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FULL MOON and MERCURY Retrograde

 FULL MOON and Lunar Eclipse in Aries 18/19 October

Much as I adore Grandmother Moon, the recent Full Moon was Luna horribla! 
(Yes I know there probably isn’t such a word, but it was an horrible Full Moon for many).

This Full Moon brought to the surface all that had been simmering over the past few weeks.  Emotions may have been at boiling point for some, and these emotions needed to come out.  This seems to have been a year of emotion for some folks.

The Full Moon saw an increase in accidents (especially on the roads) and lunacy seemed to reign with the weirdest events happening unexpectedly.

The Full Moon also caused many to experience night sweats (Full Moons increase liquids i.e. high tides, and also the fluids in our bodies) as part of our cleansing and purification before the Winter moons. Even hubby had these, which is most unusual for him.  
Drink plenty of water and green juices to help you ‘detox’ old emotions.

The Lightworkers are tired; many are feeling very weary this Autumn after what has felt like a tiring and draining year (with occasional good bits) for those in service to the Light.   
Look after yourself.   Stay well – stay strong – stay in the Light.

In Feng Shui terms October has “The new energy of whining and complaining arriving in all buildings. This month’s energy is a precursor to the “letting go” energy to follow which will be in the heart of all buildings in November.”  Try not to whinge and stay away from the whingers as they will only drag you down.  Do whatever it takes to lift your spirits.

It was also a Lunar Eclipse, and Eclipses always shake things up.  Where you have been procrastinating you will be nudged (or shocked) out of complacency by the changes that occur.

What needs to change most in your life?
What have you been avoiding changing?
Who have you been avoiding?

If you have been hiding your head in the sand, Eclipses give you a boot up the backside into the direction you now need to go.  They clear the way for something that is ALWAYS much better.  So whilst the events that happen may seem terrifying, trust that where you will land and what happens next will be so much better than you can even begin to try and imagine.

This Eclipse invited us to take a long, hard, honest look at ourselves and how we have been living our lives (especially the habits we have slipped into).  It is time to drop the habits that are actually sabotaging our success and happiness (and in some cases, your health).  It is time to act.

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Darkstar Astrology described this Lunar Eclipse as “nailing cobwebs”.  A very apt description of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse energies.  There was also a lot of warring energy around as emotions rose to the surface.  As ever, love must be the only weapon used, as it is the boat that takes us safely to shore once again.  

This transit was a battle between opposites pulling you in two directions.  Which battle have you been fighting?

Negativity vs Positivity?
Illness vs Wellness? 
Fear vs Love?
Poverty vs Abundance?
Failure vs Success?

This is very much a time of trying to find balance. It is a time of saying no to extremes and YES to balance in your life, your relationships and your emotions.

Those who have been working with (rather than resisting) the energies are now getting massive Ahas!  They are receiving clarity about the decisions they now need to make, they know it feels right and they feel confident about taking steps in the new direction/s they need to go in.

The effect of Eclipses can go on for many months, so do your best to go with the flow of where you are being pushed.  Stay positive and trust that the Universe ALWAYS has your best interests at heart.  The Universe loves you and wants only the best for you.  However, like a devoted parent, sometimes it has to be tough on you in order for you to achieve the wonderful things in your life.  As ever it is a battle of the ego, of fear over love.  Trust is the tool that helps us to get through.  Trusting that what is ahead, will be so much better than that which we are leaving behind.

What is playing out on the world stage will continue to rock our 3D world until August next year at least.  So yes, we will continue processing as we try to adapt to our changing world and changing lives.  Spiritual evolution has accelerated, and this part ain’t the pretty, fluffy La La stuff, it is the real, nitty-gritty stuff that we are having to deal with and witness.  And don’t be fooled by something hailed as a “new discovery” by our governments, the power of suggestion may be persuasive but look beyond the illusion to the capitalist intention behind it.  They are constantly looking for ways to manipulate the people, we have to keep our vibration high so that we can always access higher truth and see through any deceptions.

