Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Well although October is a long month it sure flew by! The energies were a rollercoaster again, some days you felt absolutely fabulous and achieved a lot and other days you could hardly bother to get dressed! You’d think we’d be used to this energetic rollercoaster by now, and despite the fact that we’ve invested in cool Cosmic Surfboards, the waves are still rough at times!

My body does not like it when the clocks go back; it takes me ages to get into the new routine. I’ve been waking up early and so hungry with my tummy going “what happened to breakfast then?” LOL! And I’ve been falling asleep in front of the TV around 9pm. You may find your loved ones being grumpier than usual as they too try to adjust. Although it is only an hour it is amazing how entrenched the spring/summer routine is in our physical wiring. I naturally want to get up when the Sun is up – whatever time the Sun decides to get up. And it’s the same at the end of the day; I can feel my energy dropping as the Sun’s energy starts to wane in the late afternoon. I’ve never seen the point of changing the clocks like this, someone said it is to do with the farmers; well they’ve got great big spotlights around their fields and on their tractors so they can work at dusk/dark nowadays. Before the Romans took over the way we honour time, we were more natural working with nature’s cycles, seems my body must be in a time warp from back then!

The mass consciousness has almost completely been taken over by fear recently; many folks are almost paralysed by it and paralysed with worry. Be very careful that you do not get sucked into this energy. It is not real. It has been fabricated as a means to control the masses. Last month I mentioned that the Dark Forces are upping the ante and they continue to do so. At this time of year you may be feeling tired and you may not realise that your defences (on all levels) have dropped a bit. Be careful, that’s how this negative energy can get in. Every day put your shield of protection around you before you start your day. If others in your home have got sucked into this fear consciousness, use your ‘Cleanser’ spray mist to clear that energy immediately and follow it with ‘Angels of Joy’ to raise the vibration again into one of happy, trusting, and fearless energy. Use EFT or EmoTrance to clear any fear from your system and balance your energy field again. Remember the phrase “If it’s not mine, please take it away.” Use that often to discern whether it’s your own process or whether you are picking up something that is going on with the masses.

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Improved for many but there have been days when it has been hard to get out of bed. (Not helped by the clocks going back). You know what to do by now, rest when you can until your energies pick up again, and stay away from sugary snacks! (I really struggle with the last one).

Dizziness and nausea
Some days this was quite bad as earthquake activity increased again.

Cosmic Jet Lag
The energies some days were so powerful that you felt like you were walking around with jet lag making you feel a bit woozy at times. Use ‘The Cleanser’ spray mist to clear any rubbish in your aura, then take some ‘Travel Buddy’ drops and go to bed for a nap. (Important Note: Please don’t take ‘Travel Buddy’ if you need to drive anywhere later).

People have been varying between nightmares and amazing visions. Many have received messages through their dreams. I do hope y’all are writing them down in your Dream Journals!

Aches and pains
Aching bones and joints continue.
Aching muscles, feeling as if you have got flu as you ache all over, this seems to have gone on a for a long time this month. It is almost as if we have another creature inside that is growing and stretching all parts of us making us ache. The creature is our Higher Self embodying Itself more in our physical. We are birthing ourselves just as Mother Earth is birthing Her new reality.

Crown chakra once again was very sensitive.
Third Eye also quite painful, and those who have forgotten to fold their chakras for protection have experienced psychic attacks through their Third Eye.
Heart chakras continue to be tender, and it’s not surprising with all that is going on and all that we are witnessing.

Some days you have laser clear vision and other days your feel like Mr Magoo! Your sight may become blurry or have difficulty in seeing properly, most of the day it’s fine and then suddenly you realise that it’s hard to focus. As you know this is an Ascension symptom due to the energies and is a sign that some re-tuning/re-wiring is going on inside you. This phase will continue off and on until after the Winter Solstice.
(If the symptoms go on longer than a week without any improvement, please visit your optician just to check things out).

Ascension Depression
Has come back for some (refer to your ‘Ascension Tips’ book for tips on how to overcome it), as mentioned above, this also ties in with the Death Pull - see below.

