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Well what an interesting month August was! From New Moon to New Moon (July to August) I have been shadow dancing through the weeks. At times it has been really intense, at others as if I had never set foot on my spiritual pathway. This was frightening and disorientating. I kept thinking I had surrendered to it but deep down I was resisting it, deep down I still wanted to be in control of my life. My ego mind could not cope with not being in control and the surrender took almost four weeks. I went into the Cave of Fears (as I call it) and was shown every fear I have that needed to be healed and released. And yes, even more layers of stuff I was so convinced I had dealt with. This was not a quick process as there were many monsters in that cave!

So still deeper I went, so much was being stripped away, so many old memories, faces, issues were being shown to me, my behaviour, their behaviour, it was Shaman’s Death time. The last time this happened and I was stripped to my core was nearly 12 years ago. This time it felt different, this was very much an inside job (back then it was my external life). This was deep stuff. And then the depression started and the deepest sadness would come upon me and I couldn’t lift it whatever I tried. Such a journey, such a dance with my shadow and ego these past few weeks.

Suddenly the fabulous wave I had been riding, where everything was flowing and growing crashed. All the fabulous busyness came to a sudden stop. The thing is I knew it was coming, because such are the cycles of life, you ride the wave, the wave peaks and then it has to crash so that you can integrate all that has gone on with that ride, the lull is necessary to prepare and build for the next wave that comes in.

And such valuable lessons are learned through stopping, through rest and rejuvenation. It reveals where we are out of balance, where we have been too much left brain and not enough right brain (or for the LaLa Bunnies, too much right brain and not enough left brain!). It is a reminder that the ego is not in control, a greater power is. And yes I know you know that, I thought I knew that. If you think for one minute that you have dealt with your ego and got it sussed, then watch out.

Many try to fight the lull when it happens, and keep pushing and pushing but that is like trying to push a heavy load uphill and it won’t work. In fact nothing seems to work any more, it gets harder and harder to make things happen, because you are meant to be resting and integrating not doing and pushing. This ebb and flow, peak and trough cycle happens at different times for all of us and is very much a personal cycle (although obviously we are also influenced by planetary activity).

Even though it may seem boring after the ‘high’ of the peak wave, we must respect the lull and follow its instructions. If we don’t, we will be too depleted to really take advantage of the next big wave/ride that is on its way to us. The lull gives us time to think about the things that went right and the things that went wrong, about what we need to change, about what we need to clear because it/they no longer serve our goals or us.

And I know that I haven’t been alone in this process, many of my colleagues, friends and clients have been going through similar experiences. Throughout this deep process, I have been shown new healing techniques and tools which I have used on myself during this healing process, and which I am now using with my clients. (I am now offering 1-2-1 sessions for Preparing for 2012 and Beyond. I will help you to clear and heal the blocks that are stopping you from being your brilliant Self. Contact me if you would like further info). One thing I can promise you is that it is worth it. It is as if we are diamonds that have been handpicked by The Creator, and we have to go through a painful process in order for our brilliance to be revealed. Believe me, it is worth the pain and taking the time out to do it, because you will emerge reborn as a brilliant new version of yourself and you will feel stronger than you have ever felt before.

If you need your ego stroking then you are on a hiding to nothing, because the ego will want more and more stroking, it is never satisfied. It is also not real. Whilst a little flattery now and then doesn’t harm, if you need others to make you feel better all the time then you are looking outside yourself for validation, (Facebook addiction is a perfect example) and you have forgotten that all you need is within you and has always been there.

It will be interesting to see what wonders September will bring. I sure hope the energies ease up on us a bit, many have been diving deep with their shadow and doing some really deep healing work. Everyone has been feeling a bit knackered these past few weeks!

You will have seen my most recent updates via my Blog, which I have already notified you about.

Indeed many Lightworkers are being tested re where they are putting their attention. If we are not being fully present, then accidents happen. Breaking my toe is a perfect example, a friend locked her car keys in the car and had never done that before and I could list a whole page of examples that have happened to friends, family, colleagues and clients over the past few weeks. And it is still going on for some folks, who haven’t yet cottoned on to what is happening.

