Tuesday, 15 March 2011

JAPAN's nuclear situation

I was wondering about writing this piece when a member of the international Healing Prayers Circle asked if we, as a group, could do something about this situation. (He has a background in nuclear physics). That was all the nudging I needed.

Many are concerned about nuclear fallout from the reactors.

When I tuned in I was given this visualization which we can all do:-

Visualise a bubble of protection around each nuclear plant and/or reactor.
This tough skinned bubble is able to contain all nuclear emissions within it and keep it sealed.
Transmit the word "containment" continually as you do this.
Also send white light down into the nuclear plants/reactors to cool down and stabilise them.
Continue to flood the area and entire country with healing light every time you catch yourself thinking about the situation.

I am sure you will all have your own methods and ways. Once again if we all do it at the same time collectively, I know that we can help to ease this situation.

Remember to keep yourselves calm inside.
Everyone is still in a state of shock and Earth Sensitives will be feeling this very acutely. As I have said before, ground these feelings by walking in Nature and stay out until you feel better. Have lots of hugs and give lots of hugs! Attune to the Trees and Stone People, they have messages to give you regarding the situation.

Healing Blessings to y'all
Elly x

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