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FULL MOON Blessings! Nov 2014

FULL MOON Blessings!

 We have a Full Moon in Taurus

TAURUS – “I manifest”

Taurus, the sign of the Bull.  Taureans are generous, talented, creative, loving individuals who can sometimes cut off their nose to spite their face with their stubbornness. They also get bored quickly and find it difficult to commit. 

If you are Taurus and/or have Taurus prominently in your chart, you will have felt quite emotional building up to this Full Moon.  This is not the time to make rash decisions; you are an emotional minefield at the moment.  Far better to wait until the next New Moon is well established before making that decision.

Taureans are blessed with great manifestation powers.  Taureans can manifest what they want more than any other sign of the zodiac (lucky so and so’s!). They therefore need to be very careful of their spoken word, as it will manifest quickly for them.  They need to stop doubting themselves and believe that they can have whatever they want.

Full Moons are the culmination of the past month.  What has happened over the past four weeks for you?  What changes occurred? 
Now is the completion of all that has happened.  It’s a time to celebrate the victories and reflect on the things that you felt weren’t so good. 

Celebrate yourself, you came through the past month – and it wasn’t easy for some, as many experienced post-Eclipse fallout.  
Taureans love any excuse to celebrate and have no qualms about indulging themselves when they want to, they adore food and are usually great cooks.  Full Moons are all about feasting, mating and debating – so go ahead and celebrate!

This Full Moon will shine a bright light on those in your life who are still operating out of ego.  The recent Eclipse was like tearing away a veil that had been hiding other people’s true identities and motives.  It revealed to us the truth about others and situations that, deep down we already knew, but nevertheless it is hard to stomach at the time.
If you haven’t already taken action by cutting off ties with these individuals/groups/situations, then this Full Moon will shine such a bright light on it/them that you cannot ignore it.

There were also tests for some regarding personal power.  It can be so easy to feel that others are more gifted, talented, intelligent, clever etc than we are.  Those who are spiritually sensitive tend to bow down to those they think are greater than them.  So it’s a real wake-up call when you realise that actually those others are no different to you, they just have better Self PR!  Stop giving your power away like this, take it back.  You are great just as you are, you are just as good as they are.  There is no need to compete with anyone anymore either, there is enough room for all of us and all that we want to do.
It’s time to take back control of who is driving your life.  It’s time to drive your life from a position of loving personal power.

The past few weeks were a time of shedding and letting go.  Many have felt the urge to purge clutter again, and so many of us have been clearing more excess from our lives on all levels.

The key to coping this Full Moon is not to react when others press our buttons. If we do we are no better than them, as we will be right back down at their ego level.  Let others make idiots of themselves; we don’t have to stand there and watch, walk away instead.  Ask yourself “Does this feel right to me?  Is it for my highest good?” If not, walk away and let them get on with it.

Love is the key for the next couple of weeks, love will transform any situation, so get out of your head and solar plexus and back into your heart.  Soothe your Solar Plexus by massaging a drop of St. John’s Wort oil or (diluted) Rose essential oil at night, and place a drop on your heart chakra.  You will sleep well.

Switch off the news, don’t get sucked into on-line negativity especially through social media sites, do everything you can to stay as positive as you can.  Even if it looks like the world is going t*ts up, deep down you know that all is going to be well, that all will work out in the end, because it always does.  What goes down eventually has to come up again.  So breathe and trust.

Be patient with yourself and others, stay positive, stay as calm as you can, eat well and drink plenty of water (too cold? Then drink warm boiled water).  Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, so have some Venusian treats like a facial or massage, or reflexology treatment.  Buy yourself some nice skin cream or bubble bath, and have a home Spa, light some candles and wallow as you wash away the past month and prepare yourself for the new that is waiting to come in.  Buy yourself some food treats and celebrate this Full Moon in true Taurean style.

Ground yourself by wrapping up and going out for a long walk in Nature.  Let the energies of Autumn remind you that shedding and letting go is normal at this time of year.  Let the green and growing soothe you.  Talk to a tree and give it a hug in thanks.

Remember Full Moons are completions, the energy is winding down and will do so over the coming days of the Dark Nights of the Moon until we start building towards the New Moon.  So stop pushing so hard, let go and let God/dess take over for a while.  Be patient, it is a time of slow and steady like the Tortoise, you will get there in the end, there is no rush there is plenty of time.

On the plus side, the bright light of this Full Moon also helps us to clarify and decide what really matters to us and what we really want.  How we want to live and work from now on, and who we want around us.  Remember that you are unique, talented and have much to offer this world.  Allow yourself this time of slowing down and resting until you are ready to move forward again at the next New Moon. 

Use this time to focus on your dreams.  Trust that Taurus will help you to manifest all that you desire. (if it is for your highest good and comes from the heart). 

There is nothing and no-one to fear any more - heck after all you’ve been through these past few years, ain’t no-one gonna stop you now!. 

Taurus says “I manifest”.  
You say “I believe.”

Be kind to yourself and others, spoil yourself and enjoy this time off as you enjoy guilt-free indulgences with those you love.  Anything is possible now. BELIEVE.

Many Blessings,
Elly x

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