Tuesday, 22 December 2009

'Tis the Season to be wobbly...

And I don't just mean because of Festive cheer!

The build up to the Solstice was pretty intense for a lot of folks, some felt like pressure cookers ready to explode. The Solstice stirs up what has been hidden in the darkest recesses of ourselves. The Winter Solstice is the Sacred Pause of the Winter Moons. We are given an opportunity to slow down, to pause, to stop and take the time to look at what has surfaced from the depths. This has been absolutely terrifying for some folks.

Hang on in there! Now that the Light will start to return to the Earth, the Light will transform what has been brought up, heal it and dissolve it so that it will never again trouble you. So hang on in there! Be grateful for this opportunity to clear more cr*p before the New Year comes in.

I can feel the pressure easing now, after weeks of it, and I am so grateful. What seemed like a dark heavy cloud is lifting and I now feel free to enjoy the Festivities.

Join us on January 1st 2010 at 11:11am and light a white candle for Peace. Thousands around the world will be joining in. Let it burn for the whole day if you can until 11:11pm has passed in whatever timezone you are in.

Give yourselves permission to enjoy the Festive Season wherever you are - I intend to!

One of my Elders said that "Snow is a Blanket of Love that covers the Earth", I wish for you this Festive Season a warm, fluffy, white Blanket of Love that is studded with silver Stars of Hope and golden threads of Peace and Fulfilment.

Festive Blessings to you and yours
See you in 2010!

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