to grow up and act like spiritual adults or they will make terrible leaders.

Astrologically it could be a bit of a rough ride from time to time, but we’re used to that, be aware that the veil of illusion will be lifted from your eyes regarding people/projects/groups/places. You will see the truth of the situation and it may shock you. It will trigger a knee-jerk reaction, but try to stop, breathe and think before you react. Retrograde energy is about waiting before acting, researching and checking all the facts first before we judge a person or situation.

Ascension symptoms have come back with a vengeance and will continue to affect us over the coming weeks. Many have been experiencing dizziness and nausea as Earthquake activity increased greatly in the lead up to the New Moon. Take it easy, drink plenty of water and take essences (I cannot do without our ‘Ascension Support’ essence and spray mist at the moment as it really helps to steady me up and rebalance me again).


Essence and Spray Mist


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This wonderful spray mist is especially useful for Earth Sensitives and those particularly sensitive to energies. Its specially created blend has been designed to help you during fluctuating energy hits which can cause turbulence in your energy field/aura. This can make you feel dizzy, out of sorts and unable to concentrate. These energy peaks and troughs can also affect everyone in your home including your pets.

This spray mist is powerful and works quickly to help you feel more steady and balanced. The essential oils in it are gently supportive, grounding and fill your energy field and environment with fragrant balanced energy.

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Today write your New Moon Wish list and read it out loud to the New Moon, then place on your altar.

During this transit, write down all the ideas that you are flooded with in a Sacred Work Journal.

Remember it was the Tortoise that won the race not the Hare!

– use the retrograde planets to help you stop and think before you rush ahead.

Spring Equinox and New Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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