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JUNE Updates

The lead up to the Solstices always intensifies the energies yet is also one of the most exciting quarter festivals of the year. Here on this side of the pond we will be celebrating the Summer Solstice, the longest day, with hours and hours to play in the sun out in Nature giving thanks and celebrating the lushness of the Summer now upon us. (Down under you are celebrating the Winter Solstice, the time of going within and given thanks for the abundance of the past year). Solstices are the halfway point of the year when we can review the six months that have passed and celebrate all that we have achieved and come through. It is also an opportunity to have a think about how we want the next six months to go, and who and what we want to accompany us.

Well Chiron during Mercury retrograde has certainly led us on some deep healing journeys (more below). So much was brought into the light and revealed to us, some of it quite shocking. I found this a particularly powerful Merc retrograde and am ever grateful for the continual opportunities we are given to clear our paths of who and what we no longer need.

Many individuals (and groups) came under attack over the past few weeks. If you are of the true heart, clear heart and live your life straight like the Arrow of Truth, then you have probably had a bit of a rough ride these past few weeks. You must stick to your path and stay true to your own heart, whatever anyone else says or does. You must be YOU! This phase is almost over but not quite, so please make sure that you have your protection in place. Just remember that you must be doing something right if they feel the need to attack you.

Abundance Tests
Yes, for some it is a hard time financially at the moment. However abundance comes back to you in ways you may not expect (i.e. unexpected gifts in the post), it may not be the money you want/need but it is a sign that you are indeed abundant right now with what you have.
I know that some healers and therapists are panicking that their clients have dropped off, hang on in there, it will only be for a short while, things are due to start picking up again. Now is when your abundance beliefs/affirmations are really gonna be tested, so stay positive and in the flow of abundance. (Try our ‘Abundance Flow’ essence for inner abundant feelings and our ‘Abundance Flow’ spray mist to fill your home with abundant energies). As we said before, stay true to your heart, yourself and your path; maintain your integrity and all will work out for you.

Unfortunately there are some who go into the healing arts thinking they can make a quick buck, well they can and do but only for a short time then it starts to fizzle out, these people never have longevity, because they have missed the point. And whilst it can stick in your craw that they seem to be making more money than you when you absolutely love what you do, they won’t last, but you will. As you know, there are many forms of healing out there and all are good and valid, there is no one healing system or technique that is superior, and the sooner some people start realising that the better. So don’t feel that you have to rush off and get another string of qualifications, or feel that you can’t charge for your services unless you belong to a certain type of healing/therapy. That’s rubbish. You’ve already got qualifications, you already know what you are doing, so have faith in your ability and keep talking to the Universe to help you attract the right clients to you. It will all work out for you.

For those of you who have been working in the Healing Arts for ten years or more, you may find your work changing. You may find that you will leave the centres/clinics where you have been working making way for the newly trained healers/therapists coming in now. You will feel a bit of a pang as you see these excited, enthusiastic newcomers because you have contributed so much to your work and clients, but remember that you are now an ‘old hand’, and it is time for you to move on so that you can take your work to a different level. Some of you will be moving into the role of teacher, where you can use all these years of experience to help those just entering the Healing Arts. Keep talking to your Guides, Angels and the Universe, and be open to what you are meant to do next and where you are meant to go. For some you will be exploring different forms of creativity that you wish to birth into the world. The upcoming Solstice will help you to ground all this and help you to anchor your energy deep into the Earth creating a stable foundation for what you are to do next. So if you find yourself saying ‘should’ change that to ‘could’, (i.e. “I should be doing xxxx.” No, you don’t have to start shoulding all over yourself, what ‘could’ you do instead? Now that is much more exciting and creative isn’t it?). The upcoming Solstice opens the door called FREEDOM – are you ready to step through it?

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right
for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Continues with many feeling incarnation weary. This again is due to the energies, those who are Earth Sensitives and/or Shamanic will have been picking up what is happening on a planetary and mass consciousness level and this can be tiring.

Dreams have been extremely vivid and prophetic, also some of you have been dreaming on behalf of others. Many of you have been working hard in your dreamtime helping prepare those who will be crossing over due to more earth changes (This has already happened with the recent earthquakes).

Aches and pains/Chakra issues
Chiron’s Chakra Dance
Chiron’s healing opportunity has gone very deep with some folks. Great clearing has been occurring hence many have been experiencing physical pain. (For me it was like I was transmuting poison through my whole body, it took several days before it had all passed through my system and boy did I feel rough while this was going on!).
Chiron’s healing opportunity whilst Mercury was retrograde allowed us to heal our relationships with people, with our health, with money and also our relationship with time (are we wasting it? Are we using it to the full? Are we stuck in the past or continually projecting into the future?) Chiron has also enabled us to settle karma and break our ties with the past so that we can be free to move on. Wow aren’t we lucky! :-)
This chakra dance has literally led us right through the chakras with many experiencing physical aches and pains from head to foot.

Crown chakra and fontanel pain/tenderness/discomfort.

Trouble/pain with the Jaw and throat. (The Throat chakra has undergone a great clearing during this mercury retrograde as we are clearing the blockages there so that we can speak our truth clearly and confidently).

Solar plexus clearing brought up some stomach problems until things were cleared and all settled again. (Massaging the Solar Plexus with St. John’s Wort oil is very soothing and helps the area to relax. Apply just before getting into bed and let that wonderful little herb work its magic whilst you sleep).

Sacral chakra – some women experienced the worst periods they have had for ages, some had swollen/distended bellies and looked like they were heavily pregnant. (The clearing/healing is allowing a birthing – what are you birthing for yourself now?).

Base chakra – some experienced diarrhoea and nausea, stomach pains.

Some also experienced hip and back pain as they clear what is holding them back from moving forward now.

Energy Chills
Not able to get warm despite the weather being warm outside (rather like premonition chills but not quite as intense). This is due to energy fluctuations and doesn’t last long.

Energy Drains
Computer and television. If you find yourself nodding off over your computer, shut it down and go to another room or outside and do something else for a while, you need your energy for the other processing you are doing.

Protection (Aura and Chakras)
Absolutely essential at the moment, there’s a lot of cr*p flying around out there at the moment which you really don’t want. (And you certainly don’t want to be bringing it into your home).


Breathe in Peace. Breathe out Love. Breathe in Love. Breathe out Peace.
Do this several times a day.
Loving yourself more. Give yourself a hug. Look at your hands and thank them.
Appreciate and love every precious part of your beautiful body temple.
Your truth. Your love.
Speaking with confidence. Speaking as the wise wo/man that you are.
Speaking with kindness and gentleness when dealing with others,
but not being afraid to speak firmly when you need to get tough.

The key for the coming month is BELIEF. Believing in yourself. Believing in your abilities. Believing that you can make your dreams come true. Believing that the Universe is generous and abundant. Believing that God is not singling you out. Believing that you do indeed create your own reality (no-one is doing anything to you that you are not allowing). Believing that you have the power to transform your life, in every aspect. Believing that you have Angels and Guides who are there to help you – so ask them! Believing that you are unique. Believing that this world would be a much poorer place without your presence. I believe in you.

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