Friday, 9 December 2011

FULL MOON Total Lunar Eclipse

Saturday’s Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse closes the last Eclipse season of the year - and what a powerful one to end with. The Moon will be hidden during this Eclipse, i.e. the Feminine will be hidden.

What aspects of your femininity have you been hiding from the world?

What aspects of your Feminine power are you hiding away?

What aspects of the Feminine within you need healing or need attention?

Is ‘She’ being honoured enough?

Is ‘She’ being pleasured enough?

Is ‘She’ being listened to?

This Eclipse will reveal to you what your Feminine Self has been trying to tell you for some time. Listen to Her, act on the information She gives you and vow never to neglect Her like that again. This is further emphasised by the colour the Moon takes on during this type of Eclipse, it is often known at the Red Moon. The Red Moon ties in with women’s moontime (menses).

The Moon is directly opposite the Sun during this Eclipse with the Earth blotting her out, so there could be confrontation between male and female this weekend, although the making up could be fun due to the passion energies of the Full Moon!

Expect some possible stresses and challenges in relationships well into next week. Work through the truth that this Eclipse will bring to light regarding your relationships. What the Lunar Eclipse wants is for you to understand the purpose of being in each other’s lives and through your relationship together. Sun and Moon, Soul and Spirit, Male and Female, it is about linking together and connection.

Lunar Eclipses are about endings - the pathway you are on is dissolving, the old ways are now being dropped; beginnings – new pathways are now being created for you (even if you can’t quite see them yet, hold on and have faith); exposure – truth, some of it shocking is now coming to light (Eclipses are all about bringing some truth into the light); and major changes – absorbing higher levels of light, accessing higher levels of guidance than before. You may be feeling confused, disoriented, a little lost and panicky and not at all sure about where you are headed. You may have to wait for clarity, I would recommend until the end of next week as other planets can cause confused and muddy thinking. It could be a bit of a rollercoaster ride over the next few days. Don’t forget Mercury is still retrograde, so communication matters are not best aspected at the moment as your message will not be understood and you will have to make a real effort to be heard and understood clearly.

Eclipses encourage us to do some Spiritual Dumpster Diving, and some of those dumpsters can be pretty deep! At the time you may panic, thinking you will never ever smile again, or that you won’t be able to breathe freely again, but if you go into the process wholeheartedly and take the time out to go through it, you will come out the other side so much faster. The You that re-emerges is stronger, calmer, and has more clarity about what has been going on and what you now want for yourself.

The energies leading up to this Eclipse have been quite intense and many have been feeling very tired. This may continue, so build in little rests times as often as you can for yourself. And protect your Solar Plexus, there is so much chaotic energy flying around that you don’t need to absorb other’s projections, as you have got enough of your own stuff to deal with. (Spray some of ‘The Protector’ spray mist over your solar plexus to create a shield of protection there, or rub some St. John’s Wort oil into it to release any tension being held there).

The effects of this Eclipse can be felt for several months after the event, and so can continue to impact your life. If you have sailed through the Eclipse season, just be aware that things can still be brought to your attention over the coming months that may catch you off guard.

The conflict between the material and the spiritual will continue over the next six months. There doesn’t need to be any conflict, you earn your money you spend it how you want and that doesn’t make you any less spiritual. We live in the Third Dimension, so why not enjoy the bling and toys of this dimension if they bring you pleasure? The old guard are not happy with this however, and may berate you as they do not feel it is right that you are charging for your spiritual gifts. Well to be a nurse is an occupation using spiritual gifts– do you think nurses shouldn’t be paid? To be an artist is an occupation using spiritual gifts – do you think artists should give their paintings away for free? As always it is about balance. The other paradox that this Eclipse will continue to play out is saying that you want World Peace yet screaming at your partner/kids/dog. There is so much lip service about Peace going around at the moment, yet the very people spouting this are the ones who haven’t sorted their sh*t out and they need to, before they start preaching to others.

Full Moons are about celebrating your achievements over the past month, before we go into the waning of the Moon, when everything slows down and we get a chance to rest and integrate all that has happened recently.

Be very careful what you are attracting to yourself, cotton on to this now and it will stand you in good stead for next year. As manifestation now happens so quickly (sometimes you have a random thought and by the end of the day it has manifested) you need to really check your thoughts, desires and wishes because they will be activated very quickly. In the past there was a time delay, this gave us time to have a good think about if this is really what we want and to research the consequences and whether that manifestation will serve those in our lives as well as our selves. Now that timeframe has got so small sometimes it is not even there. We have been given total responsibility for our manifestations. The Universe/Spirit is not going to step in and delay things (they know the bigger picture, and that the decision may not be the best further down the line). What we think we manifest and it is nobody’s responsibility but ours. So please, stop and think before glibly joking about what you want (or don’t want) or you could learn some painful lessons, and you could affect a great many people but not in the way you had hoped. You are solely responsible for everything that shows up in your life. All of your decisions in the past have brought you to where you are today, and that ain’t nobody’s fault but yours. If you are happy with where you are, well done, you understand the lesson. If you are not happy then remember the 3 Golden Rules for Life which I have shared with you before. (Accept It, Change It or Leave It).

Full Moons can encourage excess and as it is the Festive Season we could be tempted to splurge or indulge too much. Try and activate your inner Money Monitor so that it can rein you in a bit. That goes for food and drink too, have a good time but be prepared for the consequences afterwards! Also Full Moons increase the waters i.e. high tides, and that increases our emotional sensitivity also, so there could be a lot of excess emotion around. Remember that this is not the norm, it is purely due to the Full Moon, get outside and ground yourself in Nature and walk off any strange feelings or tearyness.

Keynotes: Grounding – Connection – Celebration – Communication – Trust – Faith - Patience

This Eclipse Season is laying the foundations for your year ahead, so use it wisely.

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!

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Anonymous said...

A very happy Yuletide to you Elly.

Thank you for all your help, guidance, truth and positivity in 2011 and bring on 2012!!

A very happy new year to you also... i know it will be.

Noel. xx

Elly Yule said...

Many thanks Noel, and all the best to you and yours for a fun, happy and peaceful Festive Season.
Elly x