Saturday, 12 March 2011

JAPAN and other events

Everyone is still reeling from yesterday's events. However it wasn't just Japan, Bali had an earthquake of 6.5, so did Russia which also had a couple of volcanoes erupt, Jakarta Indonesia volcano also erupted. And there will be more. New Zealand is not out of the woods and China has been rumbling too.

All of this is part of the predictions from decades ago, we have all known for some time that stuff like this was going to happen. That time is now, we are right in the thick of it, this is what the Ascension Process is all about.

The fact is that earthquakes are happening all the time and more frequently than many realise, it is only the biggies that get reported by the media.

If you keep watching the news and getting sucked into the awfulness of it all, then to paraphrase Ekhart Tolle, you are connecting to the Pain Body of the masses. And if you are in pain and awfulness then you are of no use to anyone because you are caught in a lower vibration.
(Those directly caught up in these events will of course be feeling shock/pain, my comments are not aimed at them, this is aimed at those of us lucky enough to be safe and well).

Connect to Love.
Send Healing.
Focus on and transmit Light around our entire world.

There is much shaking up going on, and many innocents are caught up in events.

STOP watching the news and use that time instead to transmit something useful like love, healing and light.

Together, I know that we have the power to help the Earth Mother's birthing pains and to help those caught up in the Earth changes.

By using our time in a positive, proactive (rather than reactive) way I know that together we can lessen the severity of what needs to happen. We have proved this many times over the past decade.

As I said in my monthly update, this is the time of the Rainbow Warriors. It is time for the Warrior within to come out and stand tall now. You are needed.

Be a part of the solution not the problem. Be pro-active not reactive.

May you and yours be well and safe.

Healing Blessings

Elly x

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