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NEW MOON Solar Eclipse Blessings! March 2016

NEW MOON Solar Eclipse in PISCES
Letting go – Loving – New Beginnings

We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces:
UK                 9 March 01.54am
EU       -           9 March 02.54am
USA     -           8 March 20.54pm
AUS     -           9 March 12.54pm
NZ        -           9 March 02.54pm

PISCES – ‘I believe’

Dreamy, watery, powerful Pisces represents compassion, imagination, faith, mysticism, intuition (one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac), escapism (addiction patterns can be strong with Pisces), dissolution, chaos, deception, delusion, spirituality, sacrifice (they give so much and do so much for those they love, often to their own detriment), martyrdom (when they don’t get back what they give out they can go into martyr mode), religion, caring professions, creativity, art, poetry, acting, anything connected to water especially the sea (swimmers, sailors etc). 
I would add Drama to this mix, not only do they make good actors they can also be drama queens in their own lives, a tendency they need to watch out for as this can be very wearing on those who live with them and love them. Take time before reacting. Take time to work out which pull is the strongest (the dual fishes going in opposite directions) and check in with your inner guidance if that is the best way to go.

Pisces this New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in your sign and may be life changing.  But you knew this, you have known for a while.  How you deal with these changes will be key to what happens next. Eclipses can rock the boat, so be prepared for your boat to be rocked Pisces.  But don’t worry, you are a strong sign and you have been through worse, you will handle this.  Anything that ends will be okay as there is something opening up for you that is far, far better than you can even dream of.  You may find Flower Essences helpful during this transit, as it could be quite an emotional time for you.  (If you need any help in knowing which flower essences are best for you right now, just let me know and I will dowse for you).

 NEW MOON Solar Eclipse in PISCES

Are you ready to let go of the past?
Are you ready for change?
Can you truly surrender to the will of the Divine to guide your life?
Are you ready to live your dream/s?
Are you ready for success?

Many of us know that change is on the way in one or several areas of our lives.  Transitions like this are never easy, we are pulled by the familiarity of what is, pulled by memories and attachments to what is and what has been, yet our Spirit is pulling us towards a different type of future.  This is so well symbolized by the symbol for Pisces - fish moving in opposite directions.

The shadow of the New Moon draws us deeper into ourselves to take a look at what needs to go now.  It’s rather like going into a dusty, old attic that you haven’t been in for a while.  It needs clearing; the old broken stuff needs to go.  It needs cleaning up.  Yet there are one or two treasures to be found as you go through everything.  These treasures you can take with you but the rest needs to go now.  Clarity is what most folk need right now, and you cannot be clear if you are cluttered. 
The next six months are so important for letting go, slow and steady and one step at a time.  No more procrastinating.  It’s time to let go.  You know it is, and you know that you have to because you can already feel the pull from your future, your new future that is just around the corner, the future you have always dreamed of.  But first, a little more work is required, clutter clearing on every level, letting go on every level.

As Grandmother Moon positions Herself in front of Grandfather Sun for their eclipse dance of love in the skies, She momentarily blocks out His light.  (He doesn’t mind for He adores Her and gladly lights Her up every night so that we can all share in Her beauty).  Grandmother Moon does this to remind us that there are times when we need to stop doing so much, that we need to go into the darkness to find the guidance we need. She does this lovingly and reminds us that we are their grandchildren and that they will always light our way both day and night.  They also remind us about understanding true partnership, that we are not meant to do everything equally, that we have different strengths and talents that enable our relationships to be strong.  They demonstrate the give and take required in long-term relationships and they are illuminating our relationships so that we can see a new way forward with them.

Dreamy Pisces invites us to fill the house with music, read poetry to each other and dance together.  Pisces invites you to explore your creativity in a deeper, bolder way.  Had a few ideas rumbling about in your head?  Get them out there, the bigger and brighter the better.  (But wait a couple of days before launching anything new).

