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NEW YEAR 2015 - A Blessing or a curse?

NEW YEAR – A Blessing or a Curse?

Welcome to 2015 - another New Year around the Wheel of the Seasons and our lives.

Have you made any resolutions? I haven’t. I don’t believe in them. I believe that every day our eyes open is a blessing, and each day we are given is a chance to start again.

After the festivities, most folks are exhausted and the last thing they need is any more pressure. The build-up to Christmas was intense and very pressurized for a lot of folks, so why put yourself under any more pressure by forcing yourself to commit to resolutions that quite frankly, you are not really ready for?

And it hasn’t been an easy start to 2015; in fact it has been quite rough for some folks.  It’s thanks to Uranus square Pluto.  These squares have been knocking us all around a bit for the past five years and we have one more of these doozies to get through in March.  This is why some folks are feeling that 2015 has started off ‘cursed’ for them.

Astrologer Robert Brown ( wrote about this brilliantly:

"Uranus square Pluto rages on, creating the need for us to let go of that which no longer serves us in lieu of new ways of living life.

"If you are hateful you must change. If you are controlling you must change. If you are running a country and your citizens are not happy you must change. If you want to cut people’s heads off to make a point you must change. If you are unhappy you must change. There is no way around this and we should all be getting this by now, especially if you have planets that are between nine and sixteen degrees of any sign. If you don’t know your chart but you are experiencing high highs and low lows then you are most likely getting a nod from Uranus square Pluto.”

The current Full Moon hasn’t been helping either, as it has brought emotions very close to the surface and some feel out of control, or as if they are losing their grip.  It’s just the Full Moon, once it starts to wane, you will feel better.

The current astrological energies are also pushing us regarding our relationships, especially the relationship to ourselves.  We can no longer ignore what we have been ignoring.  We can no longer be in a rut; in fact we are all being rudely turfed out of any ruts we may be in.  It is a scary time.  We know that things have to change yet we have no idea where we are headed or what we are meant to be doing.  I was mentioning this to a dear friend (and awesome artist) on FB the other day, and she summed it up perfectly:

“Some years ago someone asked me when I was on the edge of stepping out, whenever you've made a jump before have you regretted it? The answer is no but it doesn't stop the anxiety number I do on my self and here we go again.”
-- Kay Leverton, Artist

Yet there is a lot of good stuff happening too. Jupiter (the planet of good fortune and opportunities) helps us to get our dreams off the ground, and whilst these may take a minimum of six months to start manifesting, we have the support to start the process now. You might find the following exercise helpful:


You will need -
A brand new journal and pen
Candle and matches
Glass of water

Ensure that you cannot be interrupted for a couple of hours and all ‘phones and computers are switched off.
Be comfortable and take a drink of your water.
Light a candle and bathe in its soft, golden light.  Breathe it in and carefully use your hands to cup the golden light and sweep it over your Aura, front and back. Then bless your new journal and pen by wafting them over the flame (which will also cleanse them).
Now take a few deep breaths.  Listen to your breathing and allow it to slow down as you enjoy moving into stillness. Breathe in - Inspiration.

Before you start writing, ask yourself these questions:

- What areas of yourself/your life did you neglect last year?

- Who or what got too much of your energy and left you out of balance?

- Who or what needs to be released from your life now? (Anything/anyone that drains you, makes you feel sad or down etc).

- Are you surrounded by Beauty? (Does your home feel like a beauty-full sanctuary? Does your heart lift with joy when you walk around your home? Is there beauty all around you in every room?)

- Do the people in your life know who you are? Do they support your dreams and goals? Do they uplift you? Do they inspire you?

Now it is time to start writing.
Always in the future tense – as if this has already happened. (Never use the words ‘I want’ or ‘I wish’ or you will be left wanting and wishing and not actualizing/manifesting. Instead use ‘I give thanks for …..’).

