Thursday, 14 February 2008


Whether you are on your own or have a partner, today gives us an excuse to treat ourselves to some of the sweeter things in life, such as:-

- Giving ourselves a hug for being so utterly lovable

- Sending love out to all those we know and don't know so everyone can have some love today

- A bath full of your most expensive bubble bath (don't forget the candles!)

- Wearing your favourite scent

- Wearing something that makes you feel fabulous

- Buying yourself some Valentines choccies

- Putting a bottle of your favourite bubbly in the fridge for later

- Going for a walk to your favourite nature spot

- Going to your favourite place for lunch

- Listening to your favourite music

- Watching your favourite romantic movie/s [I wonder if I can convince my hubby to let me watch Dirty Dancing tonight? :-) ]

- Cooking something incredible for yourself to eat tonight, setting the table with candles and heart shaped sprinkles, using your best china, glass and cutlery and the posh napkins.

-Curling up at the end of the day, wrapped in your favourite throw/blanket, glass of something nice in hand, choccies at your side, listening or watching something you love and giving thanks for today, for the opportunity to share the love vibe with everybody today.

May you be blessed with an abundance of love every day of your lives.

Copyright 2008 E. Yule (Worldwide Rights Reserved)

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