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Astrology heads up

Saturn (the Task Master) leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio = letting go of control.

All you Librans out there can breathe a sign of relief that Saturn has now left your sign.  Things will start to get better for you from the middle/end of October onwards.  The past 2-3 years have been pretty hard going for you, as Saturn taught you - and all of us - to set our limits and boundaries, to stand up for ourselves, to learn how to say no, and to become stronger inside and able to step up to our responsibilities.  Those who worked with Saturn and learned from his lessons can now reap the rewards, as the next few years are going to making things easier and more abundant for you.

What about us Scorps? Well I have been dreading Saturn going into Scorpio, I personally have found the past few years pretty tough going.  Well as it’s in Scorpio it means that we will be going deeper with issues that need healing in order to free us up for greater success.  However, there is a mutual reception with Pluto going on which means it may not be as difficult as it could be – IF – we work with Saturn and accept his lessons rather than against or resisting what must happen. 

I have already mentioned before (several times) about surrendering to the Will of the Divine, well we will all be getting lessons in how to do that over the next 2-3 years.  It will be a time of personal transformation, we will learn about where and how we use our power and control (and where and how we lose it).  This will be scary at times and may cause you to panic, however we need to remember that this must happen and so the quicker we can adjust to what is going on and change our thinking about it and surrender to it, the quicker we will master that particular lesson and be able to move on.  Something must be given up first before we can move on and succeed.  It really will be a time to “feel the fear and do it anyway”, if we face our fears head on, they can no longer hurt us or affect our lives and we will be free of them forever.  If you accept this like a Warrior/ess, then there is nothing that you cannot achieve over the next few years.

On the positive side it is a time where incredible joy can be experienced with opportunities to create and amass great wealth.  On the down side, we will have to deal with losses and pain in order to realise these rewards.  (This is a cycle that all Scorps are totally familiar with!).  For those in business, be very careful during the next 2-3 years who you collaborate with as “unbreakable bonds” will be formed under Saturn in Scorpio.  Be sure, be committed and be loyal, otherwise you will be in for an almighty power battle that will turn nasty and have complications.

For those advanced on their spiritual pathway, it can be a rewarding, joyful and exciting time.  Saturn and Pluto both offer the gifts of strength: Saturn’s is endurance and Pluto’s is empowerment.  We can only become empowered when we surrender control of the ego and trust in Divine Will.  The losses we must experience over the coming years are part of our journey to overcome ego, which blocks us from being our true, radiant, beautiful, successful selves.

The years 2013, 2014 and 2015 are “not for sissies” but are for Warriors/Warrioresses, and whether we like it or not we are all going to have to be a Warrior/ess in order to survive this transit and benefit from its rewards.

If you are a TAURUS, Saturn is opposite of your sun sign. This brings you ample opportunities you may have been waiting a long time for. Fear not, they are here and you can look forward to final decisions that are going to change your life in the best of ways.

CAPRICORN and VIRGO folks have a sextile to transiting Saturn. Your years ahead are about work, but fear not. Any work you put in WILL be rewarded. Just stay focused, organized and disciplined....these are things you do already, so it should be an easy, not a rocky path for you, in this next 2.5 years.

CANCER and PISCES are trine to Saturn in Scorpio. You are going to find your lives really becoming easy, be in the ‘flow’ and anything you want, will come without a whole lot of fuss. All the hard work you’ve put in the past few years will now be rewarded! The Cosmic cookie basket will be handed to you!

ARIES and GEMINI are inconjunct to Saturn in Scorpio. You will be put between a rock and hard place--and nowhere to go--but move through the challenges that will definitely be placed at your doorstep. The good news is if you will buckle down, do the seriously hard work, be disciplined and organized, you’ll find this 2.5 year period honing you to perfection. If you don’t, you’re going to be utterly miserable. So, take the high road and do the work.

LEO and AQUARIUS are square to Saturn in Scorpio. A square aspect means a “building block” or a “stumbling block.” Up to you how you approach the challenges that come your way. It’s your mental attitude, your perspective toward life that will make this 2.5 years one way or another. You’ll get opportunities for sure, but it also means hard work, discipline and organization. If you can bring these tools out of your work chest, you’ll be rewarded at the end of this transit. 

