Thursday, 26 July 2007

Weather Getting You Down?

The weather here on this side of the pond has been more like Autumn than Summer with relentless rain, dark days and strong winds. Needless to say it is dampening everyone's spirits as we are all desperate for a bit of sunshine.

Over the years I have found that if I am feeling a bit depleted by the weather or the season, I make sure that every day I have some sunshine fruit, this always helps me to feel better. Citrus fruits are ideal, but as I have an allergy to them I prefer to make my favourite smoothie. Here's the recipe:-

Elly's Sunshine Smoothie

1 organic Mango
1 organic Banana
a little organic Apple & Mango juice
6 drops of Angels of Joy essence

Whizz together in a blender and place in lovely dishes. Chill for a while in the fridge and then enjoy this nutritious, vitamin and mineral packed smoothie which is full of sunshine. It is quite thick (depending on how much juice you put in) so I usually eat it with a spoon.
They also freeze well - remember to use freezer-proof dishes.

Hope this helps!

Friday, 13 July 2007

Are you going to 'Fire The Grid?'

July 17th is Fire The Grid day, at 11:11am GMT. (Go to to find out more and to find out the correct time for your part of the world). We are being asked to join in prayer/meditation for one hour.

Millions of people around the world have already agreed to take part, all of whom respect the original idea but who are also choosing to use this group energy/power time to send love, healing and light to wherever and whoever needs it.

There have been a few dodgy emails going around with negative undertones about this event. This has caused confusion for some. All I would say is that as long as everyone is focusing on love, light and healing what can go wrong? When that many people are united with common intention the effect is going to be very powerful, it cannot fail to cause a shift in the right direction. Whatever you may have read, when that much love and light gets together nothing else can get in and nothing else can use it.

Stay in your heart, join with your Light Family and set aside one hour on that day to send out and radiate love, light and healing. It is our chance to give something back to our planet, to the cosmos, to the Creator and All Our Relations.

Whatever the weather, I'm going to be be doing it - are you?

Thursday, 12 July 2007


After a month of rain and strong winds, yesterday we had a gloriously warm, hot, sunny Summer day. It felt like Summer was back. I was overjoyed to be able to hang my washing out (for me this is one of my most favourite simple pleasures in this life). Although busy with work, I took five minutes to sit amongst the flowers in our garden. The wet weather has prevented us from spending time in the garden, and I have been feeling a sense of disconnection with my beloved little green and growing space. I went into meditative mode and just let myself expand along the soft breeze taking in the different sounds, the flowers behind me felt like the most wonderful healing support as I sat there warming myself in the healing rays of Grandfather Sun. I gave thanks for the blessings of this day, for our lovely little home and garden and for all the abundance we are surrounded with and continually given. Within minutes I was feeling totally relaxed and recharged and ready to return to work.

This was just a small window of opportunity, today we are back into the wet and windy weather pattern, but it doesn't matter, I just close my eyes, remember my special time yesterday and feel a warm, healing glow.

Make the most of all the little windows of opportunity that come your way and take time out to bask in gratitude and abundance - it is such an energizer!

Thursday, 5 July 2007

The Solstice energies were intense combined with Mercury retrograde, we really got pulled back down to sort out what needs sorting out. This process has been happening on all the levels and in all the different areas of our lives.

Physically many found that their aches and pains really increased (and got very painful at times!). Many have experienced incredible tiredness. Grief energy and depression also continued. Some have been weeping at the drop of a hat. For some there has been the feeling like you have lost your mind, you’re not sure what to do anymore which also bordered on procrastination. Some have been feeling lost and between worlds, aware that they have drifted off somewhere only they’re not sure where and it certainly wasn’t here in 3D land. There has been an increase in heart pain especially in the Heart chakra (some of the clairvoyants feel that this could be linked to the next big event that opens everyone’s heart chakras further). For some there has been feeling like you have lost purpose and are drifting (well you are).
Resistance has also been coming up a lot in subtle and not so subtle ways. This has been intensified by the Solstice. Instantly stop and work out what you are being resistant to (even if it’s cleaning the loo or doing the ironing!). As soon as you identify it you have dealt with it. Resistance is absolutely futile at the moment. What you resist will persist, only at this point in time it will be harder than you could ever have imagined. Why put yourself through that? Sort out what it’s about and get on with it!

For some dear Souls the Ascension process is proving too much and they want to leave the Earth plane, hence the increase in cancer and other karma clearing dis-eases. These Souls are choosing to help from the other side. Do you remember all those years ago when you were told that only the strong ones got to come back this time? That is why the Elders prophecised us as the Rainbow Warriors. You need Warrior energy to truly live, Be and Walk the Talk as a Lightworker at this time on our planet. Do you remember that thousands queued up in the Galaxy wanting to be one of the ones who got to come back this time? You were one of them and you got the chance to be here during this amazing time. Yes it’s hard, but how blessed we are that the great Creator and Universe have so much belief in us that they entrusted us with the job of being right here right now. So isn’t it about time we honoured that?

Now, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be experiencing joy and happiness every minute of every day. Astrology has helped us all with non-stop shifts within our Beings to help us to transcend and ascend. It is essential therefore that you keep your vibration high and don’t allow yourself to be dragged down into lower energies. The Ascension process has made us more sensitive than ever before, things that would not have bothered us too much ten years ago we now feel acutely. Because we are so much more aware of how we are All connected, our empathic senses are highly attuned to all sentient Beings, and anything that happens to them affects us deeply because of the All-connectedness we now have and because we are now operating from such a high level of Love. (We are now operating from Love most of the time, except when we get pulled down or pulled back by lower vibrations). We feel everything more deeply because of our increased attunement and higher vibration. Anything that happens on the lower vibration (especially in 3-D mass consciousness land) makes us feel really awful, we get sick quick when we are around those energies because it is not who we are any more. Whenever you start to feel awful, suss out who or what is causing it and get as far away from it/them as possible. (It could be something as simple as a tv programme that you have only been half watching, the lower vibrational content of the programme has started to subtly affect your aura). We still have to operate in 3-D land so we need to ensure that we are properly grounded and remember to keep our protection going whilst we are undergoing this incredible unknown and constantly revealing process.

Protection – some are asking why we need to bother with this if we are supposed to be operating from a higher frequency of light now. Well, you may be operating at a higher frequency but I can assure you that there are a helluva lot of others out there who are not. It is for that reason that I recommend you do not leave your house each day without having done some kind of protection. (Remember that our ‘Protector’ spray mist can do this in a second for you).

The adjustments and recalibration in us continue over the next month, so be kind to others but most of all, be kind to yourself.

(Copyright E. Yule 2007 - permission needed for copying/reproducing)