Wednesday, 28 November 2012

FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse Blessings!

Today’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in quick-thinking Gemini closes the last Eclipse season of 2012.

The recent New Moon Solar Eclipse really knocked some folks for six and they are still feeling the effects.  As I mentioned in my last post, the effects of Eclipses can be felt for many months afterwards (6-9 months).

Eclipses reveal your destiny (and that is why the effects can be felt for several months afterwards, as things need to unfold more clearly for you to understand why what happened had to happen).  The recent Lunar Eclipse cleared the old to make way for the new. 

Some of you may find yourselves completely changing track out of the blue, as if someone has switched a light on in your head and you clearly know who and what you no longer want in your life, and even better, who and what you do want.

Open yourself to receiving lunar downloads from Grandmother Moon over the next couple of days as you may receive further enlightenment.

The aches and pains that became so acute around the time of the Lunar Eclipse now start to ease bringing great relief.

It’s time to drop the fear (use our ‘Fear Buster’ Essence to help you as there is so much love available for you to soak up now.  Your inner strength has grown and you have this calm, knowing, deep inside of who you are and what you want.  You know that you can go for your dreams now.  You are fearless and loving and so certain now, more than you have been for months.  (If you are not sure, wait – clarity will unfold for you over the coming weeks and months).

And I always remind folks that although Eclipses shake things up and the unexpected occurs, there is always some kind of reward.  Your life can take a more positive turn with the right people and connections being made, you can receive windfalls, you can receive clarity about what you want to do with your life.  You can decide to just go for it!

Those who have received clarity may be impatient for things to fall into place, which I can totally understand, be patient so that all the right synchronicities can happen at the right time for you.  Hand over the details to the Universe; worrying about how and when will only delay it.

Those who are advanced Lightworkers will also be feeling impatient to see the end of this year, it’s been a toughie yet you can already feel the great Love energy that has opened up and you are ready to bathe the world with love, and also welcome in the new world that is now birthing ready to take your place in the new world.  (Mother Earth’s waters have well and truly broken with the recent flooding, and the birth is not far away now).  Be patient and help those who are almost there but who may be struggling a bit.  Your confidence and love can help others to get there too.

Today’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Now we deal with the emotional fall-out from the New Moon Solar Eclipse.  Emotions always run high at Full Moon, do your best to stay away from drama (and don’t create new karma) and control yourself as best you can.

Full Moons always make us feel a bit spacey and La La Bunnyish, which makes it hard to focus and get things done.  Eat properly so that you are grounded, it is important to remain as grounded as possible during this transit. Go out for a walk in Nature if you are struggling with this, so that you can discharge all the chaotic energy into the Earth.  Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from the opportunity to integrate all the amazing energy and revelations waiting for you during this transit.  (Librans especially need to ensure that they are grounded).

This Full Moon will light up where you are still hiding, where you are still lying to yourself, where you are not being totally truthful to yourself and/or others. 
This was clearly illustrated to me last night when I was Moon gazing (by the way, the light show put on by Grandmother Moon and the Cloud People was spectacular last night).
There was a very strange shaped cloud which stayed in the sky for a couple of hours, it was so unusual I called my husband to take a look and he too had never seen a formation like it.  There was white edge all around it, and it looked as if a heavy dark cloud was on top of a larger, bright, white cloud.
Grandmother Moon said that this illustrated the illusion of separation which continues in our world.  She said that we cannot allow anyone or anything ‘dark’ to block our light. She showed me how powerful and beautiful the bright, white light was and that it was larger than the dark cloud, reminding me that Light will always triumph over the dark.
As individuals we must be open to having our dark sides revealed to us at this time, so that we can clear what needs clearing to allow more light in.  This will enable our own light to shine that much brighter.  And your beautiful light is so needed at this time on our planet.  Please believe that the heaviness of the past few weeks and months will now start to lift, so allow more light (and love) in NOW!
Check which houses Sagittarius and Gemini are in on your personal chart to understand where the work is needed.

Have you noticed how much the clearing has accelerated lately?  We are being prepared for next month and the year end.
Imagine that God/dess is watching you 24/7 –
How will you behave?
How will you speak about yourself?
How will you speak about and to others?
How will you think?
How will you act from now on?

And what about Dreamtime?  Oh my word, really weird dreams that go on for ages, prophetic dreams, the whole shebang in the lead up to and during this Full Moon.  Don’t forget to make a note of your dreams, if it is still hanging around you several hours after you get up – write it down – it’s an important one.

Full Moons always stir up emotions; that’s why people tend to be more argumentative during them.  Turn this energy into passion instead and make love instead of war!  Stay grounded and centred whilst all about you may be losing their heads.  Your job is to be open to downloading the incredible energy available to you from this Full Moon and never mind what anyone else is doing.

There is so much love available to us now.  I have been banging on about looking after ourselves for months and this is really highlighted now.  Pamper yourself whenever you can, make more time for you – yes I know there are a million and one things to do before the end of the year – you come first then everyone and everything else!  That’s easier to say than do I know, however you will feel so much better if you give yourself an extra hour a day if you can for self care and self love.

The info for our ‘Love Bug’ spray mist says, “be a Love Ambassador!” and that is exactly what we need to do now.  If you are radiating love then nothing dark can come near you. If you are radiating love then you will attract loving people and loving things to you.  If you are radiating love then you will be healing the planet and Her people by raising the vibration to a Love vibration.  So get to it, get out there and be an Ambassador for Love!  (I feel the urge to hug strangers coming on lol!)


Open to receiving
Surrender to what will be
Be honest to yourself and others
Pray for help and guidance
Live in Truth

This transit is not as intense as the previous Moon/Eclipse so relax!

The rocky energies will continue as we ride out the end of this tumultuous year.  So be kind to yourself and others, find fun wherever you can and enjoy yourself.  Life is too short to spend it worrying, it is meant to be enjoyed.  Tap into the Universal Love available to you and allow its warmth to guide you.

(Our ‘Ascension Support’ spray mist helps during the fluctuating energies, as it helps you to feel steady and balanced again, it is grounding and supportive

Lunar Blessings to you and yours!
Elly x

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