Wednesday, 2 March 2011

MARCH Updates


It’s the beginning of March and I can truly feel a massive shift in energy. I am so excited about March, I know it is going to be magical! There are many reasons to celebrate in March, I am looking forward to Spring Equinox when everything will start springing forward for us.

(You know, I am so grateful for astrology. I had just finished writing this when the astro info for the month started coming in, it confirmed much of the information I had already written, dontcha just luv when that happens!)

On 27 March in the UK, the next Census will be conducted. There is a drive going on for those of us who are not religious to put ourselves down as ‘Holistic’. Whilst I understand the sentiment, this just doesn’t sit with me. Mainly because it seems to only encompass those who are already working in the holistic field, and I feel the word may put some people off.
For decades now I have always put Jedite in the box (personally I don’t think it’s any of their business). I did this because I believe in and connect to Source – ‘The Force’. Such profound wisdom was channelled through those films which helped to awaken many people. (Anyone who has ever been into these films knows how much channelling went on and was shared with the public, years before the masses were even aware of enlightenment, vibration and consciousness). We are all intergalactic Warriors whose mission it is to protect and love Earth, and to help and protect any others, wherever they live and whatever planet they live on. The time is fast approaching when we will be using intergalactic communications more and more (those who have strong connections to Sacred Stone Circles will already have had some of these experiences and communications). I remember that my friends at the time were absolutely horrified that I would dare to do such a thing on an official form, but it is a subject that I feel very strongly about and I know I am not alone in this, hence the recent move with the ‘holistic’ word campaign.
The word Jedite may also put some people off, interestingly in the USA, over half a million people are putting this on their census forms and it has become Britain’s fourth largest religion. Unfortunately the whacky brigade jumped on the bandwagon and it has lost any authenticity, it is now just like any other whacko religion. I would hate to see that happen to the ‘holistic’ campaign. It is also a well known fact that the government uses any word we put down regarding our religion to manipulate funding to maintain state funded faith schools, so the holistic campaign will play right into their hands yet again. Far better to tick the ‘No Religion’ box, that way our beliefs cannot be manipulated for profit (or worse). So I have abandoned my romantic idealism as a Jedi and now prefer to be more incognito. What will you do?

During the past month we have seen an increase in Healing Prayers requests. We really have to look after our health, I know I keep saying it, but if we are to be of any use to anyone we need to be strong and healthy. (And believe me I am taking good heed of this too).

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so. As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Accelerated Clearing
And really accelerated, which has been a bit rough for some. It’s like on some level you have decided to get rid of all you don’t need on every level, only it’s happening really quickly this time. You must rest when you go through this phase, and drink plenty of water.

Spaciness and Dizziness
Continues with the now non-stop Earth changes and energy fluctuations. Hang onto your hats, March will be another month of surfing the cosmic waves which will trigger all kinds of Ascension symptoms.

Aches and pains
From head to toe in some people as they go through the accelerated clearing phase. Help lessen aches and pains by taking a magnesium supplement (you will need to dowse/test for the type that suits your body chemistry best). Eliminate acid forming foods and drinks what exacerbate joint pain (tomatoes, citrus, dairy, alcohol etc). Drink plenty of water.

Crown and Third Eye working overtime at the moment. This has been causing headaches in some people as their Third Eye goes through the next round of clearing. Ensure that you are protecting the psychic gateway at the back of your neck before you leave your home each day and also at night before sleep. And don’t forget your chakra protections shield too.

Thank y’all for the healing you sent my way, it took three trips but eventually they were able to sort out the root canal problem. And it wasn’t just me, I heard from so many friends and colleagues who all around the world who were also having tooth problems around the same time as me. What does this mean? For myself, I know it was to do with the very stressful Christmas I had and all the worry (plus anger) about my mother, it caused my immune system to take a massive knock. I have resolved to never let myself get so stressed again! What about everyone else? Could this also be part of helping us to get rid of the old, allowing us to shore up our foundations as we step into the new? Is it to do with speaking our truth? Is it preparing us for new communications? What do you think?