Pisces is a water sign and rules our emotions -

1.  Has your heart been broken? 
2.  Are you still holding heart hurts from the past? 
3.  Have you been afraid to open your heart again?

This Pisces New Moon solar eclipse offers a wonderful opportunity to heal heart issues.  To forgive and to let go.  Carrying pain like this around is poisoning you and blocking you from happiness.  Do you really want to keep dragging it everywhere with you?  Set you - and them - free. 

There are several ways that you can help yourself to heal your beautiful heart -

1.  Use our lovely HEALING HEART Sacred Oil


Many things can cause us to feel emotional pain in our hearts.  Sometimes we need some loving support to help us get through it.  

This gorgeous sacred oil has been created with love to help you.  In an easy to use rollette, you can massage it over your heart chakra area to help heal and give love to your beautiful heart as often as you need to.  The magickal Flower & Vibrational Essences in it help to melt away all that you no longer need to hold onto.

It contains a selection of our 'heart' organic flower and vibrational essences (from our extensive range) including rose quartz and has been blended with a selection of organic rose essential oils.  It has a delicate fragrance and is filled with love.  

2.  LETTING GO Ritual
This is not just for heart stuff, but also for everything that you need to let go of now.  It is a letter burning ritual, which clears karma instantly.

- Find time and a place where you cannot be disturbed or interrupted.
- Have a pen, plenty of paper, a candle and a glass of water ready.
- Ensure ‘phones are switched off and pets are out of the room.
- As you prepare your space, drink some water.
- Then light and dedicate the candle to yourself.
- Calm your breathing down; check that you are grounded and then when you are ready start writing.
- Write down in free flow everything and everyone that you need to let go of.  Don’t stop, don’t re-read, just get it all out on paper.  Stuff from the past, stuff from the present, stuff that has been unresolved, stuff that still makes you angry when you think about it, stuff that has been weighing you down - whatever you can think of.
- When you sense that you have written all that you can - let out a big sigh, then take a deep breath and let out another sigh, and do this a third time.
- Fold the page/s and twist them ready for lighting.
- Blow out the candle giving thanks.
- Go outside (or use the sink) wherever is safe for you to set fire to the pages.
I like to use matches; it is interesting how many may be needed to ensure everything in burned to ash.  Ensure that all the words are burned.
(Note: if you are releasing someone they may be stubborn and not want to go, so you may need more matches until that piece is also reduced to ash).
If you did this outside, you can let the ash be blown to the winds or use it to feed your plants.
- Drink more water, have a walk in Nature to ground and integrate what you have just done (or take a nap). 
- Treat yourself gently for the rest of the day.

P.S. It would be powerful to do this near water as it is a Pisces New Moon, (bring something safe to burn the letter in).

3.  Ho’oponoono technique

This can be said anytime you feel you need forgiveness for what has transpired between you and another.  It is a powerful prayer/chant that releases karma and stops new karma building.

Say out loud:

I’m sorry – please forgive me – I love you
I’m sorry – please forgive me – I love you
I’m sorry – please forgive me – I love you
Thank you

There is so much love available to you through this New Moon Eclipse season.  Please know and believe that you are fully supported by the Universe and all the Beings who witness what you are going through.  You are so greatly loved.  Never forget that. 

Yes Eclipses can often shake things up, and sometimes give us a kick up the backside so that we start going in the direction we need to.  However, they also bring great rewards.  So why not take yourself and others (especially those from the past) off the hook now and let go once and for all?

For a long time, through this Blog, I have said that Love is the Key. And it is.  And yes we can be sorely tested on this!  However by dealing with whatever comes up with love – especially for ourselves – we lead ourselves to mastery of our lives. 
By bringing just a smidgeon more love into every aspect of our lives we can transform it so quickly.

- Wash your teeth more lovingly (give thanks that you still have them).
- Wash your body more lovingly and sensuously (give thanks for your wonderful body that does so much for you).
- Wash your clothes more lovingly (thank the water).
- Prepare your food more lovingly (think only happy, loving thoughts throughout the entire food making process – if any worries drift in, start again and focus on gratitude for your food).
- Stroke your pet/s more lovingly.
- Touch your partner and children more lovingly and for longer. 
Hug yourself more.  Loving touch heals so much.

