Friday, 29 October 2010


Well the Spooky Season is upon us and I love it!

This is such a special time of year, when the veil between the worlds thins and allows us to communicate more clearly with those on The Other Side.

It is an opportunity to download directly and clearly from Spirit, which is why I recommend celebration drinks in moderation (!) so that you do not affect your channel.

Mischievous spirits also abound this weekend especially from twilight and beyond midnight, so do be careful when you are out and about. They have a habit of hiding behind hedges and shrubs and can creep you out as you think someone may be hiding there. They also have a habit of catching your hair as you walk under trees.

Unfortunately some of the masses will use this weekend as an opportunity to get drunk and cause vandalism. Keep your cloaks of light wrapped around you when you are out and about and put a shield of light around your homes and cars.

It is also an absolute delight to see the little ones dressed in their Hallowe’en costumes trick o’ treating. I have a small black cauldron I keep by the front door, full of fun size sweets for them. I love to see the effort some of them make.

This weekend many countries also celebrate the Day of the Dead, and it is an opportunity for us to think about those we have lost who are now on the other side, and is an opportunity for us to feel close to them once more and receive messages from them. Light a candle or place some flowers by their photos and honour them too over the next few days.

With so many reasons for celebration, you cannot fail but have a good time this weekend!

Sending you spooky blessings for this magical time – enjoy yourselves!

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