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FULL MOON Blessings! APRIL 2016

FULL MOON in Scorpio


We have a Full Moon in Scorpio:
UK                 22 April 06.24am
EU        -          22 April 17.24pm
USA     -           22 April 01.24am
AUS     -           22 April 15.24pm
NZ       -           22 April 17.24pm

SCORPIO  – I Desire / I Protect

Scorpios are really going to feel the intensity of this Full Moon.  We all have Scorpio in our chart, take a look at which house it’s in as that is where you will feel the intensity the most and is also the area that needs your attention right now. 

Scorpios are the great protectors of the zodiac. They are incredibly loyal and are powerful allies.  However, betray one at your peril, Scorpio will never, ever forget (higher level Scorps may forgive, but they will never forget). You cross their line one time too many and they will close the door on you for good. 
Scorpio is the only sign of the zodiac that can travel safely to the underworld and return unscathed, which is why they make good shamans/medicine women as they can travel between the worlds without lasting effects.  They are born to make magick and are master manifestors (unfortunately they doubt their ability more often than not). They have a laser-like vision that sees straight through to the truth, so don’t bother trying to lie to a Scorpio – ever! They are passionate about those they love, their work, anything and anyone that they are committed to.  They are highly sensitive and have an old knowing, and often find themselves studying religion/spirituality which triggers remembrances. They are a fixed sign so can be stubborn, to their own detriment! They like to be in charge and can come across as aloof or bossy sometimes, yet their heart is always in the right place.  
They are great teachers and leaders yet often prefer to be behind the scenes.  It’s time to come out of hiding Scorpio, this Full Moon is giving you a bit shot of energy so trust in your abilities.  Trust the Alchemist/Magician that you are to change your life to the one you want.  This will involve a lot of letting go; you have done this many times and know by now that it always leads to better things.


It’s been tough building up to this Full Moon.  There is so much going on in our personal lives and on the world stage, that it’s no wonder many are feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.   Some may be feeling tired or drained from the intensity of the energies around this Full Moon.  Take time out for yourself, rest when you can, drink plenty of water to flush out any stress toxins that may be building.

The Death Urge has become strong again, with many folks (and pets) choosing to leave the planet at this time.  This Scorpio Full Moon has a strong energy and many are choosing to use it to help them transition and rebirth themselves in a different dimension. 
How does the Death Urge affect us? 
Feelings of hopelessness, feeling ‘why bother?’, feeling drained of life force energy, wondering what the heck this life is all about. 
How to deal with the Death Urge. 
Get out in Nature as often as you can, Mother Earth and Her beautiful Green & Growing Kingdom will give you healing energy and help to recharge you.  Eat some wild spring greens such as Chickweed, Nettle, Wild Garlic, Dandelion petals and leaf tips, Three Cornered Leek (which is in abundance here at the moment).  These gorgeous greens will give you instant seasonal vibrational energy and they are packed with iron and other essential minerals. (Use in salads or stir fries).


Several planets are going ‘retrograde’ at the same time at the moment.  We are all being slowed down (and some of us are stopping completely).  Feel the energies and flow with them as best you can over the coming days and weeks. 

Mars – planet of outgoing activity – is going retrograde from now until the end of June.  That means that our output may not be going as well as we’d hoped.  It’s not the best time to launch anything new until He starts going forward again.  This is not the time to push.  This retrograde gives us time to catch our breath, recharge our energies and rethink about how we are going to move forward when He starts his ‘forward’ motion again.

Pluto is also retrograde which adds to the feeling of things slowing down/feeling tired.

Added to the mix is the next Mercury retrograde (end of April to end of May).  You may already be feeling the effects re communication with people, communication devices not working properly etc.  Bear in mind that it could be the middle of June before things starts moving forward again at the pace that you want.


You can’t hide with this Scorpio Full Moon.  Grandmother is shining Her light powerfully and She will light up what you thought was hidden.  The Scorpio energy will make you dive deep, deep into yourself to face yourself and a few home truths.  There is a lot of healing around this Full Moon, make time for it as it will shift you more than you realise.  What needs healing? 

I have been working with a shortform of EFT (the tapping therapy) on Scorpio issues over the past couple of weeks –

EFT tapping sequence for Full Moon in Scorpio

Use one word for each tapping point, say it out loud then move onto the next point and the next word.  E.g. EB-Releasing, SE- Healing. UE-Integrating etc. Keep going until you feel your session is complete.


(You may find that as you say the word ‘releasing’ you feel the need to sigh/exhale, this is you literally releasing stress that you have been holding onto).

Let me know how you get on with it. 

Artist: Charlez Frizzell

Scorpio is shamanic energy, it dives deep into the underworld of the personality in order to help you rebirth yourself like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes of your limitations.

This Scorpio Full Moon invites you to let go of all that has been holding you back.  You have been through enough dark times, the next few weeks are for healing and integrating, and then you will be ready to rebirth yourself.  Life is so short, no need to hold yourself back any more.

This Scorpionic Full Moon will also bring up long forgotten wishes, dreams, desires and longings.  It will make you question how you have been living and working.

- Am I happy?
- Do I feel fulfilled in my life (emotionally/sexually/career-wise/relationships)?
- Am I doing what I really want?
- Am I living in truth – my truth?
- Am I authentic (where do I lack authenticity)?
- Am I in my power?
- Where do I give my power away?
- Am I independent/dependent/co-dependent in any way?
- Am I successful (and in what areas)?
- What is holding me back?
- Who is holding me back (who am I allowing to hold me back)?
- What am I most afraid of?
- What’s the worst that can happen?
- What would I love to happen?
- What steps can I take towards that?

Tough questions, and we have plenty of time to answer them over the coming weeks.

This Full Moon is a time for giving yourself a life review -

- Have you been too rigid in your beliefs/viewpoints? 
- Is the Universe trying to nudge you in a new direction? 
- Is it time to break a few rules? (They may have been fencing you in and holding you back). 

With all these planets going retrograde, it’s time to slow down and give yourself the time to work on yourself.  Go out and cloud gaze, release your mind so that Spirit can get in.  Meditate/have quiet time more often, Spirit needs your mind to be silent and for you to be calm and quiet in order for you to hear the messages.  You can do this sitting on a rock looking at the ocean, leaning against a tree, listening to the birds in the garden.

Allow no-one and nothing to distract you from this important time.  For what we do on the inner level will be reflected on the outer level, not just in our personal lives but also in a much bigger way, for All Our Relations.  Part of the magick is changing the energy of the world, one person at a time.  By refusing to allow darkness to limit you, restrict you or hold you back; you raise the vibration and increase the light.  That is true shamanic work.

To know how this Full Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas ( :

Sorry folks, due to my shoulder injury I can’t sit for very long at the computer, therefore I haven’t been able to do the work on Chani’s update. Do visit the site to check your sign.


I am healed
I allow my body to be healed
I allow my mind to be healed
I allow my emotions to be healed
I allow my finances to be healed
I allow my Spirit to shine
I allow my talents to shine
I am blessed with Abundance
I love my life
I love the magick I create
I am fully in my power now
I love myself
I am happy

This watery Full Moon could make you feel a bit teary – especially my fellow Scorps.  Let the tears flow, they are your healing rain.  Let your inner shaman guide you, know that there are so many good things waiting for you a few weeks down the line.  Hang on in there, it will get easier.  Keep the faith, believe in yourself and have fun as much as you can.  There are many treasures waiting for you so be brave and open Pandora’s Box!

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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