I came across this quote, which I thought was very helpful for this Full Moon/Eclipse transit:

“Take your Inner Being everywhere you go.
If you take your Inner Being to the party, it's going to be a good party!
 If you take your Inner Being, the food that you eat will be received perfectly
by the cells of your body.
Every word that comes out of your mouth will be beneficial to everyone
who hears them with their ears—or with their vibration.
 Don't go anywhere without your Inner Being.
That's what "Allowing" is.
Always having your Inner Being present.
And then, anything else that happens
is always orchestrated perfectly by the Law of Attraction.“
 -- Abraham-Hicks

Astrologer, Elizabeth Peru summed this transit up in one sentence:
“Doors open – difficulties can vanish – jump on opportunities”

This Full Moon Eclipse asks you:

Are you living on purpose - or are you drifting through life? 
Are you taking charge of your life or is life taking charge of you? 
Where is your power?  
Can you see the doors opening - or are you blind to them?

(If you need help in answering any of these questions, perhaps it’s time to book a 1-2-1 with me).

MERCURY Retrograde

I love Merc retrograde, things finally slow down enough for me to catch up and I get breathing space to work on projects etc.  It's not the time to push anything instead it's time to breathe.
Mercury retrograde is all about re’s.  Redoing, reworking, repairing, recharging, renewing, relaxing, rethinking, etc.
As many of you know, Mercury retrograde causes snafus in communication devices such as computers, mobile ‘phones etc.  Interestingly, this particular retrograde is placing a strong emphasis on us relying less on the internet, mobiles and gadgets and actually spending more time face to face.  Facebook has already gone down once since this transit started and is a hint for us to communicate on a human rather than cyber level.  Now I love communicating on the cyber level, I work a lot on my own and it is great catching up with friends all around the world and helps me feel connected to them.  However, this transit is about real face time (not cyber Facetime!).  We are being asked to unplug ourselves from our machines and get out into Nature and the community more. 

Mercury in Scorpio gives power to our communications.  As ever during this transit some may not get what we are talking about and what seems so clear to us may go completely over their heads.  There is also an element of fanatical energy about this Mercury Retrograde, so don’t get sucked into debates (especially on internet groups) as they could turn nasty.  Even if you have innocently and gently posted your point of view, because of this transit it could be turned on you and you could be attacked by others with over-the-top, strong and cutting opinions.  So think before you speak or write anything from now until the end of November.

On the positive side, your creative communications can blossom.  Areas such as art, poetry, writing, photography, teaching/giving talks are all very well aspected.  (Just ensure that you have double and triple checked your notes, venues and travel arrangements).

Scorpio is the sign of magic and magickal practices.  Intuition, visions, dreams etc are also very well aspected during this transit.  Mercury slows everything down more, so you will be given the time to attune and receive the special downloads available during this transit.  (Especially if you are a Scorpio or have Scorpio in your chart). 
Scorpio is also the sign of secrets, so secrets can be revealed now (especially karmic ones and/or ones from the past). 
Take care not to wear your heart on your sleeve and reveal too much about yourself.  Those who are Scorpio or have Scorpio strongly aspected in their chart, tend to be generous, giving people who are so authentically themselves, that they do not realise their openness can also make them vulnerable to attack.  Button up your Aura and your mouth and all will be well!
This is also the month of the Water Dog in Feng Shui.  Scorpios are very loyal and this transit encourages us all to “uphold the values of honesty, loyalty and integrity” over the next few weeks.  (Those who do not honour the values will be exposed for who they really are).

Use the slow down time of this short transit to recharge and reflect.  Take time out over the next few weeks, to build your energies before the busyness of the holiday season starts to make its impact on you.  Any insights you receive, write them in your journal as well as any ideas that may suddenly drop into your mind.  And keep them to yourself!  This is not the time to reveal until everything is in place.  Spend this transit and the coming Winter moons quietly working on your projects, dreams and goals and your long-term plans.  Spring is the better time for reveals and launching new things.

Enjoy the magick that this Mercury retrograde can bring you!  This quote sums it up perfectly:-

“People even more than things, have to be restored, renewed,

revived, reclaimed and redeemed.  Never throw out anyone.”

 -- Audrey Hepburn

Magickal Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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