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Phew, it has been a bit of an emotional ride leading up to this Full Moon! 

The Full Moon is in dreamy (and often bossy) Pisces.  Dreamtime has become very vivid in the lead up to this moon and you may have found it difficult to concentrate as you felt dreamy and wanted to stare out of the window under this Pisces’ influence. 
This Full Moon invites us to release all that no longer serves us – on the inner and outer levels.  Many have already had the urge to purge again, and have been clearing clutter and reorganizing their living and work spaces, including their nutrition. 
There is a sense of endings with this Full Moon, which we must not resist.  There is a sense of not knowing what’s next.  Whatever you are feeling, look for what is positive and beautiful in your life and our beautiful world, focus on beauty within and without to keep your vibration raised.

And it’s Autumn; I love new Seasons, for me it is always out with the old and in with the new as we settle into the energies that the new Season brings.  I adore the colours of Autumn and the way that Nature teaches us exactly what we need to be doing at this time of year. 
Mind you the Autumn has come in so quickly here that it has been a bit of a shock to go from sun hot enough to burn one day to needing winter woollies and the heating on the next day!  However, a part of me is secretly looking forward to lighting candles in the evening again and I’m already thinking about knitting projects.

Adjustments continue

It’s been a strange few weeks as we seem to swing from one thing to another, from one way of feeling to another, and it can be difficult at times to maintain the new-found confidence/joy we have been experiencing when we disappointingly find ourselves dropping down again.  Some have found themselves swinging between clarity and confusion, elation and depression, confidence and fear, love and hate, anger and peace etc.  Be patient with yourself, we are all still adjusting to our new expanded selves and are being constantly tested by cr*p on the third dimension level. 

Attacks against the Feminine

There has been a rise in feminine power over the past couple of months, and for some women it has been a challenge adjusting to the new roles they now find themselves in, or realise that they must now step into.  It becomes even harder when they start getting cr*p from others just for living, speaking and being in their truth.  I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that many strong, spiritual women I know have been attacked for just being themselves or for speaking their truth, (or as in my case for being too professional!)  95%+ of these attacks have come from men.  (The remaining percentage coming from women linked to these men who have no idea what is really going on and are being led by these men). 
The challenge for these men is to overcome the old patriarchal need to damage and/or control the feminine.  They need to heal the damaged male within and embrace their divine feminine within.
The challenge for women is to not allow these tests to knock them off centre or off path.  You know who you are and you know what you need to do now and the role you must step up for.
I will not tolerate abuse of the feminine in any shape or form, and I will not tolerate disrespect of feminine wisdom.
As I have said many times, we are now in the Era of True Partnership, and as with all new eras, it takes a while to shake things down, eliminate old patterns of being and find new ways of being and living befitting of new dimensions and eras.
Be patient with yourself and others yet have the wisdom to step away from those who do not respect you. 

Consciousness chaos

Despite growth in consciousness amongst the masses, dumbing down of the masses continues and has indeed been stepped up.  This has been perfectly illustrated over the past year with the vast number of false flag ops designed specifically to whip the public into a fearful frenzy so that they will support the next war.  For the first time ever, the public refused to go along with it, so what did they do?  Yep, performed another false flag op to keep the public in fear.  Do they think we are all stupid?
This dumbing down is occurring in other areas too.  I have been astounded at how the public on both sides of the pond are willing to soak up anything and believe it without checking it out first.  Then if someone does point out the problem or danger with something, they choose to ignore it. 
I have seen this happen a lot regarding herbs and essential oils over the past month.  Unqualified people are posting on social media sites and public forums a lot of info about them without considering contraindications with medications etc.  What’s even worse is that the qualified professionals are not doing anything about it.  Dangerous info is dangerous to those of us working in these professions.  We have a responsibility that if we post/write anything, that we know what we are talking about. 
Responsibility is the key word at the moment, and there has been a distinct lack of responsibility in all areas/fields, from our governments right the way down to the layman.
It is time to tune into higher consciousness, to lift our own standards and stay away from those who only seek to lower them. 

Ego battles

This has been portrayed on the world stage as well as closer to home.  The bright light from this Full Moon is showing us clearly where we are stuck in our own egos as well as who is stuck in ego, who is acting from ego, who is projecting from ego and who is being dangerous from ego.  Those we may have tolerated in the past, we can no longer tolerate, as we can see clearly that they are driven solely by their ego rather than their heart. 
Many over the past month have been working so hard on themselves, aware that they need to overcome ego in order to fully live the Path of the Heart.  This is not an easy thing to achieve as the tests are numerous and sometimes you feel you are taking one step forward and then six back again. 
Persistence is key; the more you practice choosing love (heart) instead of fear (ego) the more it will become the norm in your life.  And the purer you become the worse some others seem to become around you.  As you live in your purer and higher truth, it seems to bring out the worst in those around you who are not ready for that yet and they will try and pull you down, right down to their level again.  Do not let this happen. 
Stay on track, keep on living from a place of love and trust and it will all balance out for you.  In the meantime, speak to others on the same wavelength as you for some mutual support, be kind to yourself and take plenty of time out for yourself – especially if you need to regroup and replenish yourself.  Get plenty of rest, keep drinking water to flush out any stress toxins and take some essences in your water to keep your vibration raised.  (If you would like any help in determining which Essences are best for you right now, then do contact me and I will dowse for you).