LIBRA and SAGITTARIUS have a semi-sextile to Saturn in Scorpio. This is considered a ‘minor irritation’ aspect. It means that while you have dreams, objectives and visions you want to put on the ground, do expect some minor delays or changes. A little patience will go a long way in this situation and you’ll get what you want.

SCORPIO – Saturn gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself completely. You may have already experienced several losses in your life and are feeling as though you are starting from scratch. You may change jobs, you may embark on a totally new career, old relationships drop away and you begin to make changes in your life that reorient you to a more authentic expression of you. It’s vital that you take complete responsibility for your own happiness. Look at the areas in your life where you have been unwilling to change and these are precisely the areas that will be affected by this transit. Try to be kind and gentle with yourself and see this transit as giving you the opportunity to get rid of the things in your life that have not been making you happy to make way for new things and people that will fulfill you and bring you greater joy.

DARK NIGHTS: 12th, 13th, 14th October
Remember that your energy will feel lower than usual; you may feel more tired as the Earth pulls you towards her.  Time to go into your cave; reflect on what has happened and what you have achieved in the past month.  To give thanks for all that has occurred during this lunation.  Decide what it is you want to let go of and what you would like to see grow with the next New Moon cycle.  Prepare your New Moon Manifestation List – these are the magical wishing days of the Moon.  On the New Moon, light your candle and read your list aloud, then place it somewhere special such as your altar, and let Grandmother Moon get to work on helping you to manifest what is for your highest good over the coming month.  These days signal to you the beginning of a new Power time.

NEW MOON – 15th October in Libra @ 13:02pm BST
This New Moon in kind, fair-minded Libra will occur on October 15th in the UK. The New Moon is a time to start again, an opportunity to start anew and bring in the new.  New moons encourage reassessment and planning for the month ahead, you may have a need to be alone during the first few days.  You also may want to stay at home and may not feel you have the energy for going out or travelling.  Any seeds (ideas and positive energy) planted during a New Moon will culminate and flourish during the Full Moon.  The New Moon to Full Moon is a time of creation and expansion, of dynamic energy.  What are you going to create for your coming month ahead, where are you going to focus your energies?

This New Moon invites us to open ourselves up to meeting new friends in our personal and business lives.  It is a great time for new and existing relationships to “develop, grow and flourish”.  Energy and enthusiasm increases now, allowing us to expand in all areas of our lives.  Be open to trying something new whether that’s something new to study, joining a new group, going for a new job, or a something that you have always wanted to have a go at doing.  Start as you mean to go on right now re making your dreams come true  - just don’t over-commit or make promises you can’t deliver.  Lovely Libra reminds us to keep a balance in all we do (especially not allowing heart to rule head but using a sensible balance of both).  Improve existing relationships, open to new ones and keep a balance in all that you do over the coming weeks.

FULL MOON 29th October in Taurus @ 19:49pm BST

The Full Moon in sensuous, earthy Taurus will occur on October 29th in the UK.  The Full Moon is a powerful culmination and celebration of all that you have achieved in the past few weeks.  It is the peak of the month and the harvesting of all that you have planted and created since the New Moon.  Now the events of recent weeks come to a ripe fullness.  Breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate.  Remember the Full Moon is the best time for feasting, mating and debating!  So set aside some quality time for you and your beloved, eat something wonderful, talk to each other, and love, love, love, under the light of the Full Moon.  (And if you are on your own, do this for yourself and enjoy!).  Remember Full Moons are the right time for celebrating and revelling in your successes.



Essence – Spray Mist – Power Oil

This essence is given as a gift to all those who are ‘witches’.  As you know anyone who heals, works with the plant kingdom, chants and prays can be considered a witch.  A witch is a powerful woman who loves and works with the Earth Mother, to help her community in whatever way she can, by using the skills and gifts she has been given. 
The essence brings you protection.  Those that may feel drawn to you will only be able to go so far before they feel the forcefield of protection that is around you.  Then they will realise that you need to be approached with respect.
Perhaps the most powerful aspect of this essence is the way that it enhances your ability to become a receiver/high frequency channeller and transmitter/broadcaster, taking this essence enables you to receive various forms of communication.  

