Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Hi Folks,

I am taking some much needed time out during the month of February, so will not be posting as much as usual.

Highlights for February:

It’s the first Eclipse Season of the Year.

Full Moon lunar Eclipse
11th February 2017
in Leo
at 00.33am GMT

New Moon solar Eclipse
26th February 2017
in Pisces
at 14.48pm GMT

Eclipses are all about endings and beginnings.  Be prepared for sudden revelations.  Be prepared for something to suddenly end.  Be open to any shock changes thrust upon you. 

Stay grounded and hydrated during the Eclipse window, which opens on 11th February and closes just after the Eclipse on 26th February.

Eclipses are awakeners.  If we haven’t taken the action we know we should have done, then Eclipse season may kick us into touch and get us back on track in the right direction (even if it doesn’t feel like that when it’s happening).

Eclipses can be rough at times, but there is always a reward at the end of it, something even better than you can have imagined.  So hang on in there, take some Essences, ground and protect yourself and all will be well.

Eclipses are great for getting rid of what no longer serves you or could be holding you back from happiness and success. 

Eclipses are transformational and can totally transform your life.  So don’t fight what needs to happen, surrender to the Will of the Divine and allow yourself to be guided to what you really need right now (not what you want or think you want). 

Be mindful of your thoughts as they could manifest really quickly during Eclipse season.  Think before you speak. 

- Breathe out often.
- Have quiet time/meditation.
- Stay hydrated.
- Ground yourself by working in the garden or walking in Nature.
- Keep a dream diary during Eclipse season.
- Be open to sudden thoughts and ideas that are waiting to come in.
- Let go of your need to control the outcome.
- Be open to the change/s now occurring.
- Breathe and breathe again.

May your February be blessed with much Love and may the Eclipses be gentle on you.

See you in March.

Blessed Be.

Elly x

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