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FULL MOON Blessings! January 2017

Full Moon in Cancer

Nurture – TLC - Preparing

We have a Full Moon in Cancer:
UK            12 January 11.34am
EU     -        12 January 12.34pm
USA   -        12 January 06.34am
AUS   -        12 January 10.34am
NZ     -        13 January 00.34am

CANCER – ‘I feel’
     Artist: Josephine Wall
Cancerians are water signs who love their home. Tough on the outside but soft on the inside, they feel deeply.  Cancer represents feelings, nurturing, home, defense, patriotism, conservation, family, sensitivity, moodiness (when they are lovely they are lovely, when they are horrid they can be truly horrible!), introversion (when they feel attacked or upset they retreat into their shell and stay there until they are ready to come out), mothering, caring for others (many are healers/therapists), catering, property and home interiors. They love hobbies involving fantasy and imagination, as they are highly creative and very individual.  Cancerians are Moon Children (usually very psychic) and love to live near the sea, they are very sensitive to Moon cycles and tides especially Full Moon high tides.  They are fantastic company, usually very intelligent, they make great parents and are fun friends to have around.  They need freedom to express who they are and they like to do things their way.


Many folks are feeling tired as we transition into the New Year energies.  We are approaching Chinese New Year when the energies change from Monkey to Rooster.  However, that trickster Monkey is not going without throwing a few final curveballs our way.  Ride whatever happens, things are going to change in a few weeks, and once the energies settle you will feel more settled.

Full Moon dreaming has been interesting.  Make a note of your dreams as there could be pointers for you regarding your year ahead.  Also, a lot of clearing has been going on in dreamtime, so if you’ve been having a few weird dreams, don’t worry it’s just your psyche having its own spring clean.

Now is a good time to have a clear out and a spring clean.  You are thinking about your new year ahead and what you want out of it.  Good things need space to come in, so it’s out with the old as we create a clean, lovely space for the new to come to us.

This year you might find that you are ready for change; perhaps the house has been looking tired and needs a freshen-up or change of colour?  Perhaps you are ready to change your personal image and how you present yourself to the world (and that includes your personal & professional work/crafts/creativity/own businesses), is it time to update your Logo?  (Chloe Williams of Moo Designs is so lovely to deal with,

This year could be very busy for many of us, so the more organized and prepared we are, the better we will cope.  In the meantime, with all the differing temperatures, bugs going around and this time of year, do keep your immune system boosted.  Introduce more herbs to your regime, eat well and regularly, drink plenty of water – central heating and cold weather are all dehydrating. 

This year is all about TLC for yourself!

Other Astrology

Mercury is stationary so communication issues and computer snags should start settling.  Give it another week before signing a contract though.

Also there is a Grand Cross in the sky, this can cause tension and stress (especially if you are Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra). This is not the best time to make major decisions or commitments.  You may find people are pulling on you – don’t allow this – take your time regarding decisions etc. 
(And if you need some support you may find our ‘Fireweed’ Essence helpful, it is perfect when you are tired from being pulled this way and that by others.  You can find it here:   

The Full Moons are known by many names by many nations, and this Full Moon is no exception, it is known as Wolf Moon and also Birch Moon.

And now we welcome the first Full Moon of the year, which is in the sensitive sign of Cancer.  All water signs may be feeling a bit emotional and weepy around this transit. (I never usually watch Coronation Street, but I happened to watch it last night and blubbed my way through it!).

Attune to the home-loving, nurturing energies of Cancer and allow yourself some TLC over the next few days. Link into water energy (Cancer is a water sign) and have some healthy water-based drinks  - add some fruit slices, and/or fresh mint to water and enjoy.  Have some nice bubble baths or try an Epsom Salts bath, to cleanse away the old energies and restore you. Eat nourishing foods with one or two treats.  Listen to some soothing, balancing music.  Do a few OMs and rebalance your chakras through the power of your own sound.

This Full Moon could be the push you needed to finally make those changes you have been thinking about.  There is a feeling of clearing the slate, of looking at a blank new page, fresh with possibility yet not needing to put anything on it yet.  There are things to be done first before you can start writing the script for your year ahead.  Don’t procrastinate, do what needs doing, and make those changes, as this will free up a tremendous amount of energy for you.  You are strong enough to do whatever it is that you need to do. You have been though so much over the past year, now it’s time to look forward and take practical steps towards what your heart truly desires. 
Don’t take on too much.  Think about yourself before you answer Yes to anything - does it feel right?  Does it fit in with the plans you are formulating for yourself? If it doesn’t don’t do it.

As a dear friend recently reminded me, ‘change can be wearying’ and she is so right.  Even if they are changes that we are happy about and that we want, they will still use up energy which is why TLC for yourself is so important at this time of year.

I have written before in past Blogs about why this is the most dangerous time of year to diet or detox. Focus on nurturing, wellness and positivity instead and eat well!  There is a wonderful year ahead for you, so go get organised for it!

Message from the Full Moon:
Clear out the old
Clean everywhere
Prepare for the new
Prepare you
Nurture yourself as you do
Think about what you want
Take steps towards that

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!
Elly x

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