Message from the Essence:
“Do not be afraid.
Do not be afraid to be seen.
Do not be afraid to be known for the work that you do
(you have much to offer and much to share).
Be of good cheer and stout heart.
Listen to your heart.
Keep your third eye clear.
Stay grounded and listen to the guidance from your Earth Mother
And All Will Be Well”

The ‘Witches Friend’ essence helps with Witchcraft (Witchcraft is the Craft of the Wise Ones), it helps Witches to learn and practice their craft with safe boundaries.

The full two-page Essence Definition is included with each product.  

ESSENCE presented in 15ml blue glass bottle with dropper and rubber dome cap


The ‘Witches Friend’ 50ml spray mist
Wrap yourself in a vibrational Witches’ cloak, knowing that you are safe to enhance your skills and practice as a ‘witch’ by spraying it around your aura.  Made with several well known favourite Witch protection oils, it provides a vibrational cloak around your environment and helps you attune to the energies of the craft and the season.
Presented in 50ml blue glass bottle with natural atomiser and clear cap
The ‘Witches Friend’ 15ml power rollette
Contains our new ingredient, Rowan Berry oil, for extra protection as well as other well known Witch oils.  Apply to pulse points and the psychic gateway (back of the neck) for further attunement and cloaking.
Presented in 15ml glass rollette bottle with rollerball applicator and screw cap

October Updates

We truly are in the greatest time of transformation that we have ever experienced.  The Wheel of the Year has turned and we are now dancing with Autumn Woman, who encourages us to shed what we no longer need, and Cousin Wind, who is blowing in the much needed changes loud and strong.

As I have mentioned since the beginning of the year, 2012 is a year of change and responsibility.  Apart from the obvious changes as mentioned above, there is a lot of internal change going on too.  Many have a feeling they cannot put their finger on, they are aware of sensing something but don’t quite know what that is yet.  Some feel uneasy with this, some feel fine but have this fluttering in their tummies, some are feeling it in their bones that change is afoot and on its way.

I feel sometimes that we are individual chess pieces being carefully moved into a stronger position only we’re not quite sure where on the board we will be or even which board! We are being nudged into independence whether we like it or not.  Whether that’s emotional independence, financial independence, whatever, this is the year when we have to grow up and deal with it.  

Many, many years ago I was told that the Guides and Angels would start to withdraw as we entered the Era of Personal Responsibility.  This is to do with where we are at with Mother Earth.  We have to wake up and grow up now.  We have to own responsibility for the state the planet is in and the state Her people are in.  We are being required to stand on our own two feet and change things for the next seven generations that follow us.  You are only responsible for yourself and no-one and nothing else.  If you sort you out, then the rest will follow suit.  The Earth cannot heal unless you are healed.  Peace cannot reign unless you are totally peaceful.  Abundance cannot happen for all until poverty and victim consciousness has been overcome.  This really is the time for us to step fully into our roles as Rainbow Warriors and Caretakers of the Earth.  We are responsible.  There is no point in waiting for politicians and governments to do anything (they are the old world that is now crumbling), it is the time of People Power – Peaceful People Power – to bring about change.   

So stand tall Warrior/ess.  Don’t be afraid to stand on your own now.  Despite all the fear about world financial collapse, I truly believe that we will make it through.  There is no way that we would have been allowed to take part in this incarnation if it wasn’t to fulfil our roles as Peace Ambassadors and Rainbow Warriors/Warrioresses.  Be proud of your spiritual heritage.  Remember who you are and why you are here.  Stand tall!
This change of season has seen an increase in colds and sniffles, on this side of the pond the current epidemic is the 100 Day Whooping Cough virus.  Stay healthy.  Wear a scarf if there is a cool or cold wind.  Eat nutritiously, lots of bone broths and root veggies soup, more green veggies and citrus fruit etc. We tend to drop our water intake in cold weather so need to remember to drink enough, ensure it is at room temperature or drink boiled water that will warm you up from the inside.  Stock up on immune boosting herbal tinctures such as Echinacea and winter supplements such as Vitamin D.

The recent powerful Harvest Full Moon saw a big increase in Healing Prayers requests and in the personal challenges that we are all currently dancing with.  Yet interestingly now that the Moon is on the wane, our energy is being restored, many are once more feeling lifted into the light after several weeks of darkness.

