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New Moon Blessings

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Today’s New Moon falls in earthy, sensuous Taurus.  Taurus loves to indulge itself in the finer things of life like good food.  Taurus teaches us about our connection to the Earth and our relationship with materialism.  Taurus likes the good things of life but is also grounded about it.

If you’ve been finding it hard going lately or it feels like you have been pushing a heavy load uphill, things start to get better from now on.  The pressure eases up and things start moving again.

This Taurus New Moon invites us to cast our New Moon wishes wider regarding abundance in all aspects of our lives but particularly health and wealth.  Allow this New Moon to guide you to discovering new ways of bringing pleasure into your life as well as being open to money making opportunities that can now come your way.

Taurus the Bull is a four footed plodder, Taurus knows what it wants but gets there slowly, step by step until reaches its goal, and it always does.  Steady and sure is the way forward with these New Moon Wishes, they cannot be rushed or they will not come to fruition and/or be long lasting.  Get your plan in place, work out how you can do it step by step, and sign up for more coaching or training that will help you to make it happen.  You are planning for the long term rather than wasting time and money in trying to get rich quick (there is no such thing so don’t fall for it or you will lose valuable time and money).  All of this practicality is also supported with dream energy from Neptune helping to temper any stubbornness that may come up in you, replacing it with compassion and faith.  Whilst the steady plodding may not sound glamorous or exciting, if you approach each step and each task from a higher perspective and bring spiritual energy to it, you will transform it into an amazing experience every time.

Don’t forget it’s not just all work and no play, although it is always fun indulging in one’s creativity.  Taurus also loves to indulge in what feeds its senses.  Delicious food, aromatherapy massage, sensual playtime with their lover/s, music, flowers, a clean beautiful home and anything else you can think of.  What can you do over the next few days to increase sensuality and pleasure in your life? (Think of all your senses and find one new thing to do to enhance and increase your pleasurable experience of each sense)

This New Moon is encouraging us to create more wealth in all areas of our life.   Are you using all of your gifts in this world?  Are you standing in your truth?  Are your limits and boundaries in place?  If you don’t have respect for yourself or value yourself, then no-one else will. 

This Taurus New Moon also invites us to take a grounded, practical look at everything in our lives and ask ourselves “is this really what I want?”

- Do you really want some of the relationships in your life? 
- Do you allow yourself to be influenced by others? 
- Do you really want to continue working in this way?
- Do you really want your home to be like this? 
- Do you really want your health/body to be like this? 
- Are you holding on to old emotions with weight, or feeling bloated and need to detox? 
- Are you ready to receive more (abundance/health/success)?

What needs to change?  

Is it time to clear the clutter both internally and externally? 

You cannot attract more to you if there is no space for it in your life.

Once you decide what it is you want, work out how you are going to get it, then go for it.  The planetary support now available encourages you to move forward now, take your action steps and you will get there.  This is a very prosperous New Moon, so keep your thoughts abundant, reflect your internal affluence externally in the way that you dress, the way you speak (affluently positive words and thoughts only) and in the way that you carry yourself and conduct yourself. 

Use this auspicious New Moon to plant the seeds of what you wish to birth for yourself in the future especially related to abundance and material satisfaction. And that includes what seeds you would like plant to help Mother Earth.

If you have been saying to yourself for ages that you need to sort something out, or do something, or if something has been driving you nuts and you’ve been meaning to sort it out, then this is the time to do it.  Wait no longer, procrastinate no longer, this is the window of opportunity to clear the decks and create the space to birth the New You, your new way of living, your new way of working, your new way of being abundant, your new success.

This New Moon says that if you are willing to get off your butt, initiate changes by taking action, and go for it, then you will be one of those who benefits fully over the next 30 days.  So focus that wonderful creative power of yours and channel it into assertive action tempered with patience as you step-by-step create abundance and success.

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