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Full Moons are the culmination of all that has happened over the past month. It is a time of feasting, mating and debating, celebrating all that has occurred.

VIRGO – I Be / I Analyse
Earthy, grounded, intelligent, common sense Virgo is a stickler for details. They will always read the small print before making a decision.  Ah decisions, Virgos want all the information available before even thinking about making a decision. Sometimes this gives them ‘analysis paralysis’, when their brain is so full of data that they are too ‘full’ or confused to make their decision.
Virgos are practical and dependable. Work-wise Virgos like structured organizations such as the health service (they are also nurturers and empathic), the armed forces, universities etc., (where they can use their analytical skills in research, detailed design, computing etc). They love bureaucracy and excel at making sense of it.
Virgo’s a loyal, reliable friend who is great in a crisis. They just need to ensure that they are not being used or treated like a doormat. Virgos are their own worst critics, they never feel they are good enough or have done things well enough. Enough already! This Full Moon lets you know that you are enough; in fact more than enough, you are fabulous! So celebrate yourself instead of beating yourself up over little things that in the scheme of things won’t stop the world turning. You have a mission Virgo, so raise your head, look up and aim for the bigger picture.


There has been a lot of chaotic energy around the past few weeks; this is in part to the Uranus/Pluto clashes that have been causing us havoc since 2012. We are now going through the last of these – woohoo!

Many have been feeling different.  In the world but definitely not of it.  Third dimensional restraints such as time, dates etc, seem to have gone out the window. Energetically over the past ten years, we have all moved on so much that we are less 3D and more 5D these days.  Although we function in 3D land we feel as though we are somewhere else. It is hard to remain fully present in the now as we keep drifting somewhere else.  We are no longer registering times and dates and are missing appointments occasionally as we no longer have an attachment to the time constraints that used to run our 3D lives.  We are also no longer interested in propping up others; it is time for them all to stand on their own two feet and get on with it. The traditional 3D roles we have played out in our lives don’t have our attention anymore. We have shifted so these roles no longer fit who we have now become. Those who have shifted with you will come with you (so don’t worry, you are not dropping your entire family or your relationship!). Those who haven’t shifted will drift out of your life as they get on with theirs at the dimensional level that is comfortable for them. 

I recently experienced an example of this when I had the opportunity to connect with an old group of people I had spent many years doing development work with. At first I thought it was quite lovely, but I quickly realised that I had moved on and this all felt very outdated, as if I had moved on and they were still back there, and I realised that I could no longer be a part of this group. This saddened me a bit as every time this happens it makes me feel a bit more lonely, yet I know I have made the right decision for myself and I wish them all every happiness.

There will be a feeling of grief as you move away from what no longer matches you vibrationally, but the grief is short-lived as you also have that feeling of excitement inside, because you know that you are stepping into the greatest adventure of your life so far.  Allow yourself plenty of time for you new role/s to become apparent, you will be guided, so relax and go with the flow.

We are now able to access different timelines more easily and it will take a while to get used to being a true Time Traveller.  Physically we still inhabit Earth and need to continue honouring Her as we always have done, yet we also need to be aware of when we are time travelling into our pasts and futures and ensure that we return grounded and able to carry on.  And increase your protection, day and night, we are like toddlers learning something new and therefore have an increased vulnerability, and we all know the kind of mischievous cr*p that is on the astral and other levels just waiting to cause havoc.

Other aspects of this are to do with how high your personal vibration is and how much light you carry. Those who have done the work are shining so brightly now, but not everyone will like this.  For some, your light is too dazzling and they are afraid to be around it, so they will move out of your life. (Don’t forget that the brighter your light, the more they are able to see their own shadow, and they may not be ready to face that yet).

This can result in personal attacks for some, so as I mentioned above, be aware of increasing your protection during this phase.  You have nothing to fear, with that much light no-one is going to succeed in hurting you or knocking you off your pathway.  However, there may be occasional bitchslaps that can hurt at the time, just look for the lesson contained in that, it happened for a reason – why? Was it to wake you up to someone or something?  Was it allowing you to see something you have been missing – possibly that was right under your nose?  Did the grief it caused give you an opportunity to heal something big?

