Friday, 21 December 2012


Bright Solstice Blessings to you all!

 Art by Mickie Mueller

The Solstice is also our own personal Soulstice, and as you know, today is a particularly special one.

It is the end of one calendar and the start of another.  And it is not just the Mayans who foretold about the big shift happening on this day, other cultures have also always been aware of it (Hopi, Satya Yuga, Age of Truth, Iroquois know it as A Thousand Years of Peace, New Agers call it the Age of Aquarius).

Astrologically, the Earth and the Sun align with the Galactic Centre (this is awesome as this has not happened for 26,000 years and there is a lot of magnetic, pulling energy) and we have tremendous astrological support.  Venus, the Goddess of Love, holds our hand, reminding us that Love is our guide.  The Yod – the Finger of God/Fate - gives us higher vision (many will be receiving great insights about their life and soul purpose during dreamtime both waking and sleeping).  We also have tremendous support from the Universe, the Guides, Guardians, Angels and all that we think of as Heaven.  They want us to survive, they want this planet to survive.  This shift isn’t just about us, humanity or the survival of this planet, it is also about them, all those other Beings out there in the Universe.  We are connected, what happens here affects them.  What happens to you or I, affects them.  Remember that we are all connected and it starts inside each one of us.  We are all in this together and we will step through this together and walk onwards together.

If you have woken up feeling grumpy on this special day, don’t worry.  This has happened to several people who have contacted me already.  They were expecting to feel full of peace and bliss ready to download the energies and instead feel like raging.  It’s the energies shifting you.  Please allow yourself to feel everything that you are feeling, do not block, push away or stuff it down, let it all express itself, even the feelings you don’t want to be feeling.  They will pass much quicker if you do this.  It is a final clearing as we inch towards this momentous time together.  (The grumpiness is also exhaustion for many folks who haven’t been sleeping well in the build up to today).

We will all experience more changes in all aspects of our lives and we will see this reflected globally, as we have already seen these past few years.  If you remember to access the wisdom of the Divine with Love as your guide, then all will be well.  There will still be the occasional emotional rollercoaster ride and possible conflicts as you start to live more and more in truth and love (the others around you may not understand why you are behaving the way you are or why you have suddenly changed your mind).  And be patient, those already well immersed in the new vibration will be keen to get started and just get on with it.  Timing as ever is so important.

The Solstice always asks us to look back at the year now departing and to honour all that we achieved and created during it.  To see how much we have changed over that year.  The sadness of all that we have had to leave behind and the joys we experienced.  Yet the New Year now beckons us to look forward with excitement, it invites us to use the remaining Winter moons to focus on the creations we wish to birth in the Spring Moons of the New Year.

Dreamtime has become very vivid again, make a note of your dreams throughout this time as there are many messages in them for you.

There has been a lot of painful family stuff going on at the moment, not just for me personally, but also for many of my friends, colleagues and clients around the world.  People are being cleared from our path as we see more clearly now that they are not living in truth and are no longer a vibrational match for us.  If they cannot love us the way we need to be loved, honour the way we live our lives or support us the way we need to be supported, then we must leave them to progress at their own rate, it is not up to us to drag them along with us.  Allow yourself to go through the grief process that will follow this kind of letting go.

We can only focus on ourselves right now and especially today.  Do find some quiet time for yourself today to attune to the energies.  Remind yourself that you are a bridge between Heaven and Earth (our ‘Walking Tree’ spray mist helps you with that, it helps to you to be a bridge between the cosmic and earthly).  So ensure that you are properly grounded today – which may not be easy as the energies are very powerful and swirly which can make you feel ungrounded.  The stronger your groundedness the more you will be able to reach up into the cosmos and connect with the energies.

Beware the trap of being distracted by physical symptoms, this moves you away from your Soul purpose and keeps you trapped in ego.  As the wonderful Abraham-Hicks says; “There is not a stream of badness and a stream of goodness, or sickness or wellness. There is only a Stream of Well-being. The question that you're wanting to ask yourself is, "In this moment, am I letting it in or not? Am I allowing it or am I not?

Beware also of being sucked into the fear of the masses, you could find yourself starting to think negatively (this can creep up slowly over a few days) without even realising it.  As soon as you become aware of this, stop that thought and replace it with a singing affirmation instead i.e. if you have been fretting about health concerns, go around the house singing “I radiate vibrant health and I am healthy, wealthy and wise”, if you are worried about money “I’m in the money, I’ve got a lot of what it takes to make things work”. The sillier the ditty the more it will make you smile and will change your vibration in seconds.
These are all traps to distract from your purpose this Soulstice.  You must stay on track so that you can be open to receiving all that is now available as we step through the doorway of the unknown together.

Beware of other people trying to sabotage your relationships, not just your intimate relationships but also family relationships, business relationships and other friendships.  The dark time of the year has brought up the dark sides of those who live in fear.  They manifest this as jealousy and project it at you by trying to take away what you’ve got because they are jealous of it.  They are feeling very insecure and you need to stand well back from them as they continue to toss unexpected emotional hand grenades.  They are choosing to focus on the dark rather than the vast amount of light now available to us all.  Remember, just focus on yourself and focus on light.  Even though their actions may be hurtful, just focus on keeping your own vibration raised and keep your chin up towards the light!

This is not the time to make major decisions and it is essential to remain flexible, things can change in a heartbeat at the moment, you could decide on A and then something throws that plan up in the air and another, C, is presented (missing out B altogether).  Be aware that arrangements could change too especially if you are travelling. The energies are too unstable at the moment for us to take anything as gospel.  Accept it but don’t buy into it, prepare for it but be prepared for unexpected changes.  All will start to settle in the first half of next year.

The astrology now confirms what I have said for some time in previous Blogs/newsletters that the next few years (up to and including 2015) will have their ups and downs as things settle, however things will also start flowing much better again, as the massive long-term pressure that built up to this date finally eases. 

We are reminded that we are now in the Era of True Partnership and the way forward is the way of balance.  It is essential for men and women, male and feminine energies to work together in a balanced way now.  The patriarchal era has ended and it is now the Era of True Partnership (not the time of the Feminine as many have been saying, the matriarchal era occurred before the patriarchal era and we all know all about that, so get over it feminists and get with the programme!)  We will return to the traditional ways of honouring both male and female energy.  More Women leaders will emerge as men use their holding energy to support them.  Women will in turn work with men to help them find creative rather than aggressive solutions to world problems.  It’s a time of harmony and working together – that is the way forward.

Our Ascension journey now ends and yet it has given us all the tools we need for anything that may come up.  Whatever happens we will have some idea of how to deal with it.  (And if you are struggling with anything, then do contact me for a 1-2-1 and I will help you through it).  The key is surrendering to the Will of the Divine, overcoming the ego need to push forward and allowing the Divine to guide you forward with grace and peace.  The way forward is about connecting more deeply to Mother Earth and Her kingdoms, to working more closely with the land – our own little patches of land as well as in our communities and globally.

So enjoy this Solstice day, find time to rest and reflect and go inwards.  Find time to give thanks for the year now ending and for all that you received and experienced in it.  Ask for guidance for the way forward as you wait on the threshold of the New Year.  I promise you that the leaps you will make in the coming year will astound you and happen in ways that you would never have imagined.  So be excited.  Be grateful.  Be peaceful.

 My heartfelt Soulstice Blessings to you and yours

Elly x

 Copyright Elly Yule 2012 Worldwide Rights Reserved

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