WEIGHT fluctuations
Continue for some as we adjust to all that we are dealing with in our 3-D lives and also on the many different energy levels.  Eat as healthily as you can but don’t deny yourself anything, a little of what you fancy won’t make much difference.  Balance is the key.  The weight will drop off again once you feel more settled.  (Also once you have shifted the old emotions that you are holding onto.  Use this transit to help you let go of more of the past and the people in it).

Spiritual dyslexia has increased again recently, due to the energies.  Once you are settled on all levels and fully grounded, this will improve.  However for me it seems to have been going on for weeks.  My head has felt on another planet and I have had great difficulty with the English language!

Signs are being presented to us now, frequently and literally right under our noses.  In the past week I have received several.  The first was when I was sorting through some old files in the office, a couple of tiny pieces of paper fluttered to the floor and I was about to throw them straight in the bin, when something prompted me to look at them.  One said “a new career” and the other said “new directions”. The folder they had fallen out of was our Manifestation Board folder and I had kept some left over pictures and quotes.  I felt the first one is for Pete (but may also be for me) and the new directions one is for me.  Perfect timing and perfect confirmation of what I have been feeling.  (And just as I was about to send out this e-zine I have had some signs of where I may be headed).
During the rest of the past week I saw more butterflies that I have seen all Summer, all different types, dancing in front of me, around me, in the garden etc.  Again perfect confirmation of where I am at right now.
I also had a little Honey Bee fly under the rim of my hat, kiss me on my Third Eye and fly out again.
It was been an awesome week, reminding me of the support that is unseen that truly supports us, believes in us and only wants the best for us.  Our Guides/Guardians/Ancestors/Angels are all right behind us, all keen for us to fulfil our true purpose in our new independent and strong way.
When you open to the Will of the Divine and allow yourself to be guided, the signs and synchronicities happen effortlessly.

We are all being asked to make choices now in all areas of our lives.  This is part of Saturn in Scorpio’s influence also.  We are being given the chance to rebirth ourselves in every area of our lives.  We need to be very careful about the choices we make now as they will influence the coming 2-3 years.  You know if you have to make a choice, that you must trust what feels right for you, right down into your bones.  You must choose for yourself and not worry what others will think – this is SO important.

Your symptoms have been increasing as the earthquakes and volcano eruptions have once more increased.  Many experiencing pain throughout their entire bodies particularly in their bones, as they pick up the pain in the Earth Mother’s body at this time.  The Earth Mother has been having contractions for some time as She prepares to birth the New World, and these are increasing. 

GRIEF energy and loss continues as we let go of what we no longer need.  With Saturn in Scorpio we will be going into deeper issues that need to be healed and let go of.  Support yourself with good friends and essences when you are going through the tough stuff, and if you need some help, just contact me.

INSIGHT and Clarity improves and increases dramatically now for those who have been letting go and surrendering to the Will of the Divine.  I have been going on about this a lot lately and I know I need to surrender more, because the Divine Plan knows better than I do and I need to open to receiving its guidance.  Connection to Spirit is so easy now and at a much higher vibratory level.  Keep a note of all of your dreams (day and night) and any flashes of insight that will come through now.

Be prepared to dive deep with Scorpio over the next few years and remember that you are birthing your true, magnificent Self.  We are all on a journey now to find, become and reveal our uniqueness.  So stop putting yourself down and don’t let anyone else put you down or put you off.  Let go of who you have been and who others expect you to still be.  You may find that you want a complete change of image and want to change your home or what is in it.  Celebrate who you are now and who you are becoming and never, ever, be afraid to share your magnificent Self with the world.  (If anyone doesn’t like it, tough, that’s their problem not yours).  We are moving into a time where we can no longer hide our magnificence, others need to see it so that they can have the courage to reveal theirs.

KEY for the month: ACCEPTANCE

A llowing
C reating
C hoosing
E xpecting
P reparing
T hanking
A wareness
N oticing
C onfidence
E njoying

AFFIRMATIONS for the month
I am open to new experiences
I let go of the past
I am making my dreams come true NOW!
I surrender to the Will of the Divine
I keep myself balanced
I love and care for myself
Our MAGNIFICENCE! spray mist smells fabulous, helps you to feel fabulous and reminds you that you are magnificent! 

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful.  Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing.  If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner.  (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you).  If in doubt – check it out!

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