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We are blessed with the most auspicious New Moon on Christmas Eve. What a wonderful way to celebrate such a special time of year.

The days leading up to Christmas Eve have been harder than usual with many feeling absolutely exhausted at a time when they want to be full of energy to enjoy the fun. This has been due to the dark nights of the Moon leading up to New Moon, and also the effects of the powerful Winter Solstice we have just had. Now the energy starts to lift for everyone and Christmas will be fun, you will have the physical and emotional energy for it.

Jupiter, planet of luck and good fortune turns direct also bringing us optimism, upliftment and celebration.

Christmas Eve is a fantastic day to write your New Moon Wish List. It won’t just be for the month ahead, it will be setting the tone for your year ahead, so think carefully before writing on paper what you desire to manifest over the coming year. December is the last month in a powerful Autumn/Winter season that has laid the foundations for our year ahead.

In 2012 it will be easier to make money than it has been in recent years (despite the media spin and the cr*p perpetrated in the news). Capricorn helps us to get sensible about money, to prioritise what is important, to create new structures to enable us to create more money for ourselves and to choose love instead of fear through abundance instead of materialism.

The New Moon is in Capricorn, yep that stubborn ol’ goat, yet Capricorn can headbutt us, to get us off our butts and out there manifesting. This New Moon brings energy for new beginnings in our work (whatever business or career you have); Capricorn’s gift is “industrious accomplishment and reputation building” all of which are supported by this wonderful New Moon. Capricorn kickbutts our ambitions and goals, encourages sensible approaches to whatever we do, helps us to achieve success, reminds us of our responsibilities, reminds us to be an authority to ourselves and how to deal with authority, and helps us to take charge of ourselves and our lives.

This New Moon is aspected by Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. This is amazing as they help us to prepare for the giant leap forward we are about to take next year. However, in order to succeed you must speak your truth and stand firm in your power. You must be authoritative (tough love may be called for from time to time). We are here to serve, and we cannot serve the people if we do not speak our truth or stand with conviction and authority in our truth.

Uranus brings us liberty and individuality, so you have the support to finally be yourself, you are free to be you now, no more holding back, 2012 is the year for you to be seen fully in all of your magnificence.

Uranus helps you to avoid being sidetracked or knocked off centre by “what other people think”. Stuff what other people think, it is what you think that matters from now on, and if they don’t like it – tough! You are a beautiful, unique individual and you have your own unique contribution to make to this world, that is why you are here, it is your personal mission, so go do it y’hear!

We have all felt the shift at the end of this year and have perhaps felt a little scared by the unknown. We all know deep down that things will never, ever be the same for us again, we have changed too much and our world has changed too much during this past year. So when people or things leave your life or when things fall apart, try not to panic, try tounderstand that space is being made for better to come to you now. We know that the change is MASSIVE and that is what scares us. Part of what we are afraid of is the responsibility we now carry, we have to grow up big time now as we step into 2012.

As I have said to several clients this week (and mentioned in my last Blog post), you must trust your intuition and not be influenced by others outside of yourself. We have to rely on ourselves, to be independent on every level, and only trust the Highest Truth which comes from within, because we are all unique, individual channels through which the Greater Love and Higher Truth flows. We just need to trust ourselves more, and spend time to connect and strengthen that inner link. The more connected to the Divine you are, the more successful you will be, the happier and more contented you will be, and the more you will be able to cope with any curve balls that come your way in 2012. The more you are connected to the Higher Power, the more power you will personally have. The more powerful you become, the greater your ability to serve will become.

The old ways have gone, and we are a little unsure because the new ways have not fully presented yet. Some years ago I shared a story with you; back in the early 90s, Archangel Michael told me that there would come a day when we would need to throw all of our books out of the window, and to forget everything that we have learned so far, because there would be new ways to do things and we would all be taught directly by Spirit how to do them. Well that time is here, now. These new ways are essential for the new world that is being built. So go into the fear and uncertainty that may come up, talk to your Guides/Helpers about it and ask for their assistance and clarity. We are all feeling it, so you are not alone. (It’s even worse for old timers like myself, as we have been taught in a certain way for so long, that it is kinda hard to shake off the old tapes in the head that have been programmed by decades of reading, learning and studying this stuff!)

Remember also what I have been saying for several years now, that heaven isn’t somewhere out there, that it is inside us? Well that time has arrived. The whole point of the Ascension Process has been for us to be able to embody Heaven on Earth. Now, we are all Earth Angels, we are embodying Heaven on Earth and helping others to do the same. (I have created a new ‘Earth Angel’ spray mist to support you in your mission. Available in January 2012). No more hoping to escape to Heaven one day, it is right here right now, you’ve just to find it.

Enjoy being a fully conscious Light Being in a human form. We have all been through a heck of a lot over the past few years to expand ourselves on every level including cellular, in order to make space for our full Lightbody, now we get the chance to walk around with it in our human suit, how cool is that?!

This New Moon helps us to awaken and birth our next year, our new future that we are creating for ourselves. Awaken, shine, free yourselves and others. Reinvent yourself, your practices, your way of living, working and being. Celebrate your uniqueness and accept the uniqueness of others (even though that might be challenging at times!)

And remember, the power of your words nowadays can instantly manifest. So catch yourself on every time you open your mouth. Don’t put yourself or anyone else down (however testing they are), because you will continue to experience the same from them and things won’t change. If you must speak then make your words worthwhile and positive, otherwise be quiet and don’t say anything. That is why true Elders seldom say much; they don’t need to unless they have something worth sharing. One thing I have noticed over the decades is that I don’t trust those who are over verbose, whilst some are gifted orators, many are full of sh*t, and the ones that use a hundred words where a few will do, are not trustworthy and always let you down. However, you also need to discern those that withhold verbally, some do it to be enigmatic, some do it to draw you in like a spider to their web and some do it to be seen as enlightened gurus. The test is trusting your inner Bullsh*t Detector to discern who is authentic and living in truth and who is not (and the higher along your pathway you are, the more cleverly disguised they are).

Also be aware that your thoughts are being heard by more people than you realise. Because everyone’s vibration has been raised, those of a higher vibration will know exactly what you are thinking. Telepathic ability has increased greatly, so be careful what you are thinking! (And don’t forget that your thoughts also create your reality, what you are thinking right now will create your future).

Do remember that we are in the Winter moons, and Mercury won’t be fully sorted until the New Year, so this is not the time to make quick or sudden decisions. Capricorn encourages us to strategically work out the pros and cons first, and then sleep on it, and then sleep on it some more before making that decision. That ol’ goat teaches us patience and perseverance.

This New Moon is full of hope, generosity, blessings and optimism. Be excited and positive about the year ahead. We are being given the green light to go for it next year. So out with the old and in with the new. Clearing out the old, creating space for the new to come in on every level. Be excited, 2012 is going to be a good year for all of us.

In love and appreciation to all of you who take the time to read my scribblings, I thank you all, and send you every Blessing for you and your families at this special time of year.

Have a cool Yule y’all!

Elly xx

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