Pisces also rules our psychic sensitivity. Much can be revealed to you during Dreamtime (and you can also receive messages both visual and audial during the day).  Also much can be resolved and healed during your dreamtime. 
Keep your system as clear as possible of toxins during the next few days so that you can be a clear conduit for the information/guidance/healing that is ready to come through for you. 

Be open to signs being given to you over the coming days, it could be a stone or stick that is right in front of your foot, it could be insects/animals that cross your path (free animal medicine reading!), it could be something that stands out on an advertising billboard, it could be a number you keep seeing, it could be a song you hear and you suddenly become very aware of the lyrics and how relevant they are to your current situation.

Work with Spirit over the coming days as the Pisces energy will heighten your senses and psychic ability. 

All this dreamy Pisces energy can also make you feel ungrounded at times and a bit ‘away with the faeries’, you need to stay grounded to get the clarity and focus you need and to implement what you need to do.  Eat root veggies; go for walks in Nature, lean against a tree or big stone, do some gardening or cleaning.  When you walk in Nature, focus on each footstep and how it connects to the Earth, visualise the soles of your feet becoming magnetic as the Earth Mother connects with you.  (Our Ground Control Spray Mist is fantastic for this, you can find it here: Page in alphabetical order, scroll down to find it.

Get in touch with the Warrior/ess within to get you through the tough days.  Nurture and nourish yourself so that you are fit to do ‘battle’ (although the battle will most likely be with yourself most of the time). Stop rushing.  Start breathing.  Stop doing. Start meditating.  Start really loving yourself.

To know how this New Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (

ARIES / Aries rising
Tuesday’s eclipse takes you under. Under the façade of day-to-day life. Under the façade of accomplishment. Under the façade of “getting things done”. Tuesday’s eclipse reveals deeper feelings, deeper motives, and deeper dwellings within you. Tuesday’s eclipse helps you to make headway with projects that you want to get going but that aren’t quite ready for public consumption. This solar eclipse offers you and exceptional opportunity to wash yourself of the residue of your past lives. Lives you lived while in this body, but lives that have been lived to their fullest and are now no longer necessary.

TAURUS / Taurus rising
Your healing affects the entire group. Your healing is immediately felt by all who feel you. Your healing directly impacts your community. Your healing supports everyone who supports you. Your healing helps you see future possibilities with greater creativity. Your healing helps to make your visions for what could be, a reality. Tuesday’s eclipse initiates a powerful friendship, the building of a bridge between you and others, or the mending of a fence that had been broken down and left for firewood. Reclaiming old relationships might be a way to work this energy. Repurposing the energy that you used to give out to friends might as well. Giving everything that you’ve got doesn’t make you the bestie that is better that the rest. Giving to yourself what you wish others would give to you, giving to yourself all you give to others and giving only what you actually have to give can make you the best friend that you can be to yourself.

GEMINI / Gemini rising
Tuesday’s new moon initiates your 10th house of career with a solar eclipse. It wants you to lift your aspirations up and to honor them. It wants you to follow what you find meaningful in all that you do and want to do. It wants you to stop worrying about getting it right and just get to it. Believe it. Believe in it. Be a guardian of it.
Be the best friend that you can be to your dream. Hug it, hold it, have it by your side. Show up for it in the ways you sometimes feel it doesn’t show up for you. Gather all the business cards, all the websites, and all the facts and data that you can gather from those that have done it for themselves, those that are living out their dream, those that didn’t know if it would work but went ahead and did it anyway.

