Tuesday, 13 November 2012


NEW MOON Solar Eclipse
 Occurs 22:08pm GMT/Universal time, 4:08pm CST in North America

New Moon Blessings to you all!  And what a Super Moon of transformation this is.  As it is in Scorpio, it relates to new beginnings regarding passion, control, power, transformation, turmoil, death, money, renewal, sharing, awakenings, investigation, electricity, authority, probing the depths, spirituality and the occult.  (There will be new beginnings in all of these areas).

Scorpio’s motto is “I Desire and I Protect – I rule boundaries” 
Over the past few weeks many have received tests on boundary issues.  It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing this stuff, boundary tests still happen and can catch you out, so be aware and do something about it.

Scorpio rules the regenerative/sexual organs of the body – when was the last time you had a medical check up for your bits?

As it is a Solar Eclipse it emphasises beginnings (something may also be ending but the attention is more on the start of something than the end. So whatever ends will not be as traumatic as you think because something more wonderful is already starting).

As mentioned in my previous Blog, Eclipses always shake things up.  For some folks it might just be a few small things change, for others it will be life changing.

People always fear Eclipses because they are the transformers and that can be scary.  However, they can also reveal gems such as your inner strength, your creativity and actually increase your confidence in yourself.

If you can train yourself to positively deal with the little things that happen (and that includes the language you use to describe what is happening, more on that later), then you will be better equipped to deal with anything bigger that may occur.

As it is in Scorpio, what is hidden will now be revealed (as we have seen in the UK recently with the truth about certain showbiz personalities and politicians).  This goes for us personally as well, what has been suppressed will now come up for attention.  All those suppressed desires and dreams will make their way to the surface now demanding to be fulfilled.  So who or what has been holding you back?  Nine times out of ten, it will be yourself.  Now you are given the green light and the support to fulfil all of those longings, desires, dreams and goals.

However, it will require some dialogues with the Self and being willing to be more honest with yourself than you have ever been before.  You will be required to dive deep into your emotions, honour them, heal them and release them.

The Past is a ‘Has Been’.  It’s over.  I will say that again – it’s OVER!  So stop letting it pull you back into what is no longer real.  The present moment is the only reality you need to think about or worry about. 

Many folks have been clearing on all sorts of levels and cutting their ties with the past.  It is as if there has been a massive push in Cosmic Housekeeping on all levels.  We are being urged to purge what (and who) we no longer need in order to have our pathways clear for the journey in 2013 and beyond.  So clear that clutter.  Clear those skinny clothes out of your wardrobe that you are never going to fit into again and honour the gorgeous body that you are so blessed to have now. 
Drop your connection with anyone who does not love you, appreciate you, respect you or honour you, and that goes for your dreams and desires.  If they are not willing to support you, even with words of encouragement, then they are not meant to be in your Personal Sacred Circle.  Don’t delay, don’t procrastinate, you have already been feeling the push towards this so stop ignoring it and do something about it.
Scorpio is about quality not quantity, so make the decision to clear the excess and only allow yourself to experience what is good quality in all areas of your life.

There is much Shadow Dancing at the moment.  Those who are shining their light even brighter are also experiencing and/or witnessing those with dark energy getting darker.  If your light cannot transform them, then they need to be left to their own devices, do not waste any more of your energy on them, they need to learn in their own way, they are not ready right now.  You must focus on clearing more of your own shadow through this Eclipse season and just focus on your Light.  In meditation, draw down White Light through the Crown chakra and pull it down through all of the chakras and out through the soles of your feet.  This will clear your central channel and chakras.

Those who have been walking this Ascension pathway over the past ten years are now not bothered about being right, you are more concerned with being happy.  All of us are now realising that we are on borrowed time in some ways on this planet, so let’s darn well start enjoying the time we have left and start doing the things we really want to do and with the people we really want to be with.  We are nearing the end of this Ascension pathway, and what a ride it has been with you all!  Have you noticed that you now have the ability to withdraw in neutrality rather than needing to take sides in anything?  Who is right or wrong doesn’t matter, it just is.  You still enjoy dipping in with your opinion now and then, but if push came to shove you aren’t bothered, it doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of things.
And one wonderful bonus of ascending this far is that you now stand quietly and confidently in your truth.  You have no desire to force it on others, nor to change others with it; you just emit it through every cell of your Being.  When others try to challenge it, you just smile knowingly and don’t rise to the bait.  Because you now understand that, truly, we are all connected.  That each person’s truth is ok because it is their truth, it doesn’t have to be your truth and that is ok too.

As I said in my previous Blog, enjoy November.  During this month continue clearing but also focus on your own personal wellbeing.  Stay away from stressful people and situations as you continue to build your inner strength and physical strength.  Work on your immune system, as the whacky weather lately is creating all kinds of bugs.  You need to be strong for December and beyond.  Now December usually wears us all out with the Christmas pressure, so don’t allow yourself to get super stressed or run down by it all.  You are going to need to be strong inside and out.

