Monday, 29 August 2011

NEW MOON Blessings and update

For the past three nights (during the Dark Nights of the Moon) I have dreamt about death, lots of death. Yet, in one of these dreams there was a beautiful baby that I was protecting, this baby was full of joy and luminous with light. How symbolic for this moon phase!

And all week as I was downloading more info about this special New Moon, I kept hearing the phrase “Be careful what you wish for”.

As you prepare your New Moon Wish List, you do indeed need to be very careful what you wish for this time, as it will affect your life for months ahead (in fact right into July 2012). So you need to really think about what your intentions are, what commitments you are going to make, what actions you are going to take etc. And you must be willing to accept the consequences as they unfold between now and July next year. Be careful what new karma you are creating.

The fire of the moon may have been making some of you feel very impulsive, so stop, breathe and think before committing your intention or taking action. For others this fire will have been most welcome, as it will have fired you up creatively and inspirationally as you work on what you are ready to birth into the world now.

This Virgo moon encourages us to be more service oriented, ask the questions:-

“How can I help?”

“How can I be of service more?”

Focus on your strengths, on becoming more disciplined and organized (I know this influence has had many of us clearing clutter like you would not believe!)

Be very precise and detailed in your communications with the Universe (especially any requests that you are making to the Universe). If you are not sure, then wait for clarity. Do not proceed until you have this clarity. If you aren’t sure then the Universe responds equally, if you are sending out mixed messages then the Universe will reciprocate equally. The Universe responds directly to the vibration that you are sending out, so think before sending out, as this time it will have long term repercussions.

Stop being reactionary in your life, it’s time to drop all that ego led knee jerk stuff. Stop, breathe and think before acting in response to something that has happened. Particularly if you feel that someone is judging you or criticizing you. Ask the question “what is the lesson here?” Remember we are supposed to be Spiritual grown-ups now.

This is a time when service is the priority in our world. It is time to be humble and practice humility. It is time to give thanks for what you do have, right now, where you are. Stay away from those who brag a lot, who are loud about who they are, show-offy, the ego crowd. Stay well away from them. Step into your own humility and radiate love towards them, as they are demonstrating publicly their inner insecurities and what they most need is love. If you find you have the urge to brag (and believe me, there is nothing wrong with celebrating yourself and successes, I insist on it!) just check in with yourself, what part of you needs to brag or act out by being braggy? Ask the question, “Am I celebrating or am I bragging?” Rein that ego in and check with the humble, deeply spiritual part of yourself. Master this over the coming month and you are well set up for the journey through to next July.

Believe in yourself, know yourself, be yourself. Believe in you and do it with humility and the purity of being in service. This is part of the shift we are all experiencing.

This is why I have been saying for months now, that the so-called new marketing systems are already out of date. Things have moved so fast this year. It’s not easy balancing this when many of you are working in competitive fields and need to remain visible. Watch out for those jumping on the spiritual bandwagon and proclaiming to be working in a more spiritual way. I can assure you, 95% of them are dabbling with it and don’t have any real respect for it, they are using it as a new leverage tool for their marketing. They talk the talk but they don’t walk their talk – big difference!

The age of materialism is dead; this is the Age of Humanitarianism. Of being in service and this is the energy/theme that will guide us right through to July next year, in our lives and the life of our planet. We need to wake the masses up fast, and the best way we can do that is by example. By living and being the highest aspect of ourselves 24-7, 7 days a week in our daily lives, we will help to raise their vibration plus they will want to know our secret!

If you find yourself slipping, and we will because we’re in a human body, don’t beat yourself up; you have enough tools now to be able to get back on track quickly these days.

One of the greatest lessons on your personal pathway is that when you reach a certain level of advancement, your ego becomes a real trickster. When you think you are receiving information from your guides/higher self, it may be a higher aspect of your ego. It takes someone else to point this out to you. You will not be able to see this because you are already in your own way. So many of my clients have made terrible decisions convinced that this is what Spirit/their Guides/the Universe has told them, and it has really smacked them in the face further down the line. This is particularly relevant if you have important decisions to make and there is a lot of emotion involved. Your emotions will stuff up your ability to dowse correctly or hear Spirit clearly, because your ego’s desire is to justify itself, it wants to hear “yeah go right ahead”. But that may not be the best way forward for you. Like I said before, if you have even the slightest doubt about something, wait for clarity and if you need help, seek it from someone who is spiritually mature, grounded and clear. On the plus side, although ‘mistakes’ might be made, there are no mistakes just lessons, and all of it is useful.

This important New Moon brings a massive change, a turning in our lives, it provides us with a burst of creativity to fire our new projects and dreams, as we are reborn like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes of the old and ascending into our new form.

If you truly love our planet, if you truly care about humanity, then it is time to step up, commit and take action to make a difference. The time for preparing for the next seven generations is now. This week make contact with your favourite charities, lookaround your community, and see how you can make a difference, even in a small way. How can the groups you belong to unite to make a massive difference?

If you truly love yourself, then you will honour your sacred body temple, you will nourish your Divine Spirit within, your will honour your emotions, and you will be master/mistress of your mind. You are now stepping into your Greater Self, as part of the Great Oneness, the Great Love.

Immerse yourself fully in the deliciousness of this New Moon energy (which will remain potent for Wish Lists for the next three days).

I send you every Blessing for this powerful, auspicious New Moon and ask that Grandmother Moon guide your footsteps in the coming months.

Elly xx

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