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It’s October, the month of mischief and mayhem, soon it will be Hallowe’en/Samhain, my favourite time of the year! It's time to celebrate the Harvest with the seen and unseen, to wear silly costumes, eat lots of candy and have fun with the spooky ones!

The date: 10-10-10.
So many people have been jumping on the bandwagon regarding this date. Whilst the 10-10-10 carries a certain vibration, we are not living in the year 10 we are living in the year 2010! Therefore numerologically speaking, this date carries the vibration of 5 - the number of concrete knowledge or facts (it also means experimentation, language, change). Any date that is double i.e. 8-8, 10-10. 11-11 doubles the vibration of the numbers of that day. 10-10-10 has also been chosen as World Peace Day, so focus on Peace and meditation more than anything else on that date.
The New Moon on October 7th carries a much more powerful vibration and is a much better day for rituals etc.

Goodness, the recent Full Moons have been so powerful! Even when the last one was on the wane it was still causing my husband (a Libran) disturbed sleep, and I heard from so many people who had a pretty rough few weeks with broken and disturbed sleep. Well hang on to your hats folks because there is another powerful Full Moon coming up this month. For me, the October Full Moon is the one I consider the true Harvest Moon, and physically the Moon will look huge!

The continuing rollercoaster of rising frequencies as well as the recent Full Moons has also made many folks feel out of sorts for what seems like weeks! We are stepping into full responsibility for ourselves now and that means being a grown-up on all levels especially spiritual. As well as trying to cope physically with these rising frequencies, our emotions feel like they have been used in a cosmic ping-pong match and physically we have been feeling very weak and tired. When we are feeling overstretched like this it can make us want to withdraw because of the need for self preservation and in order to try and restore our energies. However, that is the worst thing we can do as we must be connected and joined to others in order to pass through this latest Ascension phase. It is about unity not separation.

Unfortunately not every one is aware of that, especially many so-called Spiritual people. Personal attacks have started happening again particularly to Sensitives and advanced Lightworkers. This has come from friends, people you respect, groups and circles you have been a part of for many years, work colleagues, neighbours etc. Many of whom should know better. Many of whom spout their beliefs and philosophies and talk about being Lightworkers and being full of Love and Light, but whose actions have proven that they are full of bullsh*t. So many times over the past month I have heard from folks who have been at the receiving end of this (and I too have had a couple of unpleasant, upsetting experiences). This makes me feel as if we are going backwards instead of forwards, as actions such as these perpetuate separation when we know our mission is connection and community. I have been astounded at the recent judgmentalism of many so-called spiritual people. What the heck is going on? Well for a start, it is showing us quite clearly whom we should steer well clear of and banish from our personal Sacred Circle now. It is allowing us to see once again, who is authentic and genuine in our lives and who only Talks the Talk rather than walking it. It is sad and upsetting, but it is doing us a favour, crikey with friends like that, who needs enemies?

(This month’s essence ‘The Witches Friend’ is fantastic at helping to support you during this month. Plus we have a fabulous new ‘The Witches Friend’ spray mist full of magical witches’ herbs, as well as the wonderful essence, that you can spray in your aura and environment).

This year has been the final alarm call for waking up. Those who have chosen to ignore it until now, will be experiencing some shocking events designed to get them to finally wake up. It will be a shock because they think they have been on their path, and then wonder why on earth these things are happening to them! Through these newsletters I have been trying to warn people about this over the past few years in order to prepare them for what could happen. For those who have taken heed of all the prompts the planets have been giving us, things have become much better and much improved. There has been an increase in energy, success, happiness and abundance, with new opportunities being presented and overall this has been a much better year.

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Many felt like they were dragging themselves through treacle for a lot of the month. This month’s Full Moon will also be powerful, but I feel it will be a lot more energising than the last one as we have been through the process of the last Full Moon and are moving on. Try and build in rest when you can (I know that many of you like me have been so busy recently, but we must try and build in little breaks during the day and if you can fit a nap in – even better!).

Dizziness and nausea
Continues as earthquakes continue, hurricane season is also building.

Wow the Full Moon really led us into some interesting dreaming which still seems to be going on. More Power Animals have been presenting to folks during dreamtime, and for some it is like having an instant reading! You may also have been dreaming of people from the past as old issues come up for healing and releasing during your dreamtime. Prophetic dreams increased and will continue with the coming Full Moon.

Aches and pains
Teeth problems continue for many.
Aching bones and joints continue and many have been suffering with painful necks and shoulders.
Ankles – aches and pains continue as we adjust to the new direction we are headed in.

Crown chakra was very sensitive (especially since the last Full Moon) as if it had been blasted with a laser. Don’t forget to check your chakras at the start and end of each day (and after doing anything spiritual including reading/talking). Fold in that beautiful Crown Chakra and place a fine gold veil of protection over it.
Heart chakras have taken quite a bashing, not just because of things that have happened personally but also because of what has been going on in our world that we are witness to.
Hand and foot chakras have been getting itchy again. My Granny’s old wives tale about this still rings true:-
Left hand itching (palm = you are about to receive money, pads below fingers = recognition for your work).
Right hand itching – you are going to shake hands with someone new.
Feet – soles of feet – you are going to walk on strange ground (visit somewhere new or unexpected).

Eyesight and Hearing
As many of you know from the Ascension Process, at times of high frequency energy, our eyesight is affected. (I start seeing everything in soft focus as everything seems a bit fuzzy around the edges). This passes and my eyesight clears up again once I have adjusted fully to the new frequencies.
Hearing – has become acutely sensitive again, hearing distant things more clearly and hearing energy frequencies more.

There are some days when you can feel so sad but not really have a reason too. There can be several reasons;
- It is a form of Grief energy as you move through the current process. You are changing and on some level part of you is sad about who and what you are leaving behind. Just be with the feelings and allow them to come up and then you will pass through the process more quickly.
- Psychics and Intuitives may be having prems about those passing over at this time. It may be someone in the family or connected to a friend’s family, or it may be to do with the loss of life from the natural disasters that have been occurring.
Just allow it to come up and be with it and it will soon pass.


Reduces wrinkles
Makes others smile
Promotes warm fuzzy stuff
That you will cope
That you will be guided
For your own peace of mind
To stay connected to truth
To radiate peace to All
Channelling your energy
Channelling others energy
Using energy positively
Yourself, often
Others, often
Life, often

The key for the coming month is HAPPINESS. It doesn’t matter what is going on – be happy. If you are having a rough day, acknowledge that and then immediately do whatever you can to change your mood back into a happy one. Play your favourite music, have a dance break and shake your booty until it hurts, sing along with The Village People to ‘H-A-P-P-Y’, spend time with an animal or child or in Nature or with someone you love. Surround yourself with what brings you pleasure, what is beautiful and makes you feel positive (flowers, people, clean linen, nice wine, good food). Do not let anyone steal your happiness, protect yourself daily and focus on your heart being happy. Take as much time as you need for yourself to be happy. Put on a funny movie, have a chat with an uplifting friend (and stay away from the Moaning Minnies), absorb the Sun as much as you can at this time of year. You were born to be happy. Your life is meant to be happy. That is your true nature. All the rest is an illusion. When you are happy you bring sunshine to your environment and all those in it, you touch others with your healing sunshine. Light up yourself from the inside by being happy, and make someone else happy too.


H opeful
A wareness
P leasure
P ositive
I ntuitive
N urturing
E xpectant
S atisfying
S unny

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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