The shift is definitely hitting the fan at the moment. So it is a good time to power up your Bullsh*t Alarms and Discernment Detectors. This is where many are failing at the moment. They are falling hook line and sinker for those who talk the talk, but 95% of these don’t actually walk their talk, they are dabblers and they are dangerous. As you go higher on your spiritual and personal pathway, so the tests become harder and are well disguised. There is a reason for this. Apart from the astoundingly valuable lessons you will learn from when you have been caught out. You have to get tougher. Forget the fluffy stuff, as you ascend you must be more discerning about who you share your energy with and whose energy you allow to enter your space. There is so much bullsh*t out there in the name of spirituality that it’s enough to make me throw up. I am blessed with a very good Bullsh*t Alarm and can spot it miles away, I have an internal bell that goes off in my head and I immediately know. I wasn’t born with this; it was developed over decades of hard lessons. Cotton on to this before you have to have too many hard lessons to wise you up. Discernment is the really hard one, as you grow and ascend on your pathway. You understand that we are all connected, and you tend to see the good in everyone which is when it gets dangerous. I am constantly working on my Discernment Detector. I do tend to see the good in people and only want the very best for them, so I will support them in whatever way I can. Unfortunately a percentage of these people are not so honourable, they are users. For example, recently some have taken bits from my Newsletter and Blog and make out that is their own channellings. They have done the same thing with my Facebook wall updates! This saddens me. They have enough talent to be able to share their own channellings and downloads with the world, why pinch what I do? And they are crazy to do that in this age where karma is so quick, ‘cos it will bite them on the bum eventually.

We are being stripped to our core to prepare us for next year and beyond. I urge you not to resist this process when it happens to you or it will affect how things pan out for you over the coming years. We are being made stronger through these processes, as we have to be the strong ones when the sh*t really hits the fan, we are the ones that others will turn to and so we need to be strong and ready.

“You have been telling people this is the eleventh hour.

Now you must tell people that this is the Hour!”

-- The Elders, Oraibi, Arizona (Hopi nation)

Time has speeded up so much over this decade. The time is now. No more rehearsals, the dress rehearsal is over – it’s show time people! We have got to wake up the masses so that the shift can happen in a positive rather than negative way.

For many years I have been recommending that you don’t get caught up in all the 2012 hype, I have been saying that we are in the thick of it right now (and surely all the events of this year should confirm that to you). I recently received confirmation of this from Maestro Tlakaelel (Tolteca/Mexica spiritual leader of the Mexican people), he was at a gathering with other Mayan Elders who all agreed “nothing big is going to happen in 2012”. Hopefully someone will be able to transcribe the talk they had, and I will of course share this with you, should it cross my path. Research indicates that this speeding up of time will reach a peak around about 28th October 2011, this year, which correlates with what the Elders have been saying more recently and confirms what I have been saying that we are right in the thick of it, now, this year. So be prepared for things getting a lot worse before they get better.

The dark forces are starting to lose the battle but they will not give up without a fight. Sort out the dark forces within you, face the monsters and the demons and get rid of them through healing and clearing, that will stop them acting out in your life and perpetuating the negative energy caught on the mass consciousness level. Unity Consciousness is growing, as more and more of us want to gather in groups and circles and work together for the good of All Our Relations.

Allow inspiration about this to come to you, it might be something completely different to anything you were planning to do. Become a clear, empty vessel ready for filling with Divine guidance to be of service now to help our planet and all our relations on it, to transform and transcend to the new world, the new way of living and being.

Last Hopi Prophecy

From the late Chief Dan Evehema, the eldest Hopi who passed over in 1998, the last Hopi prophecies:

" We will see extraordinary events in Nature and Earth, including humans who will come as messengers. And in the heavens the Kachinas will be making their presence known hoping that we would turn things around here even in the last minute. For there are those coming who will not be friendly towards
us. We have always known of these beings. Some of them live beneath the Earth”.

Does his reference to Kachinas mean our Alien relations? Or to the prophecy about the Blue Star Kachina?

