Thursday, 30 August 2012


Karma cutting – Wishes fulfilled

Today sees the second Full Moon of the month, the auspicious ‘Blue Moon’.  
 (UK 14:58pm BST, USA 09:58am EST/06:58am PDT).  
 As I mentioned in my previous Blog, the Moon doesn’t actually turn blue!  It is an infrequent phenomenon that inspired the old saying “once in a blue moon”.  This moon is also known as a Wishing Moon, wishes made at the time of this Moon have every likelihood of coming true.  There is excellent planetary support also at this time for manifestation. 

Occurring in Pisces, this Blue Moon will stir up some emotions, Chiron is well aspected and there is great healing potential around this Full Moon (especially for water signs and those with lots of water in their charts).  You may be required to dig deep, and winkle out the old resentments and hurts that need healing now.  The planets are also bringing up stronger emotions and some folks have already been exploding in rage at the slightest thing over the past couple of days (expect this to intensify especially on Saturday).  Think before you speak, because if you light someone’s touch paper you can expect to get burned!  Everything becomes amplified over the next couple of days.

 There is a fantastic opportunity for resolving karma at this Moon also.  As mentioned in my previous Blog/Ezine, this is the time to be fearless, and some of you have been doing really well with that over the past couple of weeks.  Then all of a sudden it seems like everything is going t*ts up and you are left reeling wondering WTH?  It is just the old mud being disturbed and bringing to light your issues and old emotions and hurts that are ready to be healed now.  

I have personally just come through a massive karma releasing experience which wasn’t at all easy, but my goodness I feel lighter than I have done in years.  The relief at realising that I have paid that particular karmic debt is enormous.  I feel free and happier than I have done in a very long time.  It meant I had to sacrifice something incredibly precious to me, I had to release someone I have loved all my life.  I had to be fearless in taking back my own power and setting my boundaries.  The line had been crossed and there was no going back.  This has been the strangest, most amazing experience, as I did not realise how heavy the weight of this person had become energetically, because of my sense of duty. I am now experiencing the cells in my physical body starting to change as a result too, and I am laughing more than I have done in years.  I have always loved this person and will never stop loving them, yet know I have done the right thing as there is space for my Soul to express itself fully once more.

The light of this Moon is so powerful, the power of this Moon is awesome.  When we took the picture above last night, we were standing 20 feet away from where the waves were breaking on the rocks yet we still got drenched (it was fabulously invigorating!)  The power of the waves whacking against the rocks vibrated under our feet through the earth we were standing on.  I could then feel the really strong magnetic pull of the waves as they went out again.  It was spectacular and thrilling and completely energising.  If you work with this Moon, you too will experience complete re-energization.  Allow the emotions and other stuff to hit you out of the blue, dive into them fearlessly and see how quickly they lose their power and dissipate.  Each wave that you deal with is making you clearer, stronger and more powerful.  You are releasing what has had a hold over you, that you may not even be aware of.  So don’t be afraid of what may come up over the next few days, it is exactly what you need right now, so go with it.  This is the final part of the Ascension process (and may go on for some until the end of October).

In order to truly manifest that which you truly desire, you need to be a clear reception vessel.  You cannot receive unless there is space to receive.  The tests are pretty big ones that are coming up for folks, and it is very hard to remain fearless whilst you are going through all the cr*p.  But by diving into it to see what it has to reveal to you, and allowing it to be healed you will pass through it a lot quicker and soon be feeling strong and fearless once more.

Keep a check on your thought patterns, don’t get caught up in all the negative drama surrounding what is coming up, especially when it involves other people.  Keep pulling back into your centre and connecting with your higher inner guidance.  And keep a check on what comes out of your mouth so that you do not create more negative karma.  (I had an epic fail with this yesterday when I ripped the head off some builders a few streets away, whose music was so loud I thought I was at a gig in my own house!)

The key to getting the most out of this special Full Moon is to remain grounded whatever is going on.  A lot of people are already acting like space cadets and turbocharged La La Bunnies – stand well back and stay well away from them, their chaotic energy will play havoc with yours.  This is acting out with them having problems with electrical items including computers and their ‘phones (I have heard of one TV blowing up and at least one iron that has gone kaput because they are ungrounded).

So yes, there is a lot going on.  We gotta deal and heal with whatever comes up whilst staying grounded and thinking before speaking.  We are sifting, sorting, healing and releasing.  If you dive into the journey this Blue Moon offers, you will be greatly rewarded on many levels.  It can change you forever.  It can change your life forever.  But you have got to be down to earth about it all and not get lost in the spiritual ethers or emotional dramas playing out around you.  The insights that are ready to be revealed to you are astounding and will set you free.

And the more clear you are, the more positive you are and therefore more likely to attract the abundance and manifestation of your dreams more effectively and successfully.

Walk in Nature, dance, do Yoga etc to keep your body supple and flexible during coming experiences which may make you feel stressed and tense, and also to keep grounding all this excess energy that will be coming up.  Self care is essential during this transit. 

Through the insights and realisations you receive, you might also find yourself ready to make some major decisions about your life, the people in your life, where you live and the way you want to work.  Be fearless, if it feels right – go for it.

Secret Manifestation Tip
Ask yourself “Am I doing this from love?”
(not just love for others, but are you loving yourself enough to stand up for yourself, allow healing, make the changes etc)
When you focus on love/spirit – the material always is taken care of.
(Unless you are being a La La Bunny in which case you won’t manifest anything as you are not earthing the energy!)

Enjoy this awesome Blue Moon!

Elly x

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