Thursday, 23 October 2014



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Today’s partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio closes the door on the last Eclipse season of this year. The past few days of the Dark Night of the Moon were heavy-going leading up to today’s New Moon Eclipse.  Those of us who are Scorps, and/or those with Scorp in their charts have felt this keenly.

And what a powerful, tiring and arduous at times, Eclipse it has been.  The effects of this Eclipse may be felt in our lives for months and possibly years to come.  Take heart if you have found this Eclipse season hard, the doors that have been closing on you are enabling fabulous new doors to open in your life now.

Scorpio is the shamanic sign, the sign of rebirth and regeneration and blunt truths.  Scorpio makes you dive deep and it can be a scary journey at times.  Scorpio is a great guide, because Scorpio teaches you how to transform yourself from the lower levels into the higher levels of your greater self.  Scorpio’s animal totems illustrate this perfectly as you progress from Scorpion to Eagle to Phoenix.  People fear this journey because it is a death journey, dying to old aspects of themselves.  However, in order to be reborn and/or regenerate, there has to be death first.  This Eclipse is all about taking the plunge and diving deep with Scorpio.  Scorpio is a good guide because Scorpio is a courageous warrior/ess, no other sign of the zodiac can go that deep into the underworld and emerge from it unscathed.

This Eclipse gives all of us (and especially Scorpios) an opportunity to rebirth ourselves.  It is a phenomenal opportunity to take our lives to the next level.  You know all those inklings and feelings you have had over the past month or so?  Those little nudges about things that need to change? All are part of your personal Eclipse message.  Today is the day when you do something about them.  Today is the day when you step out of the rut, out of your box, out of your self-imposed limitations, out of your ego and into your rebirthed glorious self.

Fancy a new hair do?  Do it.  Fancy moving to a new location? Do it.  Want to change jobs? Do it. Want to change your image so it fits with who you now are? Do it. Want to go for your dream? Do it and dream BIG! We have planetary support for all of this.  Follow the nudges and urges, they are signposts for the new direction you are now ready to go in.  No more dithering, make that decision and go for it.

This Eclipse will strip away all that is no longer relevant in your life.  You will no longer tolerate the silly or superficial.  It brings you to a realization about what is really important to you.  Unless it is heart-centred, you won’t bother with it.  Unless it is guidance from your Soul, you are not interested.  The urge to fulfill your Soul’s purpose is so strong now, that nothing and no-one can stand in your way.  You no longer fear the Great Mystery because you are a conscious co-creator with it.  You are no longer influenced by third dimensional illusions and bullsh*t (such as political scaremongering) because you are forging your own path in truth in an unstoppable way.  You are embodying a higher truth, you are now living in that truth and will only accept what you know deep down to be truth.  All the rest is flimsy third dimensional candyfloss.

And it’s not just on the Third Dimensional level.  This Eclipse has also shown us that we are in fact immortal, that we are so connected to the Greater Love that we will never ‘die’.  We are the Greater Love, we are Spirit and we go on forever.  The Third Dimensional lives that we lead, are the playground that we have chosen to spend some time in.  We are so much greater and so much more magnificent than we realise. 

If only you could see yourself from Spirit’s perspective, it would take your breath away.  You are vast, filled with light, you shine into eternity and are so beautiful.  And you are so loved, oh the love that you are and that surrounds you is breathtaking. 
Absorb some of that right now.  Picture what I have just said and allow it to wash through your aura, to fill your cells inside and out and allow yourself to glow.  Practice glowing and letting that glow grow brighter and wider so that the entire world can benefit.  This is who you really are. 
So why would you ever doubt yourself?  Why would you ever speak badly of yourself or your body? 
Don’t ever do it again, now you have experienced who you really are, take that magnificence that you are into every minute of every day.  It will change your life.

To support you in this brave new birth, surround yourself with beauty, light and those who love you.  Support yourself with Essences to help you make a seamless transition.  I recommend:

50ml Spray Mist and 15ml Essence

This is fantastic for those who are going through a rebirthing process.  
Phoenix helps you to let go of your past, embrace your present 
and step confidently into your future.
It helps you to come into full alignment and helps you to stay grounded. 
It supports you emotionally as you may be feeling a little bit vulnerable at first.  
It helps you to transition effortlessly and easily into your newly regenerated Phoenix self.  There is an Essence to support you on the inside 
a Spray Mist to support you on the outside 
The Spray Mist also protects your aura and chakras whilst you are going through this sensitive process.

Buy yourself some flowers and play your favourite music.  Buy a new candle for your meditation altar and/or some new incense. 

You may feel the need to completely re-do your sacred space after such a major rebirth.  The emphasis is on the new now, the past is over and left behind, you have been reborn and will be feeling the urge for new things as a physical symbol of your rebirth.  This could be as mentioned above, a new hair do etc. Many are feeling the urge to redecorate and change things around.  Check in with your Soul and follow its promptings.  And focus on what gives you pleasure.  You have been reborn into a magnificent Being filled with love who knows that life is meant to be filled with pleasure and joy. Let joy be your compass now and you will find that manifesting your dream will be easy.

My friend, Allan Dodds, had a great quote on his Facebook page the other day;

“Treat others as though you had already arrived.”

I love this, it sums up this Eclipse exactly.  We have arrived.  Now we just to need to start acting like we have!

Sending you many Blessings for this bright brave New Moon Eclipse.

Elly x

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

They say when we make plans God laughs…..