All Spring and Summer during my morning prayers outside, I have been asked by Spirit/Creator/whatever you want to call it, to send love and healing deep down into the core of the Earth. I was shown that there are good Beings down there doing their best to help keep Mother Earth together and that they could really use our help. I was shown deep down where there are many fractures and breaks and these Beings who love and adore our Earth Mother are doing their best to help hold it all together. I didn't see any unfriendly Beings there (as mentioned in the Hopi prophecy). I was also shown that the greed for taking crystals out of the Earth has led to a lot of problems with causing Her to become unstable, the greed of the New Age movement for crystals over the decades has caused a lot of damage that these New Agers are not even aware of.

Chief Dan’s final prophecy continues:-

"If this fails to materialize it will be because our great Creator elected to do this in another way, and then the forces of nature will do the task. It could be total destruction in many forms then. Very few will survive.

The liberators will come from the west with great force. They will drop down from the skies like rain. They will have no mercy. They will light up the heavens. We must not get on the housetops to watch. They will shake us by our ears, like children who have been bad. This will be the final decisive battle between good and evil. This battle will cleanse the hearts of people and restore our Mother Earth from illness, and the wicked will be gotten rid of.

Now we enter the time of testing that only the Great Creator can confirm. We will know the time by the alignment of the planets; we are so kindly informed about the stars by the star watchers, and the Hopi have awaited this event. The stars are our clock, and they cannot be altered. We were told that when the end time is near we would see a halo of mist beginning to appear around the heavenly bodies. Four times this mist will appear around the Sun as a warning that we must reform or perish.

Over and over again we are reminded that it all is a matter of choice. We have the power to change things and turn them around. When those from the stars appear, first they will observe, then they will forewarn, then they will come, and more than just the Hopi see this occurring in force. When they come it will be direct intervention, perhaps as an intervention to help us save our planet from total and inevitable self-destruction if we have turned around the cycles of behavior, and negative thinking that is causing our own suffering.

May you walk softly upon this Earth and find yourself once again. That is what you came here to remember. May you reclaim your power, and remember your humanity. You are not without hope and assistance from supreme forces, but you are out of time. You must take action now. The time for contemplation is over.

(His true age not known was at least 110 when he took the long journey home. We'll see you there old friend!)

Perhaps we have indeed all been focusing too much on 2012, it has become the New Age buzz for the past few years. Do we not realise that this planet may die not as a result of an unexpected apocalypse next year, but due to the tragic apocalypse that has been slowly created over decades by our governments? Perpetuating war when it has shown over and over that it is a model that doesn’t work. Perpetuating greed by the USA instigating the oil wars, manipulating through the media so that their own people have a biased perception of what is happening in the world. Perpetuating disrespect for people by the way the people of Haiti are still homeless for example, that people on Indian reservations are still being poisoned because of what has been put into their land. That people in Africa and Somalia are still starving despite funding from a variety of worldwide charities. Perpetuating fear through a myriad of sources including TV advertising (you must have insurance for this that and the other or your family/dog will suffer). The list is endless! The one common denominator of them all is that the government in the relevant country doesn’t actually give a stuff about its people.

We have to wake up the masses; they are not waking up fast enough. The recent riots in the UK showed us how quick and easy it was to manipulate the sheeple into behaving badly, Hitler did it and it wouldn’t take much for another Hitler to do the same thing. People have got to start thinking for themselves, turn up their Discernment Detectors and Bullsh*t Alarms, and learn to stand on their own two feet without thinking that the world owes them something.

In order to protect the innocents, awakening of the masses is paramount; we are running out of time. I have been saying over and over for many years, don’t bother sending healing to Mother Earth; She knows exactly what She is doing. You must send the healing, light and love to the Earth’s inhabitants, because only they can effect the changes needed to save our planet. For a smooth transition into the New World to happen, we need to really focus our efforts on healing the thoughtforms (the air element) of the masses, we need to send love to their hearts (literally visualize love energy going into the hearts of millions of people, start with your street and expand it through your town, your county/state, your country etc), and blast everywhere with pure white light. The dark cannot survive where there is light.

