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 Portal to the Self 

Portal to the Future

Regenerating theme - Patience required

Today is the 12-12-2012 with a New Moon in Sagittarius which is also the last Super Moon of the year (and what a series of Super Moons it has been these past few months!)

The numerology for today is powerful (I expanded on this in my previous Blog post), the vibrational energy of which helps us to develop Oneness and greatly increase our own individuality as well as helping us with Partnerships enabled by the energy of the Greater Love.

Today is the doorway that has opened for 21-12-2012, are you ready to step through it?

The energies invite us to think BIG!  Be a Visionary.  Saturn will help you to manifest your dreams and we have expansive Jupiter helping us to dare to live large now.  Today’s New Moon brings an abundance of fertile energy for our dreams, desires, visions and goals.

However, patience and balance are required.  You need to look at where you have been holding back and why.  Or are you projecting too much into the future and not paying attention to the present? Sometimes playing the long game brings the longer lasting results, and also being willing to take that big leap when the opportunity arises.  We are not meant to hide who we are or our talents, we are now meant to take them to the big arena and share them worldwide. 
We are in the Winter moons, which means that this is the time for planning and refining before planting our exciting new seeds next Spring.  Timing is crucial for success.  Let everyone know what you are planning, so that you can share your excitement now and build the energy for what you are creating with your big dreams and visions.
As we built up to this date it has been surprising how many ‘worms’ have crawled out from underneath their stones.  Those who are still living in lack and fear have suddenly been throwing energy hand grenades into our lives, which have really whacked our Solar Plexus and Heart chakras.  Once you have stopped reeling from what has happened, cleanse yourself and your aura (our ‘Cleanser’ spray mist is perfect for that and then take some essences in water to help anchor the shock and steady you up again.  If what has happened has triggered anger in you, go out and post some Christmas cards, the walk in the fresh air will help to ground that energy through your body and feet into the Earth which can take it.
Others are seeing people they have known for a long time in a new light, and may not like what they see.  The veils of illusion have been removed now and we are seeing more clearly who is living in truth and who is not.

Many have felt the urge to clear clutter from themselves and their homes.  Many of us have done gentle detox in preparation for today, and as the sense of urgency increases as we head towards Solstice and that date, many need more calmness and clearness in their environment.  Sometimes we have to completely clear the decks and start again, and it feels good, it is like wiping the slate clean and starting anew.  And yes, it will require some elbow grease and a great deal of patience, but all this prep means that you are creating a solid foundation for success next year and beyond.  It feels good getting physical and is wonderfully grounding.

Don’t forget that you are Spiritual Royalty.  So how’s your Crown looking these days?  When was the last time you cleaned it and/or polished it?  You do know that your lovely jewelled Crown cannot remain on your head unless you are well grounded and living in the present moment?  No more being stuck in the past or projecting into the future, no more La La Bunny nonsense, get grounded and get on with it and all will be well.  Let go of all those old beliefs and sayings that you trot out parrot fashion, that was someone else not you and not who you are now becoming.  Let go of all those old mind viruses that have kept you enslaved, you know the ones that start with ‘must’ and ‘should’.  They are so out of date they are now last century! Be open to hearing the voice of your Higher Self, your own truth from now on.  It you want things to change, then you have to stop doing the same old things.  Do the same old same old, and you will just get more of the same old same old.  It is time for the new in all aspects of ourselves and our lives now.

And it is the special New Moon today in some countries (UK tomorrow at 08:40am).  As I mentioned in my previous Blog post, today is the day for writing your New Moon Wish List for the year ahead.  And do be careful what you wish for!  I have spoken to several clients this week who are now dealing with the pros and cons of what they dearly wished for.  Thing is you just might get it, so be wise with your words for they hold great power.

Today is a new beginning for each one of us and for our Planet.  The planets encourage us to think larger and more globally (how can your visions and goals benefit others globally?)  Be open to learning from others or even going on a new training course to learn a new skill over the coming months/year.

Shamanically, we are connected to Snake energy today and for the rest of this month.  We are shedding our old skins in order to reveal our beautiful new Selves.  We are transmuting any poisons in our lives, that may be –
Detoxing, starting a healthier eating plan, getting an exercise plan in place, drinking more water, eating more greens etc.
Leaving people and places that drain or steal our energy, cutting ties with those who do not show us respect and who abuse our love, leaving groups and organizations who do not honour our skills and talents, ending friendships with those who are only self serving and do not support us or our dreams
Making wise choice when buying foods and goods, putting eco friendly equipment, products and systems into place in our homes, honouring the Earth Mother more by not polluting or abusing Her. 

Let go of those who don’t get it (and don’t try to convert them), they are not ready, just focus on yourself now.

Be receptive to the awesome energies that are flooding into us today.  You will need to take it easy today as the energies may make you feel tired.  Drink plenty of water today.  Meditate and find quiet time so that you can be receptive and feeling peaceful for downloading the energy.  Go out for a walk and connect with the messages waiting for you in the Nature kingdom, make it a walking meditation. 
On the other hand, some of you (like me), might be feeling the opposite, totally wired as the energies feel like prickly electricity going through your body.  I woke up yesterday feeling lighter, and more full of joy and excitement than I have done in months and I had the most fabulous day.  I was almost hyper in my energy and it felt good!  However, like a hyper toddler I was a bit tired by the end of the day lol!  But it was a good tired and I slept like a log.  The caution with this type of energy is that it may cause you to overlook things and have minor accidents, if you are not being fully grounded in it (yes it is possible to be hyper and grounded at the same time).  Breathe three times - stop, breathe in deeply and exhale loudly, three times - to ground yourself, and do this several times throughout the day.  If you don’t ground this energy, be prepared for anything electrical including computers and mobile ‘phones to go haywire or stop working.

Be aware that you are shedding a very old skin and do ensure that you have protection in place to protect the new emerging.  Be careful of being too open and vulnerable; ensure that your Solar Plexus and Aura shields are in place (Our ‘Protector’ spray mist can do that in a second for you ).  Be a midwife to your new Self, and be loving, protective and gentle with yourself as you would with any New Born.

Patience is the key to success over the coming weeks.  Don’t rush into anything, take your time to check, review and refine before committing or you may find you end up wasting a lot of time and/or money.

FENG SHUI TIP for extra PROSPERITY during this transit

The East has strong energies for wealth from 8th – 21st December.  To activate and enhance these energies, place a vase of fresh flowers in that direction (ensure that they are placed in a clear, glass vase and ensure that the water is always spotlessly clean, so you will need to change it every couple of days).  The colours or types of flowers don’t really matter, however if you do want to fully Feng Shui it; red is an activation colour, purple is a wealth colour and green is the colour of growth.


Our future is encouraging, it is brand new, it is exciting, it is prosperous, it is peaceful and it is harmonious, as we collaborate with others and with our global family.
Be inspired today and for the rest of the month.  We are born anew.
Sing with this New Moon, Dance with this New Moon 
- let us join hands and dance through this portal together
Welcome this New Moon and welcome your own rebirth

New Moon Blessings y’all!

Elly x

Copyright E. Yule ©2012 Worldwide Rights Reserved


leonfirenze said...

Good morning. The morning!
Well done to you Elly. You have helped so many along the way! I know there is plenty more to do and I know there are possibly harder times to come but I will take this date as one major step in the right direction!
Love to you and yours and a very happy xmas.
Enjoy yourself


Elly Yule said...

Hi Noel,
Good to hear from you.
Thank you.
Wishing you and yours a fabulous Festive Season!
Many Blessings
Elly x