CANCER / Cancer rising
Tuesday’s eclipse speaks to you about where you want to be headed. It asks for adventures. It asks for open roads. It asks to be let out so that it can live out its purpose.  There is a freedom that you may find yourself yearning for. A freedom that you know you can’t find without the balance of your work. A freedom that is shaped by what you are able to commit to. A freedom that informs you about the more pressing components your work in the world.  Tuesday’s eclipse might have a part of you begging for an escape route, while the rest of you wants to dig into the meat of the moment. It might have you questioning your beliefs about an old habit. It might be asking you to see the hard work you have ahead as an invitation to find your own personal freedom within it.

LEO / Leo rising
Tuesday’s new moon/solar eclipse continues to speak to you about the need to build with others to make your dreams a reality.  This might be a situation that asks a lot from you and of you but one that will also bring so much to you. Notice what you are being asked to release, notice what part of the deal you didn’t bargain for, and what part of the process is more challenging than you might have imagined. Weigh that against what the process is teaching you, what it’s helping you discover about yourself and what it could possibly bring to you.  Be more interested in the process of what you are creating.

VIRGO / Virgo rising
Tuesday’s eclipse is a reminder that you have all that you need. Tuesday’s eclipse reminds you that in order for you to receive what you need from those that you are in partnership with, you also need to give what you have been wanting. What’s your ideal relationship? How are you trying to create it? What are you healing in yourself so that you have room for it? Old habits die hard, but we can be released from them when the time is right. And it is right now. Step out of your old fears about love and not being enough, even if only for a moment. Step out of old paradigms of lacking what it takes to make a relationship work, even if only for a day. Take Tuesday, the new moon/solar eclipse as a day to be on vacation from all the lies that have told you something about being unloveable. Take Tuesday and “make believe” that you are healed enough, worthy enough and ready enough to welcome love into your life and reality.

LIBRA / Libra rising
Tuesday’s eclipse has a cornucopia of healing remedies for you. These healing salves could be applied to your body, investigate the messages your body sends you. Inquire within. Tend to the wounds, for they hold energy that you can recoup if you give healing a chance.  These healing balms can also be applied to your work, to your projects and to those you might work with. What are you starting that has the possibility to impact communities or individuals in positive ways? What do you dream of beginning that could live beyond you, helping love find its way through your work in the world? Being a new moon, Tuesday’s eclipse is a powerful time to begin something, but not without an in-depth consideration of what you’d like to initiate. Old ways won’t work here. Follow closely your inner wisdom.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
Creativity comes in waves. This is a big one, ride it while you can. There is a tension between what you want to build and what wants to dissolve right now. It’s a tricky time to try and hang your hat on something financially solid, for the nature of your work may be shifting and changing. Can you find a way to bottle the creative juice that is raining down on you? Is there a way to recreate your business model so that it has more space for what excites you? Is there a way to incorporate the changes that are taking place into what you are doing instead of fighting the inevitable and hanging on to what you have outgrown? Is there a way that you are hanging on to an idea of an ideal love that is prohibiting you from enjoying what real love is offering? Don’t get discouraged if you are still working on finding the perfect fit, with love and/or with money. Use Tuesday’s eclipse to call in what you need and to celebrate what you already have.