As Lightworkers, we need to ensure that we are radiating this powerful Light at all times. We are now beacons of Light wherever we go. Strengthen your Light from the inside so that it can radiate powerfully from you. This is not the time to hide your light under a bushel; it’s time to amp up the battery and send out a powerful beam. We are sending a message that the Light cannot be stopped, because Love is the key, and as Rainbow Warriors we are now enacting our missions, the reason we came here. So don’t let anyone or anything get you down. If you do feel yourself going into a process, don’t suppress or override it, go into it and deal with it, that way you will come out of it quicker and be able to carry on being a Beacon of Light even stronger than before. There will be the occasional thing or person that tries to stop you, but they can’t, not any more, we have grown too much and become very powerful. Focus on Light and see what darkness you can melt away with your beautiful loving Light.


Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so. As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Spaciness and Dizziness

Got really bad for some as earthquakes and volcano activity increased. This trend continues. This has also been accompanied by nausea for some Sensitives, most unpleasant. This is because you are very connected to the undulating waves of the constantly moving and changing Earth energies. Thank God/dess for mint and ginger!

Aches and pains

From head to toe for some Sensitives. The areas that ache or crack can also relate to your personal process as well as the Earth energies you are picking up. Use plenty of olive oil in your salads and cooking, if your bones feel stiff and keep cracking, and also take some Vit E supplements. Massage your skin with Almond oil (or Rice Bran oil if you have nut allergies) so that your body can absorb the Vit E from the oils through your skin as well as internally. Your skin will feel so soft and the massage will also help any aching muscles.

Disturbed Sleep

The build up to the recent Full and New Moons were horrendous for some folks who were only getting 3-4 hours sleep each night (even my hubby has been affected). Some days you get up but feel so tired that a couple of hours later all you want to do is go back to bed to sleep. Give yourself permission to do this if you can, you may find that you receive incredible downloads about your life and way forward. This trend continues for those who are sensitive.

Dreams: Oh my, such dreaming at the moment. Many are processing as part of their healing process and the psyche is bringing up many archetypes in the dreams. These reflect unhealed aspects of your self, so may present as nightmares. Don’t forget to close down and put your protection in place every night before you go to sleep. Others are receiving incredible premonitions and messages at the moment, write them all down!


Take your pick! Again, it depends on your personal process, also many have complained of pressure in their Crown and Third Eye chakras. And protect your Solar Plexus, there is a lot of crappy stuff happening at the moment and you really do not need to take anyone else’s chaos or projections on board.


Deep healing continues for many during the current phase of our Ascension journey together. Get the help you need (if you are not sure what you need, contact me and I will help you to work out what is best for you at this time). Rest, eat well, drink plenty of water, meditate and keep up your spiritual practices. Retreat from the world if you need to whilst you are dealing with stuff and healing, they can cope without you for a short while. This really is a good time to focus on you and your needs.







Out your pain and frustration

To raise the vibe in you and all around you

For the sheer heck of it!


Yourself and your loved ones

Allowing pleasure into your life more

Helping others to enjoy pleasure


In the silence

In unity with All Our Relations

In Peace and Love

The key for the coming month is HARMONY. Harmony is essential if we are to survive the journey we are all on. We all know that harmony is needed amongst the masses and in many countries, so how can we achieve that? Use your skills as a Lightworker, raise your own vibration and find harmony within, build harmony into all of your relationships (and heal the ones that are currently disharmonious). Live a life of beauty, simplicity and harmony. You have the power to live a harmonious life. Find your inner harmony, your inner song (as my Aboriginal Elders call it), and sing your Dreams awake and manifest them. You are incredibly powerful now, so own it and use it for the Greater Good. You can improve your inner harmony by cleansing and gentle detoxing in your nutrition, by taking essences, by surrounding yourself with lovely music and the harmonious vibration of flowers. Use a bell or tingshas to ring harmony into your home especially after you have been cleaning and re-arranging. I often do this in our bedroom; it clears any thoughtforms from dreamtime that may have got stuck in the corners. Sing, so that the Universe can respond to the personal vibration of your voice. Bring harmony into the workplace and any groups you are a part of. Visualize yourself as a Being of Harmony, feel it resonating through your entire body and every cell. Visualize our world as vibrating in united harmony and consciously use all of these tools for Gaia, feel Her vibration being raised and together we will bring harmony to our world.

H ealing

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:

These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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