Well God/Goddess did have a laugh. In my last Blog post I promised more regular updates.  I also had lots of announcements and new things scheduled to share with you over the coming weeks.  Then I had unexpected emergency eye surgery and everything stopped for six weeks or so.

I found this event scary and also challenging.  It was also frustrating, as four weeks before this I’d had my bi-annual eye test and my eyes had actually improved, so much so that I didn’t need a new prescription for my glasses! 

Just before the op, my energy was great; I was feeling optimistic and enthusiastic about my work, I had cleared a lot of clutter internally and externally and felt ready for the new launches I had planned.  However God/dess had other plans.

One of the most important lessons I learned from this was never to override your inner gut feeling that something is wrong.  When the distortions in my eye didn’t clear and the headache was only moderately better, I ‘phoned to make an appointment with my Doctor.  The receptionist wanted me to wait two weeks, but because I don’t normally get headaches I insisted on seeing a doctor as soon as possible.  And it is a good job I did.  I saw the Doc the next day, she sent me straight to the optician in town and after 2.5 hours of thorough testing, he discovered two retinal tears and two bleeds in my eye. I was immediately sent to the hospital for surgery.  The optician said that had I waited two weeks to see the doctor; I could have ended up blind. 
So, if you or anyone you know has migraine-like symptoms that don’t clear even after taking meds, go get it checked out straight away. 
(The optician told me that the previous week he had treated a young builder who couldn’t see out of his eye, the young man had ignored the headaches and distorted vision he had been having and had completely lost the sight in his eye.  It can happen that quickly). 
The lesson is to put yourself first, because your health is your wealth, without it you have nothing.

I had to work through a lot of frustration and worry (not working means no money coming in for me).  I felt incredibly vulnerable too.  Then two days after the op, our brand new Apple iMac computer died.  Okay Universe, if you really wanted me to rest did you have to do it soooo dramatically? 

It was four weeks before the store got a new computer set up for us with all our data intact. It involved many visits to the store and many ‘phone calls. This was VERY frustrating.  And also lonely, I felt disconnected from all my friends and clients online.  Depression started to set in, and I dived into some deep Scorpio depths. 
When something goes wrong with our bodies, our instinct is to attack it through anger and fear, at the time when it most needs our love.  I give thanks for the friends in my life, they kept me going through some of the toughest weeks I have ever been through and got me back on track by reminding me of some of my own teachings.  I stepped up the affirmations and EFT, I took essences every day, I ate well and rested (I was amazed at how tired and weak the op had left me). And slowly over the weeks, I got through it and started to feel better.
My eye is still not 100%, it can take months for it to heal fully.  I have been checked again by the hospital and also the lovely optician who saved my sight. All is healing well according to the professionals, so I just need to be a little more patient.

I am still not totally sure of the bigger reason why it happened.  The time away from the computer made me realise that as usual, I had been spending far too much time on it.  Not having one enabled me to catch up with a lot of stuff in the office, home and garden, and I liked having the time to do that.  I felt more in control of my environment and enjoyed giving it some much needed TLC.  The time off enabled me to prepare better for my new launch (details in November) which I am a little nervous/excited about.  The time off enabled me to reconnect with my garden and the Nature Spirits.  To take time for self care. 

I am a highly visual person; I adore reading and read all the time. I enjoy TV and movies; I love connecting globally via the internet.  The threat to my sight made me realise how precious our eyes are.  They are not just windows to our Soul; they are windows to our world.

Now I am back online and having to restrict my time on it.  Already I have seen how much time it eats up and I get less done each day if I spend too much time on it.  I am delighted to be connected with everyone again.  I value each connection I have; y’all brighten my day and are my extended family.

I already have to build in time for self care – how quickly we allow life and busyness to eat up our quality time for ourselves!

I have learned a lot from this experience, and will no longer push myself when I know I am tired and need to have a break.  I will go with the flow of what my body and Soul wants.  I learned to do that over the past few weeks and life was a heck of a lot easier and sweeter.

Astrologically we have been through quite a lot with the recent Supermoon and Moon cycles.  A lot has been revealed, especially people’s true intentions and motives.  We are learning to discern yet again whom we need to have around us on the next stages of our pathway.  This can hurt, as we have to let go of more people as we re-set our boundaries, but we must do this.  We have come too far, and been through too much to let anyone jeopardise or sabotage us at this stage.  We are here for a purpose and we need to get on with it.


A more benevolent Full Moon this time around compared to the recent Supermoon. It's powerful though and you may feel spacey and find it hard to concentrate (especially if you are a water sign).

The key to the next couple of weeks is to choose love rather than aggression, faith rather than force, and trust rather than treachery.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 8th puts fire in your belly, and if you don't respond then this Eclipse will really shake things up in your world.

A lot of big changes have happened in some folks' lives already in the lead up to this; relationships suddenly ended, sudden job relocations, sudden urges to move home, an urge to completely change your image. Many are feeling the urge to change and you cannot ignore this. Allow yourself to feel excited about changing, about looking, feeling and doing things completely differently, doing something completely new. Yes it's scary but you are right on track and you have full celestial support.

This Lunar Eclipse encourages you to embrace Aries' warrior energy and stride out fearlessly with these new changes. No more thinking about it, it's time to just F'ing do it!

Remember action with love and faith is a powerful recipe for positive manifestation.

Loving Blessings for your Full Moon fulfilment

I promise to write more soon, unless of course, God/dess has another plan in mind!

Love and Blessings to y’all
Elly x

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