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It has been a challenging start to the year for many, including myself, which is why I haven’t published anything for a while.  The e-zine and Blog take a long time to write and are offered free.  They can only be written when I have the time, space and energy to do so.  Life recently has required all of my energy and attention and didn’t leave me enough to complete the half written offerings from this month and last month.  They are also meant to be a window to showcase the work that I do, the therapies/services/products that I offer, and if I do not receive any orders/bookings from them, I have to now decide whether it is worth the time and effort required, when that time and effort could perhaps be channelled into different areas of business revenue.  However, I do love writing the updates, I find it creatively satisfying and still enjoy receiving the downloads from Spirit, so for the moment, I will continue to share as and when I can.


Well, we made it through the hype of 2012.  Even if you tried not to buy into it, energetically we were all affected in one way or another by the anticipation.  Having got through December 2012, we all thought, yippee that’s it; we’ve made it through the Ascension journey and survived.  Which is true, however, what we didn’t expect was the post 2012 fall-out as things continue to settle.

We have been on a ten-year plus Ascension journey, which has now ended.  Have we ended up where we thought we would?  Are we who we thought we would be?  Are we living like we thought we would be?  Is our reality what we expected it to be?  Or does everything seem the same?

Well, nothing is the same.  You haven’t been on that long journey for nothing.  The problem is that you have changed and now need to be inhabiting your new reality and living and Being it.  This is difficult when the old reality hologram still seems to be so real.  Many have been feeling ungrounded, displaced, dizzy and lacking in focus as they try to find their footing.  We are still in that settling-in space, which I hope will ease for us as we get into Spring next month.  The key to anchoring into the new reality is Love, and Love is the only key you need for this year.

Numerologically it is a ‘6’ year. (2+0+1+3 = 6).  Six is the Love vibration number and is what we all need to focus on this year.  Love really is the key to getting us through.  In the first few days of the year, there was a tremendous wave of love that seemed to sweep the globe and everyone was absorbing it, transmitting it and feeling fabulous and so in tune with each other.  I thought yes, this is what the new reality is all about; this is what it feels like! 
Six is also the number for harmony, commitment, relationships, marriage and family.  If you want to travel, you may find the following countries calling you during this ‘6’ year: Mexico, Thailand, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, Canada, and Iran.  (And isn’t it interesting how many of these countries need a lot of healing and light at the moment as many of them are experiencing incredible turmoil).

Those working with the Love vibration of this Six year will be developing not just their ability to be loving, but also a sense of what is just, they are willing to step up and take responsibility for whatever group/s they are involved in, they will be even more generous than before and will happily share their idealism.

Those rejecting Love and choosing to work with the shadow aspect of this year will be displaying these types of traits; they will be uncaring, unjust, resent responsibility, be mean and obsessive.  Just ensure you don’t get caught up in any of their dramas or drawn into any of their co-dependent games.

Unfortunately that fabulous love wave receded and some hard realities set in with shock experiences for many of us.  We have been given a taste of what it feels like to live in Love as our 24-7 reality.  I want that back!  What came in next was like a whack across the back of the head.  Our task now is to get back into that wave of love whilst dealing with the curveballs we are being tested with this year.

 “Watch your back” - I have been hearing that over and over since the start of the year.  This is a year when you will need to watch your back.  Many of you will have already felt how unstable and downright weird the energies have been a lot of the time, so far this year. No wonder we need to ensure that we are centred and grounded, and are monitoring protection for ourselves, our energy fields, our loved ones, our homes etc. 

Illness brought many of us to our knees.  I have never known so many Lightworkers and strong women brought down by illness as in the past couple of months.  I have never known some of my business colleagues to get ill; they are usually incredibly strong and energetic women.  In this time of increased feminine power we are starting the year with some deep cleansing.  In order to take our place and set up shop in the new reality we need to be in good health, we need to have a clear idea of how we want to live and work and Be, and for many folks they haven’t got a clue.  They just know that what they have been doing no longer feels right, that a change is needed.  Illness gives us the rest time, think time and reassessment time that we need.

Are you thinking for yourself? Or are you still seeking validation from other people and sources outside of yourself?  Stop being so weak, own your power and trust the Divine Intelligence that is within you.  It is time for you to speak your truth (not repeat what others say), it is time for you to live your truth – anything that prevents you from doing this must go now and that includes people, groups etc as well as your own limiting thoughts and negative beliefs.  We have come through the darkest time and the whole point of that was to make us independent and to drop all forms of co-dependency (be that substances such as sugar, alcohol, drugs, addictions, as well as relationships).
How can you possibly benefit from all the wonderful energy this year and access the wonderful things and experiences that are waiting to come in for you, if you are still doing the same old same old?
Stop thinking about it – do it – stop talking about it – do it!

