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NEW YEAR - NEW MOON Blessings! 2016/2017

Artist: Tamara Phillips

We have a New Moon in Sagittarius:

UK                 29 December 06.53am
EU       -           29 December 07.53am
USA     -           29 December 01.53am
AUS     -           29 December 17.53pm
NZ        -           29 December 07:53a-m

          Artist: Josephine Wall
Lovely, practical, earthy Capricorn is usually blessed with a great sense of humour as well.  Capricorn represents ambition, government, authority, tradition, pragmatism, conservatism (although some Caps I’ve known have been downright out there wacky!), endurance, business management, integrity, economics, and practical expertise.  Capricorns work well where their intellect and analytical qualities can be used, which is why they are so good at business in areas some would find stuffy and boring, they thrive in these environments. They also make great engineers and inventors and can be very creative.  They can be as stubborn as hell and their own worst enemies at times, which is why they needs friends who can soothe their ruffled fur. High in integrity, they are loyal, supportive friends and defender of the underdog.


Dreamtime has been very active with some strange dreams lately, or is that to do with eating so many different types of food at this time of year - lol?

Everyone seems exhausted, it’s been a long tough year for many and for some a struggle to make Christmas happen.  Now that’s over for another year and we look towards a New Year cycle.  We welcome the new energies coming in and the Winter moons, which give us time to reflect and think about the type of year we want to create for ourselves.

Mercury is still retrograde, wait until the end of January before making any big decisions or signing important contracts.  In the meantime fix what’s broken, get the car checked, back up the computer and get ready for an organized new year.  Capricorn will help us to be committed and to stay on track.  However to stay in balance with all that left-brain practical stuff, we need to be kind to ourselves and others and build-in time to be creative.


This New Year New Moon is in practical Capricorn, which is just what we need as we plan our year ahead. Capricorn is all about step-by-step progress, so start writing your plans/lists now and the steps you will take to achieve what you want this coming year. 

Globally we will continue to promote peace, and that starts with us - within us.  Leave the stresses of 2016 behind and stand strong in your light and be a beacon for others in 2017.

We will need to pay attention to detail in 2017, and not be swept along by illusions (as one astrologer said “princes revert to frogs” in 2017). 

Use the New Year New Moon to let go of all the ‘bad’ stuff that happened in 2016 – the losses, the sadness’s, the regrets, the guilt, etc so that you do not carry these emotions into your New Year.  You can do this in several ways:

You will need a brand new white candle.
Find a quiet space where you cannot be interrupted.
Light the candle and dedicate the Light to clearing and cleansing.
Speak aloud to the candle and let out all that you wish to let go of. (See/feel your words and their vibration going into the flame).
When you have finished, carefully wave your hands over the candle to cleanse them. (Don’t burn yourself).
Then repeat but gather the light of the candle into your cupped hands and draw this gathered light over your head and down through your aura.  This will cleanse your aura.  Repeat until you feel you have covered your whole aura.
Then give thanks and send the light out to where it is needed just before you blow it out.
As the smoke from the extinguished candle rises upwards, use your fingers to help spiral it upward and say “Great Spirit hear my prayer.”

Get some sheets of A4 paper, and write out all the hurts, angers and losses that you want to let go of.  Write constantly without re-reading it, until you feel you have completely emptied yourself.
Once you have finished, twist the pages and then go outside and find a safe space to set fire to them, burn every word until it is ash.  This dispels forever any remaining karma.

In 2017 we will continue to live with chaotic energies worldwide, and in a strange way we are getting used to that, as we know that when living in a tipping point things will carry on like this until balance is restored.

2017 gives us an opportunity to rebirth ourselves

to rise anew from the heaviness of 2016 and to move forward in light.  It’s not easy to be loving all the time especially when cr*p is going on, however we must remind ourselves that love is the key to getting through. 

We must never let our vibration drop (or our standards), because we know that we are better than that, we know that we can access a higher power that can fill us with light and flood us with love.

There are many different types of New Year at different times of the year for different traditions.  The New Year is symbolic more than actual.  It’s up to us what we do to make and shape our next 12 months.  Ask yourself some questions:

- Looking back on 2016, what will I do differently in 2017?
- Where/how did I neglect myself in 2016?
- Where/how did I neglect others in 2016?
- Did I achieve my goals in 2016?
- What did I learn in 2016 (about myself, my life, the others in my life)?
- How have I changed/my beliefs changed?
- What do I know for certain?
- How will I make 2017 different?

You may find that after decades of wearing the same perfume you fancy a change, that foods etc that you’ve liked for years, you are no longer interested in.  There are massive changes going on for all of us, both inner and outer and they will affect all the minutiae of our lives too.  This is part of your rebirth, this is part of the changed you who is now taking his/her rightful place in the world and in their own life. 

Stay close to those that support and love you, those that believe in you and don’t waste your time on those that don’t.  You have come through far too much in 2016 to waste your precious energy or time on anything or anyone that drags you down.  You don’t have to do this anymore. 

This year is all about you and what you want.  You are stronger now; you have a deep centred knowing of what you want and how you want your next year to pan out.  Stay grounded, keep your feet firmly planted and reach for the stars. Because you can.

Make time for meditation in 2017, our energies will need to be renewed from the cosmos and this is the best way to do it.  Of course there will be challenges, so meditate to cope, meditate to stay healthy, meditate to remain strong in your centre and personal power.

Take yourself off the hook.  The past is over.  Last year is over.  Have you forgotten how fabulous you are?  Hold your head high, put those shoulders back and strut your fabulousness throughout 2017.  Every morning when you wake up tell yourself “I am fabulous! I am capable. I am loving. I can do anything! I am AMAZING!” Make this your mantra for 2017 and see yourself and your life blossom.

New Year and New Moon Blessings to y’all.

Elly x

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