Spiritual Detox
We have been looking into the darkest nooks and crannies of ourselves and facing up to what is in there. This has had a knock-on effect physically as many have had skin eruptions (rather like acne), digestion problems etc as the detox has its effect on us physically. It has been tough going at times and brought up a lot of emotion. What was suppressed has burst forth and been expressed (if it is brewing in you, let it out!). In this Era of Truth we can no longer stuff down the way we feel, we must let people know how it is for us. How they handle it is their problem not yours.
Also some have experienced tremendous pain in the body, again it’s another symptom of Spiritual Detox, eat well, drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and after a few days this process will be complete. You must rest if you need to when you are going through this, as it can make you feel very tired.
Metallic taste in the mouth - again, this is to do with spiritual detoxing, this is also a pregnancy symptom that usually happens in the first trimester. Are you spiritually pregnant? Are you now in a gestation period before you birth something new from yourself/Spirit next year?

Flickering Lights
Some have been seeing flickering lights peripherally. You are seeing spiritual energies peripherally, some are like little flashes, some are like orbs darting about, some are like blue circles which pop out of your eye (this last one is usually associated with Archangel Michael, and is a sign that he is close by).

Heightened Senses
Leading up to and since the recent Full Moon some have been noticing an increase in the sensitivity of their senses, particularly sense of smell which can be quite acute at times. This is a sign that you have done more clearing and are increasing your sensing abilities. It does settle down again.

Help the Innocents
For many years now, I have been asking healers and their groups to send the healing they are doing to the human inhabitants of Earth. There is no need to send it to Mother Earth, She knows exactly what She is doing so leave Her to get on with it. If you are sending healing to the Earth to help with the Earth changes that are happening, then you definitely need to be directing it to the humans on the Earth. They are in the grip of massive fear at the moment. In the UK the recent budget and the build up to it sent a wave of fear through the masses which is still active. What easier way to control large numbers of people than if they are already fearful? Use your healing powers to send energy to the people to help bring them back into balance and into contact with their own inner knowing. There is a larger picture to this also. The dark forces are upping the ante again; this is because the Light has grown stronger recently as a result of many of us working with the Moon and planetary energies over the past few months. They need the masses to be fearful so that they can manipulate them more easily. Protect the Innocents! Use your powers of Light to restore balance to humanity so that they cannot be manipulated. Another aspect of this is; if humanity is balanced then the Earth will be balanced. All the Earth changes are an outward reflection of what has been going on in humans for far too long. You have the power to help. You have the power to help them to make the change; they cannot do it on their own. Please, please when you next gather in your groups and circles, focus on the People.

This has started again. The energy that normally builds up as we approach Winter Solstice (and which many souls use to leave the Earthplane) has started early. Many have been passing over these past few weeks and continue to do so. For some, they are making the decision whether to stay or whether to go. Some weary souls have had enough and want to go; they are ‘battle weary’. The decision to stay or to go is a tough one and it requires energy to stay. For those who on a higher level have decided to stay, the Death Pull may manifest as depression and lethargy. Be kind to yourselves if you are going through this, take time out to just be with yourself and pamper yourself. This phase does pass but in its own time, as you need to go inwards and dig deep to find out what it is really all about. If you know anyone going through this, be kind to them, it is a difficult time and they need support and love more than anything.

As the Wheel of the Year starts to slow down, we are being encouraged to shed and discard all that we no longer need before we go into the retreat time of the Winter Moons. Some are resisting this process and this is causing them great pain. It is essential to allow this to happen, to surrender to it because then you will pass through this phase more quickly and without anything left outstanding that might have to be dealt with later. You won’t have time later to deal with it, if you thought this year was busy then just wait until next year! Just as the Autumn leaves fall from the trees, so we should drop all that we are finished with and no longer need. That might be jobs, people, homes, possession, friendships, groups, bad habits, etc. Use the upcoming New Moon to set new intentions for all aspects of your life.

