Tuesday, 23 August 2011


If you are still finding life a bit stressful, or you still have that strange kind of pressure building up inside you, then it is because the Grand Cross has been reactivated in the sky, and this always makes things feel a bit more intense.

We are already building up to the New Moon on Sunday/Monday (UK New Moon in Virgo 4:04am BST Monday). Although the Moon is on the wane, the intensity certainly hasn’t waned for some since the recent Full Moon. Over the past year, New Moons have been equally as powerful as Full Moons at this point on our Ascension ride.

New Moons mark the end of the old month before we birth the new month ahead. This New Moon is about getting real. It is time for the LaLa Bunnies and Spiritual Dabblers to grow up and take their heads out of their purple covered asses. It is not about using spirituality as escapism any more, as that will no longer work for these away-with-the-fairies folks. You have to get real and learn to integrate the spiritual with the mundane just like everyone else.

It is time to take responsibility for yourself, your life and the future of this planet. Virgo is practical and organized, so we are being given the extra help to get ourselves organized for the month ahead and for our imminent and future success.

The dark nights of the Moon on Thurs/Fri/Sat will make you feel more tired than usual. The magnetic pull of the Earth Mother pulls you towards Her as it is time to go within and reflect on the month that is now ending. It is a time for going inwards, resting and reflecting - not pushing.

Here is a visualization that my Elders used with me many times, which you may find helpful for this New Moon:-

Monday’s New Moon is a fire moon.

Visualize stepping into the fire and allow the flames to burn away all that is old, the old you. Allow the flames to transmute all that you have been. Your clothes will burn away as a symbol of burning away all that no longer suits who you have become or who you are becoming. (This process will not hurt, it is liberating and freeing). When you can feel that the process has finished, step out of the flames. You will be wearing new clothes, you will feel lighter and freer than you have done for some time and you will be reborn like the Phoenix.

New Moon Blessings!

Elly x

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