AUTUMN EQUINOX (Spring Equinox for those in southern hemisphere)

All of the above has been part of the build up to Equinox.  As is usual with the quarter festivals of the year, there is always an intense build up to them as they remind us about the need for balance in the planet, our lives and ourselves, and provide many examples about who and what is out of balance.  This Equinox is particularly powerful.  We have all expanded so much recently as we entered the Age of Aquarius.  We have been continually bombarded with different types of energies (surges of solar flares, photon belt, higher levels of Light etc).  This has left many reeling and some swinging from one extreme to another.  Now we are being called to regain balance and to find the right balance for ourselves and our lives. 

This Full Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon and invites us to celebrate our personal harvest from the year before we turn to preparing for Winter.  The Autumn Equinox gives us the perfect opportunity to think about the year we have had, to weigh everything up and make decisions about how we wish to proceed now.  It invites us to celebrate ourselves, our homes and land, and all that Mother Earth has provided for us over the wonder-full, lush Summer that we have just had. 
Grandmother Moon’s fullness lights us up from the inside showing us how much we have grown over the past year, how far we have travelled in our personal and spiritual development which She wants us to celebrate.  Too many on this pathway beat themselves up about not putting in enough spiritual practice etc, Grandmother Moon says
“Child, you are evolving with or without practice, you have opened yourself up to receive divine energies which you have allowed to pass through you, that is practice enough.” 

The light from this Full Moon is a wake-up call; you will now see things as they are not as you want them to be.  This Full Moon light is so powerful and illuminating that it can also feel quite terrifying.  Many of you have been so courageous in facing your own demons and dealing with everything that has been thrown at you this year, you have accepted the Age of Aquarius and are surrendering to the Will of the Divine.  You are aware that you have changed, that something has shifted but it hasn’t quite landed yet.  This is what can feel a bit weird and scary.  It’s almost as if your face is changing (you can feel tiny movements in the small bones of the face) but you are not sure what into, you are not sure who you are becoming.  Inside you may feel empty, so much has been emptied out and cleared.  You are not sure yet what should be filling this new void and you are cautiously getting familiar with the void (the void can bring up feelings of fear, displacement, loneliness, limbo).  Actually you don’t really need to know what is going on, you just need to Be.  It is the ego and your manic mind that want answers/explanations/step by step instructions/the plan.  Well there is no plan, this is how it is right now, and so the sooner we can all accept that the better.
Remember to keep your protection around you whilst you are in this vulnerable stage, this too will pass, you will soon receive clarity about what is going on, just be open to being steered in the direction that you need to go.
All of this is part of letting go of the ego and moving into the Path of the Heart.  The key is to get out of your head and solar plexus and stay in your heart.  The battle between heart and ego is tiring as your mind chatter can drain you of energy with its negativity.  Be a Messenger of Love (despite what is going on all around you), be the calm within the storm, focus on yourself and your heart centre and keep pulling yourself back into that calm, loving centre.  Breathe through your heart chakra and this will calm your emotions and your mind.  Get out in Nature and give your mind something else to focus on whilst you enjoy being recharged by grounding, Earth energy.

Whilst you are in this void state, remain open to messages from Spirit.  This is a time of big breakthroughs.  You may be given a new name to use in this lifetime; you may be given new guides and animal totems.  In the void you are in a space of massive creative consciousness, be open to what is trying to get your attention.  Big breakthroughs are possible now.  All of us need to remain open to the messages waiting to come through.  For some this is to do with your Soul purpose here on Earth, what comes through may seem totally radical and will completely alter your life as you know it, say yes to it, however bizarre it may seem to you.  (And do not seek others’ opinions about it, keep it to yourself, go into your heart and trust your heart and gut reaction.  You will know that it is what you need to do). 
We are surrendering every aspect of who we thought we are/were; this is why it feels scary, because we cannot yet see who we are becoming.  This is also tiring; you must build in periods of rest so that you can integrate the different layers of this process.

Remember that you are a Rainbow Warrior, that you were chosen to be here to birth the Age of Aquarius; therefore you do have the strength to cope with all of this.  You have done so well this year, give yourself a hug and a pat on the back, and hug yourself and others often!  Lift your chin up and always seek the light, allow it to permeate your entire Being and every cell of your Being.  Let go and go with the flow. Keep the faith and keep on keeping on!


 I let go effortlessly and easily

I accept with grace

I trust, I trust, I trust!

I am a beautiful Being in a beautiful World

Magic and miracles happen all around me!


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AUTUMN EQUINOX Blessings to y’all!

Revel in the colours of Autumn and bring them into yourself and your environment. 

Delight in Autumn landscapes, shapes and the smells of harvest time.

Delight in yourself and those you love, and have fun playing together in this first Moon of Falling Leaves.

You are beauty-full; let the world see you in your full, glorious colours.

Celebrate your harvest (inner and outer)

Happy Autumn / Fall! 

 Elly x

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Denise DeSousa said...

thank you again Elly, I love your support even from afar. aho, Denise DeSousa

Denise DeSousa said...

thank you again Elly for your support in these words, I will keep the faith. AHO, Denise

Elly Yule said...

Hi Denise,
Lovely to hear from you.
I'm glad it was of help.
Keep on keeping on.
Hau Hau!
Elly x