November will be challenging at times for all of us. Wax those Cosmic Surfboards in readiness, eat healthily and boost your immune system so that you will not be knocked by anything that may occur. Exercise to strengthen your physical muscles so that you can support yourself, and meditate to strengthen your mental and spiritual muscles. Breathe and smile as often as you can remember too. As I have said many times before, Love is the Key, use it well and wisely over the coming weeks.


That your Guides are protecting you
That the Universe is behind you
Yourself and others
Your own worth
The worth of others
That all will be well
Positive thoughts
Positive speech
Positive body posture
Yourself often throughout the day
Those in your life
All that you have right now
The future you want for yourself
The future you want for others
The future you want for this planet

The key for the coming month is MEDITATION. Meditation can happen in many different forms. Make your entire life a meditation. It is not just about sitting cross legged in front of a candle (although that is such a lovely way to meditate). Walking consciously whilst out in Nature is a powerful form of meditation. Washing the dishes consciously with love and gratitude is a meditation. Making food with love is a meditation. Loving and thanking your hands as you wash them is a meditation. Loving and thanking your eyes as you put your make-up on is a meditation. Watching a bird in the garden and sending it love, is a meditation. Closing your eyes and taking three slow breaths is a meditation. Staring into the face of a beautiful flower and breathing its perfume, is a meditation. Watching a spider build its web is a meditation. Watching the waves going in and out along the shore line is a meditation. Connecting with Trees is a meditation. All done in silence. Silence is the key to meditation. See how many different types of meditation you can build into your day. See how many routine chores you can turn into meditations. Have fun with this. :-)


M ind
E xpands
D ivine
I ntuition
T rusting
A ll
T hat
I s
O ccurring
N ow

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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Nuni said...

Hi Elle!
I randomly found your blog about 2 years ago and I've always wanted to tell just how right-on your are with me and my ascension symptoms! It gives me great comfort to know that I'm not the only once going through these changes. Keep up the great work!
United States

Elly Yule said...

Hi Nuni,
Thank you for your kind comments.
I'm glad that you have found the Blog useful.
Keep shining your Light!

Stuff said...

hi Elly!
Thanks for posting this online.
It is very helpful!
I'm going through some slightly stressful times lately, with options exhausted, my entire family (including myself) gone bankrupt, and wondering how to pay rent without a vehicle, job or ID...Haha!
It's very uplifting to read this.
Love always - Jordan -
Aka - Azur3Rain999 / :)
Love Light and Blessings x1000"""!!!

Elly Yule said...

Hi Stuff,
Hang on in there, these are indeed tough times. Although it is hell whilst you are going through it, these experiences are giving y'all the chance to start afresh and do things differently next time.

(Around ten years ago I too lost everything, it was hard but I turned my life around and attracted much better things to myself. I know you can do that too).

Use positive affirmations every day, each New Moon write your New Moon Wish List and trust that everything will work out for the highest good of all. Keep asking your Angels/Guides/Goddess/The Universe for help, several times a day.

Many Blessings to y'all

tansy said...

the time changes really get to me. i try to ignore regular clocks as much as possible and follow the earth's clock.

loving your posts! thanks for commenting on mine so i could 'discover' you. :)

maureen hoffmann said...

Oh thank goodness I found you this morning. I woke up in a jolt after vomiting an acidic metal taste in my mouth. I knew instantly this was spiritual, not physical. I had asked specifically for my Guides and God to "up my Spirit awareness" and oh boy, is it manifesting. Question: How do I handle the bombardment of earthly day to day energy when I am feeling so tender? Thank you!

Elly Yule said...

Hi Maureen,

The most important thing is to stay grounded. The Blog you have replied to is now three years old and things have moved on considerably. (Refer to recent Blog updates to see).
We have moved from Ascension symptoms into the Age of Aquarius. Whilst we still experience symptoms we are now asked to live and Be the Age of Aquarius.
To help with grounding I recommend the 'Ground Control' spray mist which is very helpful, you can find it here: (page in alphabetical order, scroll down to find it).
Hope this helps!
Samhain/Hallowe'en Blessings to you
Elly x