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
We cannot heal our families. We cannot heal our parents. We cannot heal from what we are not willing to see.  But we can heal from the wounds of our past that plagues us.  Healing isn’t linear. Healing travels in loops and cycles, in patterns and through liminal spaces. Eclipses are liminal spaces. Tuesday’s eclipse can help your healing time travel. Way back. Without much effort. With much ease. All it takes is the desire to separate yourself from the drama of the past, remaining in your own energy and committed to the truth as you understand it.  Notice what you feel guilty about. Notice what you feel you owe your family, parents and kin. Notice what you resent about such debts. Notice which ones you are willing to see yourself as having settled. Ask yourself if you really “owe” something you may not have ever had the power to give. Notice the nature of what you ask of yourself.  We cannot heal anyone but ourselves and we cannot heal ourselves until we are willing to see the truth about what we really are. And in doing so, we release everyone else from the grips of our guilt, our anger and our shame so that they can, along with us, chose to heal themselves too.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
Mending our minds from past traumas will eventually lead us to learn new ways of being. Lighter ways. Loving ways. Forgiving ways. Tuesday’s eclipse wants you to unlearn a few things. It is opening up new avenues to run through, new routes to get you to work, new ways to go about your days. But it needs your commitment to your mental health. It is asking for your participation in the emancipation of your mind. It’s asking you to rewrite a story or two.  Cast yourself in the role of Liberated Artist Avenger, Brilliant Poet Heroine or Wise and Wiley Wonder Person. Rewrite your past from that perspective. Write out your present and pontificate how, from this vantage point, you will interact with the future. You’re in a moment that requires you to let go of a great many things. Perpetuating the painful aspects of your story thus far can be one of them.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
Tuesday’s eclipse is asking you to take whatever envy you might unwillingly be feeling and turn it into fuel for your creative fire. See what other’s have that you want for your work. Notice what others get done that you wish you could. Notice what hopes and dreams you have for the future that may at some points feel frustratingly far away. Feel into the passion that you have for what you do/want to do and see if you can turn your difficulties into a desire to figure it out.  Since Tuesday’s eclipse happens in your 2nd house of income, finances and what you do to pay the bills, this is a thrilling kick start to the way in which you approach your career, your finances and your way of doing business. Help yourself out by reminding yourself of all of the folks, all of the beings, all of the earthly life and ancestral healing that could occur through the work you are doing and want to be doing. Remind yourself of the higher purpose for all that you do. Remember that earning a living doing work that feeds your soul is about so much more than you, but you have to be motivated by the personal reasons as well as the transpersonal. The whole thing has to line up in order for it to take off.

PISCES / Pisces rising
Cosmic eyes are on you. This moment is yours to do with it what you wish. Consequences are on the heals of any action that you take so take the ones you have worked out in your mind’s eye. Keep working on your plans so that your plans can work for you. Keep up the effort so that you can continue seeing results. Keep in the flow so that you can follow what you know.  This is your time to believe unequivocally in your abilities. Not because it’s what you would like to happen, but because with all the work you put in, belief in yourself is what is bound to happen. This eclipse pulls from the newly found ground that you have to stand on. This eclipse highlights the shifts that have occurred in your family, home and within your foundations. This eclipse lets you know that because of all that and through all that this part of your life has taught you recently, you have a reason to live your life out loud and not take your gifts for granted.  Through all of the new relationships that have entered your orbit, or all the new energy that has come in from your most intimate relationships, your life is undergoing a renewal. You are undergoing an overhaul. You’re recreation is no coincidence. Trust in what you are becoming as you take part in growing yourself into all you want to be.

Chani has written a lot more for each sign regarding this important New Moon, to read your Sign in full, visit Chani’s website - See more at:

"When our emotions are still, a pathway opens up."
(Photo and quote copyright E.Yule)

With all that is happening globally and in our own piece of the world, none of us really knows how things will turn out. All we can do is “keep on keeping on” as my Native Elders used to say.  All we can do is check in with ourselves several times a day to check –

- How loving am I being to myself and others?
- Do I speak lovingly about myself and others?
- Are my actions loving to myself and others?
- Does this hurt or does this heal?

Let Love be your guide.
Hand everything else over to the Universe.
Smile, be positive and radiate Love (even through gritted teeth!)
Mother and nurture yourself.
And remember, you are greatly loved.

Eclipse QUOTE

Sorrow prepares you for joy.
 It violently sweeps everything out of your house,
 so that new joy can find space to enter.
 It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart,
 so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place.
 It pulls up the rotten roots,
so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow.
Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart,
far better things will take their place.
~ Rumi


I forgive them and I forgive me
I am open to receiving Love
I surrender to the Will of the Divine
I stop resisting and start receiving
I know that the Universe has my back
I trust and have faith in myself
I let go and I let Love
I am Love
I Love

New Moon Blessings y’all!

Elly x

Copyright E.Yule ©2016 Worldwide Rights Reserved

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