Friday, 6 May 2016

NEW MOON Blessings! May 2016



We have a New Moon in Taurus:

UK                 6 May 20.29pm
EU       -           6 May 21.29pm
USA     -           6 May 15.29pm
AUS     -           7 May 05.29am
NZ        -           7 May 07.29am

TAURUS – I Have / I Manifest

Taurus is the master manifestor of the zodiac, they have the ability to get whatever they want and we can learn from their example.
Hardworking, loving, funny, with an earthy sense of humour, they make great parents and wonderful friends.  They are stable, solid and make everyone feel secure. They are sensual, intelligent and usually good at whatever they turn their hand to.  They are renowned gardeners, cooks, crafters, artists, musicians, architects etc.  They live life to the full.
Lovely, down to earth Taureans enjoy indulging their senses, they love good food (and wine!), they love good quality and expect it (they love Egyptian cotton sheets, silk, leather, anything that is well made and good quality).  They expect good service.
The only thing they need to watch out for is that they get bored very quickly and want to cut and run and try something new/go somewhere new. However, this can cause them a lot of problems. They need to be patient with themselves and not cut and run, but to wait and see how things develop further down the line. That’s Taurean bullishness at its worst; stubborn as heck but eventually they get it.

Check which house Taurus is in on your Natal chart, as this is the house most impacted by this Full Moon – and where you are given the opportunity to start anew.


May’s energies are far gentler than April’s were.  Although the challenges and obstacles haven’t gone away, we feel better able to deal with them this month.

If the weather is good, get out in Nature as much as you can, get some Sun energy and feed your body with natural Vit D from the Sun and recharge your pineal and pituitary glands with the increasing light.


Mars (planet of action) and Mercury (planet of communication) are still retrograde.  This is not the time to push forward but to rest, review, recharge and reset ourselves ready for when we get the green light mid June, to move forward.  This is the time to prepare yourself as things could really take off in June for you. 

Jupiter (planet of blessings and good fortune) and Pluto (planet of rebirth and transformation) are in trine with Venus (planet of love and abundance & Taurus’ ruling sign) making this an auspicious new Moon.

By taking the time to rest, plan and re-strategize, we will reap the benefits of being patient a few months down the line. 
Be open to new inspirations that come through, pay attention to your dreams and write them down (you will be given new ideas), pay attention to words that jump out from billboards or songs on the radio, pay attention to the animals that cross your path when out walking etc.  By taking the time to notice these things you will receive the messages, hints and prompts you need. 

- What are you ready to share with the world? 
- Is there a book that’s ready to be born now?
- Is it time for you to step out as a teacher now?
- Are you itching to learn something new? 

All of these activities are well supported now – so get on with it!  (And don’t worry about minor glitches or delays, once we get into June things will start flowing more easily).


This fertile New Moon is probably the best one of the year and especially for all Taureans.  A great time to write your New Moon Wish List – Taureans you can write one for the type of year ahead that you would like for yourself.

Taurus is a sensual, earthy sign, take time out to indulge yourselves with good food, massages, fun and earthy sex, laugh a lot and love a lot.  Love yourself most of all.

This Taurus New Moon invites us to take an honest look at our finances and take time to put new plans and strategies in place.  On the plus side, new opportunities are on the way.  Taurus gives us the key to move forward financially now, to unlock what has been holding us back, to lift our heads up so that we can see the way ahead more clearly now. There will be opportunities in the market place for your talents and what you offer, folks are more receptive now to what they need, money is moving again.  Be ready. 

Deep down you already know the action you need to take (if you don’t pay attention as mentioned above).  This is not the time to be lazy or procrastinate.  As Chani Nicolas says “This New Moon wants to initiate us into the secrets of our success.”  Heck, I am SO ready for that!  Think positively, believe it will happen and it will be so.  Stay as positive as you can and you will raise your attractor factor. 

Don’t forget to check out what Chani has to say about your sign for this Taurus New Moon.  Visit

May’s easier energies are restoring our self-esteem and self-confidence, so be ready to capitalise on that when opportunity presents. However don’t forget to double and triple check any agreements or contracts you may be entering into whilst Mercury is still retrograde. 

Tap into Taurus’ abundance energy.  Be kind and generous – remember we are all in this together.  Be giving especially to yourself, stop denying yourself, stop putting yourself last, put yourself first and enjoy it! 


I am an abundant Being
I am open to receiving
I am blessed with abundance
I believe in myself and my abilities
I now put myself first
I live well and happily
I am patient for my success
I am excited about my success
I believe it will happen
I am making it happen
I trust myself
I trust the Universe
I am a master Manifestor
I have a strong attractor factor!
I allow myself to have a beautiful life
I am beautiful and bountiful

Artist: Winona Cookie

Tap into the abundant Being that you are.  Believe that you deserve to be showered in abundance and to live abundantly.  Remember that the Universe is unlimited and so are you.  Silence that critic in your mind.  Expand yourself, be expansive in all you say and do.


Find some quiet time where you cannot be disturbed.
Sit and prepare as if for meditation.
Ensure that you have a grounding stone in your hand/s.
After grounding, calling in protection and breathwork -
Visualize your aura stretching further and further out until it touches the sides of the room.  Now stretch it up to the ceiling and through the floor.
Now expand it to the entire building.
Now expand it to the whole area the building is in.
See/feel your aura expanding upwards high into the sky and deep into the earth below your feet.
Now see it expanding across the entire planet.
Sit and enjoy that feeling.
When you are ready, stretch a little bit further and expand yourself into the cosmos.
Enjoy the feeling for a short while.
Then slowly and carefully bring yourself back –
Back into the sphere of our planet
Back into the area where you are
Back into the room that you are in
And finally draw your aura closer around you.
Fold your chakras for protection.
Check that you are fully grounded.
Drink some water and continue with your day.
You have just proved to yourself how unlimited you are!

Now start noticing the abundance that is all around you and that you are already blessed with, what is already in your life and give thanks for it.  Be excited about it. When you feel abundant inside, your life reflects that outwardly.  Be confident about the future, it’s going to be good.  Clear clutter to make way for the new and good that is ready to come in for you.  Be open to growth in all areas of your life and especially in your personal development of yourself.

Go out in Nature, place your bare feet upon the ground and draw strength from the Earth. Open yourself to receiving the abundance that is truly yours.

Give that which you most need and it will come back to you multiplied.


There is nothing for you to go back and live over, or fix, or feel regret about now. Every part of your life has unfolded just right. And so —now — knowing all that you know from where you now stand, now what do you want? The answers are now coming forth to you. Go forth in joy, and get on with it.

New Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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