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BELTANE and FULL MOON Blessings!

Bright BELTANE and FULL MOON Blessings!


First of all my apologies for missing the New Moon report, we had Broadband and computer problems which hopefully have been sorted out now.

Heads Up
Mercury retrograde is on its way. May 18 – June 11th, however the shadow period starts around two weeks before (i.e. May 4th) and lasts for two weeks after (i.e. June 25th).


Beltane Eve is also known as Walpurgis Night and what a powerful one we had this year! The lead up to this saw an increase in dreaming, amazing dreams where teachers passed on new knowledge, where prophecies were shared and so much more.  Do make a note of your dreams at this time.  Walpurgis Night is when the veil between the worlds thins and Spirits roam. Some are mischievious (were they the ones messing with our computer?!) It is a great time to communicate with Spirit and those on the other side.

And the Wheel of the Year turns to the bright Blessings of Beltane, when we celebrate the Goddess Rhiannon.  A time when the Lord and Lady consummate their relationship bringing blessings of good crops, healthy livestock, fertility and new life for all. Symbolised by Maypoles and Beltane fires, it’s a time to celebrate Spring flowers and the birthing of Summer.

May brings a calm energy, home life will be easier and happier. The tiredness some have been feeling will go and in its place you will have the energy to move forward now.  Motivation returns.  You may want to redecorate your home or revamp it in some way.  Travel is well aspected, although Mercury is about to go retrograde, so double/triple check travel arrangements and check that any printed tickets/boarding passes have the right information on them.

Passion – Power - Purpose

Full Moon times:
- UK - 4th May 04:42am EST          - USA – 3rd May 11:43pm EDT
- Aus – 4th May, 1:43pm                  - NZ – 4th May, 3:43pm

SCORPIO – I Desire / I Protect

Scorpios are the great protectors of the zodiac. They are incredibly loyal and are powerful allies.  However, betray one at your peril, Scorpio will never, ever forget (higher level Scorps may forgive, but they will never forget). You cross their line one time too many and they will close the door on you for good.  Scorpio is the only sign of the zodiac who can travel safely to the underworld and return unscathed, which is why they make good shamans/medicine women as they can travel between the worlds without lasting effects.  They are born to make magick and are master manifestors (unfortunately they doubt their ability more often than not). They have a lazer-like vision that sees straight through to the truth, so don’t bother trying to lie to a Scorp. They are passionate about those they love, their work, anything and anyone that they are committed to.  They are highly sensitive and have an old knowing, and often find themselves studying religion/spirituality which will trigger remembrances. They are a fixed sign so can be stubborn, to their own detriment! They like to be in charge and can come across as aloof or bossy sometimes, yet their heart is always in the right place.


The one outstanding thing I noticed between the recent New Moon and this Full Moon is sleepiness, it seemed to spread throughout our world as so many folks (including myself) felt like they could sleep anywhere, anytime and found it really hard going at work, and staying on track. What’s occurring?  We are dealing with powerful energies at this time of year and the physical body does sometimes struggle with integrating this.  At these times rest is essential, as much as you can, as is drinking plenty of water (not easy when the weather has been so cold).

Scorpio is an intense energy, and many of us (especially my fellow Scorps) definitely felt the build up of pressure as we approached this Full Moon.  Scorpios may have had a few buttons pressed this week, you may also receive a great deal of clarity about your life and yourself. 

This Full Moon brings a lot to the surface.  You will face what you might not want to face, but what you need to in order to clear your path and your energy.   

- Do you need to face the truth about your eating and/or exercise habits?
- Have you been sloppy with your finances?
- Have you been careless about your appearance and the words that come out of your mouth? 
- Have you been giving away your power? 
- Have you been paying much attention to your home? 
- Have you been paying attention to your Inner Voice?

All of these issues come to light under this Full Moon and give you the burst of energy you need to change things and get a little bit of order back, as you can now enjoy a bit of Scorpio control-freak energy to get you back on track.  Also by trusting your inner voice you will be guided to do what your body/mind/emotions/home/finances most need.  And I promise you, it will feel good!  So enough fannying around, it’s time to get sorted and enjoy all aspects of yourself and your life.

This Full Moon will also bring to the surface issues around truth, Scorpio hates dishonesty, only the truth will do.  Fear and doubt will also rise to the surface; don’t give them too much energy. It is just a ‘flushing out’ as one astrologer put it. Another reason why drinking lots of water during this Moon phase is so important. The clearer and cleaner we are physically, the clearer we will be able to receive and understand the messages coming through for us. This Full Moon will support your efforts, enabling you to fix new ways and systems in place.  You are stronger than you think you are, you must not lose faith in yourself, you have already manifested so much in your lifetime, now focus on manifesting what you really want.


Add Spring weeds to your salad, bitters are important at this time of year to support the season of the Liver.  Use tips of dandelion leaves, chickweed, tips of plantain leaves etc.  Cook with nettles before they get too bitter (ours have been late on this side of the pond so are still good for another week or so).  Light a candle each time you eat your meal over the coming four days, as well as honoring the Beltane fires you are also honoring the Liver’s sacred fire.

This Full Moon will energise your romantic/sexual relationships, giving y’all a second honeymoon feeling as you move into a deeper chapter of your relationship. The Beltane energies will make you feel sexy too! ;-)

There is much magick around with this Full Moon, use it to your advantage as you celebrate yourself and those you love.  Remember that you are a Divine Magician, here on Earth for a reason. Scorpio is pushing you to live the dream, to live your Heart’s desire, to follow your passion. Be as intense as Scorpio and single-minded in the pursuit of this.  However, use Scorpio wisdom to keep things under wraps until the time is right for launching something new, don’t tell too many folks as that can dissipate the energy and also attract naysayers, jealousy and negativity.  Don’t worry about all that, just be aware, keep your protection up for yourself, your loved ones and your goals. You are so strong now, that whatever obstacle comes up, you will be able to overcome it and you will have the support to do so. 
Recently I have seen how our global community can come together, when a small organic farm in the USA shared their story of how five years of hard work was threatened by another farmer spraying the fields next door with Roundup and planting GMO crops.  In two days they had over 400,000 responses from folks all around the world, and so many offers of help.  So whatever happens, ask for help and it will come.

There is still time to sow your seeds, but do it now. Others have already sown theirs and have a clear idea of what they want to see blossom for themselves. 


I own my Power and use it wisely
I bring Passion to all that I do
I am excited about my Purpose and move forward now
I live each day with Passion
I believe in my power to fulfill my purpose and do it with passion!

With all these delicious Beltane and Full Moon energies around, it’s definitely a time to let your goolies guide you! ;-)

Have fun! And make May a-may-zing!

Bright Blessings one and all.

Elly x

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