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11:11 Light Revolution (Nov 11th–22nd)
Thank you to everyone who took part in this wonderful event, the feedback we had from many of you was amazing (especially when several of us experienced the same things).

We are now entering the Sacred Pause of the year. This is the month when the Wheel of the Year returns to the North, the place of gratitude and of the Ancestors. Take a long look back at your year, my goodness you have come sooooo far! It has been a busy year which I feel has been a lot more positive than the previous two. You have achieved so much – even if you are not currently aware of it. Think about the places you have seen, the new people you have connected with, the shifts that have happened within you, the changes you have made in your lives, your work, the things you have done and achieved, the fun times you had. You see – actually it was a very good year!

With the powerful Total Lunar Eclipse happening on the Winter Solstice be aware that many Souls will use these energies to leave the Earthplane. The masses will be losing their tempers and projecting their shadow sides at whoever is unfortunate enough to be in their path. Be on alert for psychic attacks. Take a deep breath, stay in your heart, move away from those who are negative and maintain your own integrity and spiritual energy. Light candles, focus on the Light and breathe the light of the candle flame into every part of your being (rather like we did for the 11:11 Light Revolution). Use your invisible mirrors to bounce back projections from others, use your ‘Protector’ spray mist every day especially before, during and after the Solstice.

One of the downsides of all of this is the drain on you energetically, so be very careful to look after your physical Being during the coming month (especially with all the extra food and sugar we tend to consumer at this time of year). If your immune drops that’s when the psychic attackers can get in, because you have allowed your protection to also drop. Take your herbs and vitamins/minerals to maintain a strong immune and good health during this time. Drink plenty of water or you will get very toxic very quickly (and not just from Festive beverages and food) negative energy can make you very toxic very quickly too.

If you feel overwhelmed (and who doesn’t at some point in December?) take ten minutes out, find a quiet space where you cannot be disturbed, sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes and focus on your breathing, three deep breaths in through the nose and out through the nose will centre you again and help you to feel peaceful.

For those who have had a surge in energy/feel like the brakes have been taken off and are raring to go – here is some business advice I gave to my Coyote Brother recently:-

“The Winter Moons are a time for planning and refining the details of your projects. This is because energy is waning in the Earth and people, they are going inwards, they are distracted by other things (Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas etc) and want to nest in their homes. The Spring Moons (just after Spring Equinox) are the best time for launching something new. That's when the growth energy returns to the Earth, when people come out of their Winter hibernation and are looking for new things to do. Astrologically you also need to take into account Void of Course Moons to choose your dates for launching new stuff (otherwise they can disappear energetically into a black hole and you end up bewildered why all that hard work hasn't brought a good return). Send out teasers and tempters etc after the New Year furore has died down - we are all gonna get inundated with 'New Year New You' type stuff and you won't get noticed amongst all that lot and you need to set yourself apart from the herd.
Most of all allow Spirit to guide you, let the energy flow through you , when it is effortless and all clicks together super quickly, that's when you know you are onto a winner”.

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so. As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Once again many have been feeling exhausted and finding it hard to get out of bed (and not just because of the darker mornings). November opened a massive gateway and light and energy has been flooding into us. As our physical bodies struggle to adjust to the new changes in our DNA and energy fields we need more sleep and rest. Don’t push yourself too hard or you will end up ill (like me!).

Dizziness and nausea
I exchanged messages with a friend during November regarding the fact that the dizzy swirly energy (often accompanied by nausea) had returned, this was my reply to her:-
Yes I've had the dizziness for the past few days, have also been getting the high pitched tone in my ears which means some kind of earthquake/volcano/similar is about to happen.
The energies sure are strong at the moment, Women are still being pulled by the Moonlight and Her power is still so strong even though She is on the wane now.
I feel that something is brewing and not just on the earth changes front either. Time will tell.
The past few days have seen an increase in earthquake activity and I feel there is more on the way.

Once again, after last month’s powerful Full Moon, folks have been varying between nightmares and amazing visions. Many have received messages through their dreams. Keep writing them down as more will unfold and your will receive more information (you may even have repeat dreams or dreams that carry on from where that one left off).

Aches and pains
Continue as we get used to the new download we received in November and as we prepare for the Winter Solstice. Ensure your diet is not too acidic as that will exacerbate it.

Crown and Third Eye chakras once again were sensitive as they were widened even further during the November download.
Hand chakras may feel a little tender as your healing and love energy increases and wants an outlet. If you are a Healer who hasn’t had clients for a while, offer to give your friends and neighbours some healing so that you can discharge the energy from your hands. And get some healing for yourself.
Heart chakra continues to be tender (again this can be caused by healing energy not being given an outlet) also the bridge to the heart needs to be kept clear.

Alternates still between crystal clarity and blurry fuzzy vision, it’s even worse if you are tired.

Losing friends
Friendships and relationships are going through another big shake up. Even friendships that have been established for over 20 years may be coming to an end. You have shifted and moved on so much and unfortunately, they are not there yet, so they cannot travel the same road as you. Let them go with love if you can (not easy to do if they have let you down). You cannot waste your energy or time on them any more. Next year is take off year and you need to be free to do that. By letting go of them you are creating space for lovely new friends to come in, who are will to walk the same road as you.
And yes, it can leave you feeling lonely (particularly those of you working on a high level). Unfortunately, many of those leaving your life also call themselves Lightworkers; however their behaviour has not been that of a Lightworker. Many are in the ego trap and this is dangerous, you need to be well away from them, because if they go down they will try and take you down with them.

Some have experienced poltergeist-type activity happening in their homes. Things have been moved around (including pictures), strange substances appearing on window sills, strange sounds in the house that have never been there before.
This has happened to us too, and I am quite surprised as we have recently cleaned and tidied the house and there have been very harmonious energies here. It could be that some lost Spirits and those caught between the worlds may be attracted to the increase in light. If you have any insights about this, do let me know.

Be aware that next year could be a phenomenal year for you. Some of you will be meeting your Soul Mate, some will be having a complete change of direction career-wise, some will be moving home (even though you’ve only been in your current home for a short while), some of you will take a chunk of time off for travelling. Many of you who are healers/therapists will find yourselves getting very busy next year. The Age of Aquarius is about stepping up and showing up. It is time to stop hiding yourself and your talents and get out there with them, because the world is ready. This can only work if you are fully committed to your success and prepared to do the work. The key to all of this is to attune to Spirit/Your Higher Self/inner compass or guidance and allow that to be your only guide.


Your life
Your loved ones
That you are protected
That you are supported
That all will be well
In Truth
In the Light
For yourself every day
For your loved ones
For Mother Earth and her critters
Your loved ones
Anyone who will let you!

The key for the coming month is PEACE. It could be a challenge to achieve and maintain this during December as there will be a lot tests along the way. We must take care not to over-react to what we see on the news or in the newspapers, a lot of truth is coming to light now and the patriarchy are trying very hard to control it, but we know it won’t work, the truth will always get out. When we react it is because our ego has responded, the higher, more spiritual part of ourselves doesn’t need to react. Think before you speak, are you contributing to the problem or the solution? This is worth remembering when dealing with family over the holidays too. Meditate as often as you can, put on some soothing music, space clear your environment, sing, dance, have a luxurious bubble bath – do whatever you need to in order to achieve peace within.


P resent
E xcited
A ware
C entred
E njoying

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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