 I recently shared with a Client about the three levels of Scorpio, and now we are all being given the opportunity to experience Scorpio’s higher level - Phoenix energy.  We are all being invited to rise from the ashes of the past and rebirth ourselves at the same time as our beautiful planet is rebirthing Herself.  Find a picture of a Phoenix, print it out and look at it every day.  It will remind you of what is happening and who you really are.  You are rising up, reborn, resplendent in your beauty; new colours are being given to you for you to work with, as you move forward now (these are reflected in your aura and can also be downloaded during meditation).

Scorpios, and those with a lot of Scorpio in their chart, can be a bit serious.  This is caused by Scorpio’s natural intensity, which sees through the frivolous into the truth of everything and everyone.  However, you need to lighten up sometimes otherwise that beautiful golden inner child of yours will start to ail.  Get out and have fun as often as you can.  Be with people who make you laugh (my best friend is my best medicine, she always makes me laugh and should be on prescription as she could heal this country!)  At my age, I now appreciate how short life really is and I darn well want to have fun whilst I can.  Get out in Nature and play.  Meet up with friends and play.  Plan a Play Day and go do something crazy and fun together. 
Laughter is the quickest way to raise your vibration and ramps up your Light factor.  Restore the purity you had as a child (see a Healer to help you with this) and allow your Divine Inner Child to be your guide.

I have been saying in recent years to drop the fear; that we have to let go of fear in order to move forward.  I have said it so often I have bored myself!  Now you can, because inside you are stronger and more powerful.  You have tamed the Fear Monster because you understand what it was afraid of and you have more techniques now that enable you to deal with whatever it tries to flick up at you.  You understand that 99% of what you are most afraid of never happens and is such an unnecessary drain on your energy and wellbeing, now you love yourself enough to not allow yourself to feel like that anymore.  You also understand that focusing on what is wrong just brings more of the same and has a knock-on negative effect on the rest of your life.  Many are choosing to step off that particular wheel and on to the Wheel of Joy that is always there for us.  Yes of course there will be things that happen that continue to challenge us, and yes our ego will immediately throw up an old reaction, BUT we know what is happening and how to deal with it.  So go for joy NOW!

And the more of us that choose to live without fear, trust in light and move forward with love – the greater the change we will be able to effect for the Earth and Her inhabitants.

We all understand the Law of Attraction and, now nearing the end of the Ascension journey, we understand that we do indeed have the power to consciously create whatever we want in our lives.  We are now true Lightworkers, because we own responsibility for what we are doing with our energy (thoughts, words, deeds) and the effect that will have on those around us, globally and cosmically.  We are now excited to “take the reigns” of our lives.
Watch out though because Mercury is still retrograde, therefore the ‘Trickster’ energy could throw up some tests i.e. “if something seems too good to be true then it probably is!”  Don’t be seduced; don’t allow the fuzzy energies to cloud your judgement.  Wait a lot longer and check it (or them) out a bit more.  Use Scorpio’s investigative energies to dig a bit deeper.

Find out which house in your personal astrology chart Scorpio is in, as that will be the area which will be most affected by this Eclipse and that you will need to work on. 

And as it’s New Moon time, it’s New Moon Wish List time, write your list out and read it aloud by the light of your candle to Grandmother Moon.  Then place it on your altar until next New Moon.  However, you are advised to avoid ‘wishful thinking’ as it is unrealistic and is you wanting something/someone outside of yourself to make it happen, rather than being the conscious creator that you are.

Be careful of the words that come out of your mouth.  As a Conscious Creator you will be manifesting more of the same.  Use this transit to track how you speak to yourself and how you speak of yourself to others.  Break those old stock phrases and say something different each time.  Break the old to create the new.

Scorpio is a water sign; therefore you can help yourself by having an Epsom salts bath (great for clearing toxicity from the body and for absorbing much needed magnesium).  And take some Essences in water.  (Please note I am recommending Flower & Vibrational Essences not essential oils).

ESSENCES to help during this transition

Fear Buster – really kicks fear’s butt and kicks you out of procrastination.

Shadow Dancer – helps you to dance with the shadow stuff in a gentle way.

Sleep Easy – many will be sifting and sorting during dreamtime and may have disturbed sleep.  This will enable you to do the work you need to do in dreamtime including the incredible downloads now available to us without waking up feeling exhausted.

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Vibrational SPRAY MISTS to help during this transition

Cosmic Surfing spray mist – really helps with the rollercoaster energies, instantly calms your aura and helps you to feel centred again – smells fab too.

