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 FULL MOON in Libra – LUNAR ECLIPSE – Pink Moon

 HEALING / PERSONAL POWER / Closing of Eclipse portal

UK: April 4, 1.06pm BST          -           USA: April 4, 8.06am EDT
AUS: April 4, 11.06pm AEDT   -           NZ: April 5, 1.06am NZST

Full Moons are about celebrating the month you have just journeyed through. Celebrate by feasting, mating and debating. This is the culmination of the past few weeks and especially since the New Moon Solar Eclipse. Whilst the effects of these Eclipses will be felt in our lives for many weeks/months to come, now is the time to pause and celebrate, yourself and those you love.


Headaches continue.
Dizziness and feeling like your head wants to explode.
Aches and pains all over the body continue. 
And I have heard from a number of people who suddenly had back problems that stopped them in their tracks. The Universe is trying to get your attention; you have been stopped so that you don’t miss the message/lesson you are being given. Where in your back is it?
Upper back = (inc. shoulders) Carrying heavy burdens. Tired of carrying other people/other people’s ‘stuff’.  Have you been feeling unloved? Have you been holding back? Do you feel supported emotionally?
Middle back = Stuck. Frozen. Too rigid about things. Guilt. Getting someone or something off your back.
Lower back = Fear. Finances. Fear of lack of money. Money problems (all caused by old beliefs and programming).
Middle and lower backache – both can be a sign of old stuff from the past shifting, meaning it is ready to be healed and cleared.

I was discussing symptoms with my very wise friend, and she said she felt like she was pregnant, and she hit the nail on the head as many of the symptoms we have been experiencing since the last Eclipse have felt like that (whether you are male or female):
- Nausea.
- Reacting to smells – suddenly things seem to smell stronger than before.
- Reacting to food – the smell of foods you usually eat seems to stink for some reason.
- Body swelling – weight fluctuations, some days blowing up like a balloon, others feeling normal or lighter.
- Appetite swinging from voracious to not being there at all.
- Peeing a lot – lots of healing going on at the moment with these Eclipse energies, the body feels the need to release what it no longer needs.

Waking up feeling like you have haven’t slept, feeling so heavy/down that you are dragging yourself through the day, and then suddenly a few hours later it lifts and you feel like yourself again.

Lots of Pets crossing over since the last Eclipse.

Unexpected accidents continue, so try and be as grounded as you can and fully present (not easy when the energies are making you feel spacey and you find yourself bouncing off the walls – literally!) And heck, you would think it was Mercury retrograde the way computers, ‘phones etc have been playing up!

Dreamtime extraordinary! Some deep healings occurring during dreamtime. Physical (I had a huge hunk of a Greek yoga teacher helping me with healing during one dream, such powerful healing).
Emotional – linking with people from your past and having a much better time with them,
Spiritual - visiting strange lands/new territories, being taught by Elders, prophetic dreams etc.
Shame about the lack of sleep though! I don’t know anyone who has had a good night’s sleep since the last Eclipse. 
Drowsiness – not just due to lack of sleep, but this overwhelming need to fall asleep/nap during the day. Best to go with it, as there is a lot of cosmic integration that needs to occur and sleeping is the best way for it to happen. You may only need a half hour nap.

Protect your Crown chakra and ensure your Third Eye is not too extended. Your intuitive perceptions are super sensitive and heightened right now. If you spend too much time in the upper chakras, that is when accidents can occur.

Spectres from the Past
This may be in the form of people reappearing in your life triggering old emotions, or simply old memories you had forgotten about spontaneously popping into your mind and bring up old feelings such as guilt, anger, sadness, fear etc.  The Ho’oponopono prayer can help to instantly release these and any residual karma:
“I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you.”
(repeat three times)
after the third time, finish with “Thank you”.

The last Eclipse propelled us all forward massively. There has been a huge leap in advancement and a phenomenal increase in the amount of light we have absorbed.  As we grow in light, so those choosing the darkness intensify their need to control/damage/corrupt/steal that light. Keep your protection cloaks around you, ensure that your chakras are protected day and night and put your sphere of protection around your home and land each day and night. Everything is speeding up, so use all the tools you have to stay grounded and protected, and all will be well.  We cannot fail; the Lightworkers are destined to succeed.  However, the battle isn’t over yet.

The good news is that those who have been waiting are finally getting clarity about the direction they need to take.  Others are starting to feel comfortable – perhaps for the first time ever – of their own vast power.

Transformation in Relationships
We have a Full Moon in Libra. Lovely Libra who teaches us about balance, equality and fairness, who cares so deeply about the underdog and that all Beings receive the justice they need.
Libra likes peace, beauty and harmony around them and expects the same from others.  Librans put up with a lot, they are incredibly patient, however never tread on their dreams, as they won’t forgive you and you could lose them as a friend/lover/partner. 
Librans can be so worried about making the wrong decision that they procrastinate and this can lead to physical symptoms such as constipation. Sometimes they sit on the fence too long and then completely miss their opportunities. However this Full Moon sends Libra into the spotlight, it’s your turn Libra to take centre stage! 
(Check where Libra is in your chart, the house that it’s in, is now amplified by this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse).

