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NEW MOON Blessings!

NEW MOON Jan 2015

Artist: Amanda Clark

New Beginnings – Authenticity – Taking flight

The New Moon is in Aquarius and is also the first SuperMoon of 2015.
This means that your New Moon Wish List will be even more empowered.
Air signs will benefit particularly from the Super New Moon
the rest of us just need to chill out and slow things down a bit

The last Full Moon really affected us; it accelerated the kick in the butt we have all been getting from Mother Earth and the Cosmos since the New Year.
Physical symptoms for those who are super sensitive included:
Extreme tiredness, dizziness, heart palps, nausea.
A feeling of heaviness, of being burdened and carrying a heavy load, (not helped by recent world events which made us despair, as we did not have the energy to even want to make a difference).
Crisis of faith. Massive fear also came up and deep anger rose to the surface, as did deep grief.
Some folks felt really strange, like something else had taken over your body, your shell was just about functioning but inside felt very strange.
Weird dreams, lots going on in dreamtime but not able to remember a lot of them.  Much sifting and sorting going on in dreamtime and this is still happening.

However, there has been a shift, things are lightening and brightening.  The days are lengthening, the Snow Drops have appeared and the leaves of the Bluebells are already growing. Spring is just around the corner, but don’t be in a rush to get there. There is still the possibility of frost and snow.

When we feel this shift we are in a hurry to race ahead with our new dreams, goals and projects, but the time is not right.  We still need to honour the Season that we are in and prepare fully and properly for the next turn of the Wheel.  If you try to force this, your plans will be thwarted. Get organized, be disciplined, create a sense of order around you and you will be set to go.

Back to today’s New Moon:

Artist: Joanna Wall

Aquarius – “I know / I belong”
Aquarius represents truth, science, altruism, hope, ideals, inspiration, new ideas, associations, friendships/community, inventions, eccentricity, electronic media, computing, Astrology, anything unusual, New Age interests and Humanitarian pursuits.  The sign of the Visionary, Aquarius sees the bigger picture and takes action.
Aquarius rules the ankles, lower legs, circulatory system, veins, arteries (esp. hardening of), spasms and cramps.
Ensure that you are drinking plenty of water, even when it is cold (have it warm or hot instead) and to avoid spasms and cramps ensure that you have enough magnesium in your diet (nuts and seeds, leafy green veg). Or you can use magnesium body oil, or put Epsom salts in your bath.

It is interesting to have a look at which house you have Aquarius in, as this New Moon supports new beginnings in that area.
For me I have Aquarius in the 6th house – health, service we give to others, co-workers, exercise, food, herbs and supplements.  Spot on!
Before looking this up, as part of my Personal Plan for 2015, I had already decided that in 2015 I need to lose some weight and get fitter and have already been devising ways to do this.  I also want to make new friends, as it is lonely working on your own all the time.  I have also re-committed to my role as an Herbalist and Green Witch and will be going a lot more public with it this year, sharing more tips and lots of new products.
So take a look at your chart and see which house Aquarius is giving you a new start in.

We are still in the New Moon Window that I described in my previous post. You still have a couple of weeks to clear the clutter, clean everywhere, and get organized before Chinese New Year.  That is when the New Year energies definitely kick in, so you need to have sorted yourself out by then, as this sets the tone and pattern of your entire year ahead.

The Aquarius New Moon invites us to step away from the past, to drop all that has worried us and held us back and believe that anything is possible now. Whereas the last Full Moon tested our faith, this New Moon gives us a renewed and solid faith in ourselves and our dreams and goals.  The journey between these Moons has been hard, dark and deep and now we are coming up into the air and the light again.  We are clearer now, we are rock solid in our own truth and very grounded in the reality we want for ourselves.  We have detached from media persuasion and can see clearly the game/s our governments are playing (do they really think the People are stupid? Do they really not realise how many of us are onto them?) 
Aquarius blows the cobwebs from our eyes and pours truth into them.  Aquarius reminds us that we are all connected, and that by focusing on the positive we can bring about the changes that are much needed in our world, and we are most successful when we all pull together for the same goal.

Open yourself to new contacts and associations this New Moon, with your new found clarity you may feel open to joining new groups that are of like purpose.  These will be very different from any groups you have joined before. The old 3-D groups are falling apart, only those holding the new vibration of Earth will want to join each other.

This New Moon encourages you to trust your inner guidance, to follow your gut feelings and intuition.  2015 is all about you; caring for yourself more, putting yourself first before anything and anyone else, changing your image so that it reflects who you now are (you have just come through a massive rebirth and may find that the clothes and colours you were wearing no longer suit you).
It is the year of sharing your authentic, unique, and original, true Self with the world.
It is the year of sharing your unique gifts and skills (of which you have many) with the world.

And the great thing is, you are ready to do this now.  In fact there is a flutter of excitement, like butterfly wings, in your tummy as you know you need to step into this larger, colourful, fabulous You.  In fact you are rather like that butterfly who has spent so long in the cocoon, 2015 is the year that you get to show your colours and fabulous wings so that you can fly!

You will be surprising yourself and those who know you, as you may decide to do something completely off the wall. Good for you – go for it!  Trust where your gut (inner teacher) leads you.
Quietly and confidently work on your dreams and goals, they have their own timetable, follow your inner guidance and feel your confidence growing. You cannot fail (so control that mind of yours).
Life is too short to worry about anything or anyone; there is nothing/no-one holding you back now. So enjoy being more colourful, living larger, doing what you love, living and loving more deeply and enjoy your year ahead.


“I am unique”
“I am authentic”
“I love myself”
“Anything is possible”
“I believe”
“I joyfully express myself”
“I love being of service through my gifts and talents”
“I am open to meeting new people”
“I am open to trying something new”
“I love being Myself”
“I am free to be ME”

HEADS UP – Mercury is retrograde

Mercury retrograde is not the time to be starting anything new.
Retro = re = going back. Sometimes old faces appear from the past, be discerning – what do they want? Some will be most welcome and bring much joy, others need to be let go of and the ties cut once and for all. 

As you know, Mercury retrograde is about backing up computer data, getting the car serviced, fixing what is broken/leaking, doing all those outstanding mundane jobs, double checking travel arrangements, being careful how you communicate both verbally and also written (texts/emails etc). Post also gets affected so you may need to send things a little earlier than you were planning.

Avoid major purchases or impulse purchases, or major hairstyle changes during Mercury retrograde.  And avoid signing contracts of any sort.  Double and triple check everything during Mercury retrograde, this transit can make us overlook something important which could cause us problems further down the line.

I love Mercury retrogrades, everything slows down a bit, giving us a chance to catch up with what is outstanding.  It’s the perfect time for taking a look at your plans and projects and revising/reworking them. 
Things will be back to normal by the end of February.

'Flying into Spring'
Artist: Maria Friedman

Let me know what brave new changes you are making; let’s support each other as we dare to fly in 2015!

Love and Blessings to y’all.

Elly xx

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