The Cleanser spray mist - As you clear your environment remember to cleanse it afterwards with this. Every home should have one!

Lightworkers spray mist – for instant cleansing and protection especially when you are out and about or away from your own sacred space and things.

The Witches’ Friend spray mist – This helps protect your boundaries and people will sense they cannot cross your line when they try to approach you.

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All products in alphabetical order on each of the respective pages – just scroll down to the one/s you want.

Keys to help during this Eclipse season

 Focus on Light
Choose love not fear
Stop being a victim - be a Conscious Creator
Laugh – laugh – laugh!
Express your self
Have fun


 I joyfully dance in Light as I surrender to my inner Divine Guidance
I happily show my true colours in creative expression of who I now am

Please remember that the effects of Eclipses can be felt for up to six months after they have happened. So take it easy on yourself and those you know who are Scorpios, as they will be feeling very emotionally sensitive especially around the time of this Moon.  Plus they have got Saturn to deal with, so they have more than enough on their plate right now!

If you need any further help with this transit, please contact me.

New Moon Blessings!

Elly xx

Copyright E. Yule ©2012 Worldwide Rights Reserved


Shelley said...

I am a Scorpio (birthday October 31), and I found today to be a very unsettling, disturbing day energetically. I really don't know why unless it was the eclipse/full moon. I felt very anxious, almost on the edge of a panic attack, and had to keep leaving my desk at work to step outside and just breathe.

I couldn't pin it down to any particular stress or worry, just a general feeling of unease and feeling trapped.

Does this make any sense astrologically?

leonfirenze said...

Good evening Elly,
How is life treating you as we reach boiling point??!
I cant wait to have the 21/12/12 out of the way! Sick of hearing about it now. time to get on with our new lives... 2012 has been amazing for me. I thought i had cleared all i could possibly and then the super blast came about 3 months ago and it has been quite the enlightening struggle since. 11 years of cleaning and i am still shoveling it out!!
How has it been for you??
It is so obvious everywhere and everyone is unsettled!
My motto for the past year or so is: "change is never a bad thing' and it has yet to be wrong really! the seemingly dark times for me are just preparation; the lighter ones are a bonus but they cannot last either.
I am 35 on the 20/12/12.. do you think it is significant at all or is it just another date for a soul??
I like to think it is for me in a way. 35 is divisible by 7 too so even more significant to me with the itch year.
How is your Mum now??
I wish I could meet with all the inspirational souls (on 21/12/12) who have helped me just by being a link in understanding during the past number of years. You certainly were one of those Elly.. Many months I waited and watched this blog for that little bit of positivity, fun and insight to help me know we are actually achieving something and not just walking a lonely path. I know this time of change is happening all the time and the blasted 21/12 date is a nothing really in it all but id like to mark it.
Where will you be???
I hope you are enjoying life.
Love to you and yours,


Elly Yule said...

Hi Shelley,

Lovely to hear from you.

Yes the Full Moon/Eclipse knocked us all for six and some folks are still getting over it! When you feel like this, take some flower essences in water, it will help settle the panic. Meditation also helps tremendously as it builds up inner strength so that when these energies come up you are better able to deal with them. Or if you know EFT (the Tapping Therapy) you could tap through the fears to relieve them.

I do not feel that the pressure will life until we pass through the Winter Solstice, which for me is the most powerful quarter festival of the year and of course, this year, has the heaviness of all the 2012 predictions attached to it.

Eat well, drink plenty of water, get as much sleep as you can and keep your immune system boosted.


Elly Yule said...

PS you are from one of my most favourite states, I have very fond memories of the people and places there.

Elly Yule said...

Hi Noel,

It is always such a joy to hear from you.

Yep this year has been on helluva rollercoaster ride with some really big challenges.

Re: your birthday. Well that's pretty awesome to be a Winter Solstice baby, you truly were a specail gift for your parents.
Personally I feel that 12-12 is going to be more powerful and significant than 20-12 and I will be writing more about that next month. I would suggest (although I know you probably will anyway) that you attuned to the Winter Solstice energies and allow them to guide you as you celebrate your special day.
Numerologically the date adds up to 10 which for me is always about completion and new beginnings. It means that you are starting a One year, starting the beginning of a new 9 year cycle. 2013 is the year that you will plant seeds for your next 9 years, where you decide where you want to be, what you want to do and who you want to be with. This One year brings Creativity and Confidence. You may decide to study or retrain in a new subject, and I do feel you will be moving again.

Wishing you a very happy Birthday and may your year ahead be filled with Many Blessings.

I will be at home with my hubby, if the weather is dry we will go out to connect with Nature, if not, we will light lots of candles and quietly observe the energies and the passing of this date.

Love and Blessings x

leonfirenze said...

All the best wishes for you always
thank you for the sweet and encouraging reply... and yes I will be moving!