Write down all that you intend to manifest this year, in every area of your life. Think big – really big – there are NO limits. Enjoy the process. Feel excited. You forget that actually you are a Master Manifestor and there is absolutely no reason why you can’t manifest what you want. (Unless of course, the Universe has something even better lined up for you).
When you feel you cannot write anymore – at the bottom write:

“I give thanks for all this and more, for all the Blessings that continually come my way. I am abundant in every way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

Keep drinking the water to honour the flow of your life as you do this.

When you feel that your session has come to a natural end, send the light of the candle out to someone/something/somewhere in need. Then fold your chakras for protection (as this exercise will have opened them) and place a bubble of gold around your Aura.

You can always add to your Manifestation List too, just remember to put the above sentence at the end of each new section that you add.

Remember - You are in control. You can decide whether this year will be a Blessing or a curse for you.

At the end of last year I came across this quote, which will be my inspiration for this year:

“Be bold, be adventurous. Do profound things, dazzle yourself and the World.
Contribute to society and live LARGE. Life is short, make every moment count. It is never too late to find your passion.”
By Sue Kreitzman - a colourful, artistic, positive Wise Woman who relishes being in her seventies.

The start of 2015 has seen a major urge to purge clutter. We are clearing clutter on all levels as many now need a simpler way of life. and are enjoying clearing their clutter.  In January, we put away the Christmas decorations and the house seems bare, the temptation to fill the blankness/emptiness with something else is strong. Yet we need clear, empty space in order for the new opportunities and abundance that is ready for us, to come in.  If we don’t have space for it, it won’t be able to come to us.

We are now in what I call the New Year Window. This is the gap between 1st January and Chinese New Year which starts 18/19th February.  This gives us a few weeks to get ourselves sorted, to clear clutter and clean the house from top to bottom. (I will write more about Feng Shui and Chinese New Year nearer the time).  Use these weeks to start creating space for what you want to come in.  The energies of the New Year never really start kicking in until Chinese New Year starts; so make the most of this opportunity.


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For me personally, my intention for 2015 is to be kinder to myself. At the end of last year I got so stressed I got ill, I put myself under so much pressure and it was for the benefit of others, many others. I will not do that to myself anymore.
I allowed others to get to me, to pop what little confidence I had – I will not let anyone do that to me again.
I never gave myself time for me, for beauty rituals that always make me feel better (like making time each day to massage some of my ‘Goddess Gold’ luxury oil into my face, neck and hands).
I allowed work to swallow up time that could have been spent outside in the fresh air and sunshine. And for making time to go out for a walk or to dance. This year I will make time for regular walks and will dance every day.
I allowed work to stop me from spending more time in my garden. This year I will nurture and connect with my garden, our Nature Spirits and the Elementals there so much more this year.
I allowed others to dictate my free time and always did what they wanted, not what I wanted. I will not do that anymore.
I didn’t listen to enough music. I will listen to music every day.
I gave my mind and thoughts too much leeway, this year I will be in charge of them.

Being kind to myself means that I will be even kinder to others.

I believe that Kindness is the key to this year.  Everyone is dealing with some kind of struggle; we must be mindful of this and control our egos when our buttons get pressed. Being vengeful or wanting revenge is not the way forward. Projecting anger is simply not on. (There is a big difference between genuine valid anger and projecting anger).  Controlling how you react to what is happening is key.  You are a grown-up in Spiritual terms now, so don’t keep reacting like a child!  It is the time of the Healed Healer, so keep in check all those old habits that trick you into thinking you are not.  You have a complete arsenal of spiritual tools at your disposal, so stop being an arse and use them! 

You are bigger and better than whatever is going on. You are destined for greatness, if you and your ego would ever allow it to reach you.  Drop the crappy behavior, thoughts, energy and step into the hugeness of who you really are.  Stand tall.  A choreographer I once worked with (who was camper than Christmas) used to yell at us: “Tits, teeth and tushie!”. So chin up, tits out, keep smiling and wiggle that tushie into your fabulous year ahead!

And if you need any help along the way, you know where I am.

With much love
Elly xx

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