There has been a very strong pull to keep us in our heads to prevent us from being fully present. It’s feeling as if you are drifting off somewhere but you’re not sure where. It’s a nice feeling but it prevents you from getting anything done in 3D land. This has resulted in accidents and mishaps for some because they weren’t fully present and paying attention to what is going on around them. (You won’t believe how often I have had to use our ‘Ground Control’ essence this past month and it looks like I’m going to be keeping the bottle handy for March too!)

Psychic attack
This time from close quarters, quite unexpected, and for some of you from people you thought were friends. Be alert; be fully present so that you can nip it in the bud before it gets to you.

Cosmic Slug Syndrome
Was back (refer to our ‘Ascension Tips’ mini book for more info). You might find that you need more food more often and are craving protein as you go through this phase. It doesn’t usually last more than a week, so be careful not to set up overeating habits!

You know I am so excited about March that I am bouncing around like one of the lambs in the field! Right from the start I have been feeling that it will be a magical month for many of us. It is going to be transformative for sure (isn’t it interesting how many people have been drawn to raw food and healthier eating plans since the turn of the year, they have been preparing for this transformation).
Many of us know (and have known for most our lives) that we are Rainbow Warriors. Well it’s here folks, the time has come for us to step up and be Warriors for the Light like we never have before. Over the coming 18 months we will be facing the biggest battle Lightworkers have ever had to face. So we have to get over our own fears and get on with it. The time for playing small is well and truly over. We need to show our face, and be prepared to use our weapons (Sword of Truth, Shield of Light etc) like we never have before.
For those of us working in the complementary health fields, especially essences, herbs and nutrition, we have had the oppressors trying to stop us for nearly a decade, well it hasn’t worked and it’s not going to. We know that we can help the people with the work that we do. The people are our main priority, many are innocents caught up in all of this. They are unaware of what is going on out there and sucked in by what the media tries to influence us all with.
We must stick to our truth and speak it and act it now. We must radiate Light continually wherever we go so that we keep the vibration raised wherever we are. And it’s not easy, we get tired too, we get fed up and feel like we are so alone in what we believe and feel. But this is what we came here for, this is what we signed up for, this is what we have been waiting for.
March is the month for getting organized, getting healthy, getting clear on what you want, overcoming fear every time your ego throws it up at you, as Solara once said, it’s about “living large on a small planet”. Tune into Spirit, strengthen your spiritual connections and allow yourself to be guided by the One Heart, the One Truth. May your Light shine brilliantly!


Your thoughts
Your fear
Your family
Your physical Self
Your emotional Self
Your mental Self

The key for the coming month is LIGHT. Do the Light Transmission Meditation we were doing back in November every day and up your wattage! As you go about your day, remember to check in with yourself now and then to see how your Light is doing. Glow gently as you go about your day so that the soft rays of your Light gently touch all who are near you. Ensure your home (and each room) is well lit over the coming month. Bring more Light in through the vibration of colour, update your clothing and rooms with more colour, be daring and bold with it! Put brighter bulbs in your lamps and/or get more lamps. Light candles more often and merge with their wonderful soft, phosphorous Light. Pull your curtains right back and let more Light into your home every day. Eat healthier and more lightly, take in Light through nourishing food and bless your food with Light at each meal (changes the vibration and molecular structure so that you get maximum benefit). Stand tall like a Lighthouse and know your purpose.

L oving
I nspiring
G iving
H ealing
T rusting

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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Richard Piscuskas said...

Thanks for the passionate offerings of wisdom, Elly! I love your honesty and generous nature. Blessed are the many who are touched by your light!

Elly Yule said...

Richard, Thank you for your kind words, it is such a joy to have you visit here. I'm glad you enjoyed my Blog.
Many Blessings