The Phoenix is being reborn in you. You are slowly and surely getting used to the new you, you have pockets of great joy and happiness especially when you are living in alignment with your inner promptings and guidance. You know deep inside, that you are on the right track so keep on keeping on.  Any tests and challenges are there simply to remind you of who you now are and what you no longer need in your life.
We are in the process of refining our lives, clearing out the ‘clutter’ that is no longer needed on every level, cutting ties with what no longer matches, choosing to surround ourselves with beauty, light, love and joy.

As you go through this process you will be tested regarding the people you allow into your sacred circle. Be discerning. Drop all guilt or shoulds. 
- Do they raise your vibration?
- How do you feel after speaking to them or being in their company – up or down?
- Is it a mutual exchange of vibrational energy (i.e. are you bouncing off each so well that both go away glowing with happiness and even more light)?
- Do you feel excited or despondent?
- Was it a balanced give and take? (Or did they take all you offered and not give much back?)
Trust your gut, if your insides are smiling and continue smiling, then they are a good match for you.

When you make a commitment of any kind, it starts a cycle of change. Commit to yourself and your life now and stand strong on your path.

Life is becoming more interesting and more exciting, and you are now no longer afraid to leave the past and what is no longer needed behind, as you are confident about striding forward on this wonderful new path being laid before you.

(I wrote this whole piece nearly two weeks ago, little did I know that I would be going through my own bitchsl*ps/Phoenix rebirth experiences, which I am still getting over!)


This Full Moon is conjunct Lilith (Black Moon Goddess). Lilith invites us to celebrate our sexuality and encourages our freedom to express ourselves uninhibited. Lilith also highlights our dark side and encourages us to embrace our Shadow. 
(If you need help with this, we have a wonderful essence that helps you to dance with your shadow is a gentle, yet transformative way. It is called ‘Shadow Dancer’ and you can find it here:

Copyright Rose Thorn

In Virgo, this Full Moon encourages us to stop being so hard on ourselves. If you wait until the right time/have the money/have everything you think you need before forging ahead with a dream or project, then you will never get started. You set the bar much higher for yourself than you do for anyone else, these high standards could be holding you back from getting started. It’s that good old ‘analysis paralysis’ again, it leads to inertia and inaction when what you really need to do is just start right now, with what you’ve got and give it a jolly good go!  You might be surprised at just how well it all turns out. But you gotta get started!

Many Virgos are healers, and this Full Moon brings us all healing for our self worth, self-esteem and confidence issues.  Allow Chiron (the planet of the Wounded Healer) to beam His healing onto you so that you can clear all this negativity and blossom as the confident self that you know you are inside.  Virgo will help you to ground this energy so it will be easy to integrate and assimilate it.

Copyright Maria Friedman

Also, one message that kept coming through to me over the past couple of weeks, is to watch your language.  The Universe believes every word you utter as the absolute truth and so brings you more of the same.  So if you feel hard done by, you will continue to experience reasons to feel hard done by. If you keep going on about how broke you are you will continue to be broke (author taking note of that one!), if you keep talking about how tired you are you will just continue to feel tired, if you are convinced that all men are b*stards or all women are b*tches – then guess what? Yes you will continue to meet more of the same.  Because that is what the Universe thinks you want!
(Of course, if you have not been feeling right for a while despite healthy eating, exercise etc., please do see a qualified medical practitioner and get checked out). 
Manifestation happens quickly these days, so think before you speak!

As a Witch, I often get asked about putting spells on people. I tell them that witches don’t need to do that anymore, as people are so good at putting spells on themselves.  The “I’m too fat/broke/unlucky etc etc” spell that puts them in a trance of the very thing they don’t want!  I think it was Florence Scovell Shinn that said “your word is your wand” and she was so right.

Now that’s manifesting in a positive way! ;-)

The way through the time that we are in, and in fact this whole year, is to take things one step at a time.  Try, try, try again and don’t get despondent if something doesn’t work out as well as you had hoped, keep trying and it will suddenly click into place for you.  (Author taking note again, after today’s candle experiment was an epic fail lol!). Remember to cancel that negative critic in your head, get over it, then think positively about what you are going to do next.  And don’t worry about what anyone else thinks about what you are doing, believe me they have got enough of their own cr*p to cope with without worrying about how well or badly you are doing something. 
Try to go with the flow and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  
Allow things to come together effortlessly and easily.
It can be done.

Enjoy your Full Moon celebrations!

Many Blessings,

Elly x

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