And it’s not an easy one, as the lunar spotlight is on relationships and partnerships, so this could be a bit of an emotional Full Moon.  Libra is all about balance in relationship, what is out of balance could be illuminated and will require dealing with.  Our partner is in our life for a reason, to show us where we most need healing, they are mirrors for us, and that can be uncomfortable at times.
Some relationships could be at the make or break stage.  Both parties must be willing to make the effort required to keep the relationship going. Both must be willing to communicate fairly and as lovingly as possible. Is s/he worth the effort? Do you want to continue travelling together or are you ready to step out on your own?
Other relationships are highlighted too, in fact anyone we are connected to. Those relationships that have been difficult, well it’s time to forgive the past, and move on. If you need to say your piece, then do so.
And of course, the relationship with yourself is the most important one of all. No need to hide behind social or other masks, no need to fit in with anyone or anything, no need to be defensive anymore, no need to pretend anymore – this is so important!  We are strengthening in our personal self-respect; our self-love and self-confidence and this can only enhance the relationships that we are in.

Those who have been working hard on their relationship/s, can look forward to leaving that grueling, tough time behind them now as they move forward together.

It could be easy to lose your temper with this Full Moon; the intensity of the energy makes for short fuses!

But remember that this is a Pink Moon, and as mentioned in my last Blog post, Grandmother Moon is sending us rays of love on Her moonbeams. These rays of love will help us to heal our heart and relationship issues. So open yourself to Her glorious fullness and soak up those loving moonbeams. Ask Grandmother to fill you with Her lovelight during your dreamtime if you can’t get outside to do this.  Charge your Love Centre with lunar lovelight and share that with all those you are in relationship with. 


The Lunar Eclipse gives us a chance to kick the past into touch. It’s over. No need to beat ourselves up about it anymore. The previous Eclipse triggered some deep healing regarding our past (in this life and previous lives) and this will continue for some during this Lunar Eclipse, which will highlight the relationships and emotions that now need healing and clearing.  A friend on Facebook, summed it up perfectly:

“You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened... or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on.
Let the past go and the past will let go of you.......”
- Lynda Crumplin

The woman in the picture has just been reborn. She is resting, as the journey to rebirth was tiring. As she rests she watches the Sun rise. The Sun will recharge her and give her the energy she needs to step onto her new path. But she is not in a rush. It has taken a long time to get this far, she is savouring the moment.  She is contemplating the next step she is about to take.
And we must do the same. We need to honour our journey, how far we have come, how much we have been through. We must accept that we are now being reborn and we are comfortable with the responsibility it brings. We know who we are now and we are ready to step forward into the world confidently, with all of our talents and gifts fully on display ready to share with the world, which is ready for them.
This is the green light you have been waiting for. Ready – steady – GO!


This Eclipse season has provided us with a powerful portal to step through. As we step through it we leave the past, what is old/no longer serves us behind and step into our brighter, exciting future.  What a privilege to be on this planet as this time with so much celestial support!  If ever we needed proof that the Universe is on our side and has our back, this is it.  Sure, it gets a bit rough, and yes the tests can be hard, but we always get through it. (And those that have had enough can choose to leave this dimension). We always get through and it always gets better. 
If things are still a bit scary for you right now, hang on in there, you are not alone.  Six months from now you will understand why it had to happen and you will know that where you end up is so much better.

Effects of Eclipses can be felt for up to six months after the eclipse season finishes. Whilst the intense effects ease up, the changes that have been triggered will continue. So things will remain a bit rocky for a little while longer until everything settles down and we have fully integrated the lessons of this powerful eclipse portal.

Avoid slipping back into comfortable old habits; you can’t go back, not now.
Avoid resistance; you cannot stop what needs to happen.
Remain flexible and open to the guidance of the Universe, it is on your side and wants only the best for you. (Even though sudden changes can be shocking and knock you off your centre, believe that there truly is a good reason for it).

These eclipses have really highlighted personal responsibility.

Be responsible for your own health
Be responsible for your own emotions
Be responsible for your own thoughts
Be responsible for your own finances
Be responsible for your own contribution
Be responsible for your own happiness
Be responsible for your own success
Be responsible for your own peace of mind

Own it!

Get as much rest as you can. Drink plenty of water and eat well.  Stay balanced and grounded – do housework, gardening, whatever works for you.  Surround yourself with what makes you smile, raises your vibration and reflects inner and outer beauty. Make your life beauty-full. 

There has been a blossoming of creativity too, an explosion of individuality and creativity that is raising the vibration of our world. More people are coming out as artists and artisans and it is wonderful! You are one of them too, you have something to offer that the world wants, so put yourself and your wares out there!

As ever Love is the key to this transit. The Pink love-light of Grandmother Moon is further confirmation of this.  Work with Rose Quartz crystals to bring gentle love energy into your life (charge them under the light of this amazing Full Moon). Make time to be quiet so that you can receive these loving lunar downloads throughout the day as well as during your night dreamtime.

Self-confidence grows now, almost defiantly.
Astrologer Elizabeth Peru, summed this up when she said
“It's like someone saying to you, "You'll never do that" which then pushes the inner power button that makes you say, "Well actually, Yes I can!"
Nothing and no-one can stop you now, you have so much inner power and you are excited about going forward now. You love yourself more than you have ever done before, you value your precious life and you are determined to make the very best of it.

Do what makes you happy.
Be where you feel happy.
Be with who makes you happy.

Wishing you and yours a very beauty-full and peace-full Easter!


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