The Feminine becomes more greatly empowered this year as more women are now owning their power and using it to make a difference in our world.  However be prepared to be attacked for it too, the more authentic and genuine you are in your power the more you will alarm those who are not authentic or aware of the importance of feminine energy at this time on our planet, and they may try to trick you verbally or emotionally.  Don’t let them affect you in any way, realise that you are doing the right thing and let nothing and no-one stop you.  Many men are embracing their feminine energy within and in a more masculine and balanced way now (for a while some of them went too far the other way and were too empathically female which knocked their balance), and they have a realization of the changes that now need to occur in their lives also.
(I wrote the above paragraph in December, and little did I know then how prophetic it would be, no sooner did we turn into the New Year than small, some subtle and some less subtle attacks against the Feminine started, culminating in a quite a big one in February).


We are now in the Year of the Yin Water Snake.

Key watchwords for this Snake year: “Pay attention to detail.”

The yin water element of the year is associated with intelligence, innovation, intuition, inventiveness, inner tension, secretive and hidden plans, the kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs and hearing. (You may be prone to weakness in these areas this year, so stay healthy).
The yin fire element of the Snake year connects with illumination, entertainment, cunning, fire, electricity, reactive energy, the heart, vision and fever.

The sensual Snake will activate lessons in deepening our connection with Source/Creator, if we work with the energy of this year we can deepen our spiritual wisdom and cosmic connection.

As it is in the element of Water it means that lessons and healings will happen on a deep, emotional level.  Wherever you have been stagnating emotionally, be prepared for things to be shaken up, you cannot stagnate any longer, change is necessary.  Whatever you have stuffed away and hidden (or forgotten about) will rise from the depths to be faced this year.

The Yin energy warns us not to do anything with excess or overwork ourselves (you could end up with depression), instead it encourages us to use this year to restore ourselves on every level and achieve a more permanent feeling of inner balance. This is a year of moderation, of “gradual and gathered strength”.  Not a year for pushing anything or taking risks – especially financial.  Stability and balance in all that you do in every area of your life is essential this year.  This is not the year for playing with fire, because you will get burned for sure.  This also includes our health, no taking any kind of risks with your health this year, look after yourself, you must put your health first this year before anything and anyone else.  You may also need to “hold your tongue” more this year and be diplomatic (balance in speech and kindness in speech and only speak the truth). 

As one of my favourite Feng Shui masters (the wonderful Kathryn Weber of said “Make sure you’re the person who is ahead on payments, flosses your teeth (not just says you do to your dentist, blushing), and wears your seatbelt… at all times.”

It is a perfect year to develop good meditation practice.  It is also a gently sociable year, a year of gentle connections and collaborations.

The Snake represents wisdom, intelligence and self-control.  We will be tested on these aspects of ourselves this year.

Other Aspects

Like Snake, we have been shedding an old skin, and now need to take care of the vulnerable new one until it has adapted to its environment.  Aura and chakra protection is essential.  (Think of yourself as a newborn and how you would look after a newborn).

The Year of the Snake brings many twists and turns, and it is a year to expect the unexpected.

My husband recently prepared for a long wanted interview.  His interview day is a perfect example of Snake year energy.  The day before he planned what to wear, went through his paperwork and ran through possible questions, gave himself plenty of time to get ready in the morning, checked he had everything he needed and went off excitedly.  When he walked into the office, he found out that one of his friends/colleagues had died.  My hubby had been fond of him and had a lot of respect for him, as he was a great man.  What upset my hubby even more was that the interview was being held in the dead man’s office. 
This is typical Snake energy, you think everything is going well and then suddenly something out of the blue smacks you in the face.  It’s a test.  For him it was to see whether this would completely drag him down and knock him off centre for his much longed for interview.  As I helped him in his grief during a ‘phone call before the interview, I saw his colleague high up on the wall behind the panel of interviewers smiling at Pete, I said he is going to be your Guardian Angel today, that’s why it is happening in his room, he is helping you, so go do him proud!  (My hubby didn’t get the job, but he passed a lot of tests that day inwardly and outwardly and I was so proud of him).

Watch out for those with forked tongues, they may come disguised in outer clothing of grace and elegance however, they may not be trusted.  There will be those who Talk the Talk convincingly, take care not to get sucked in by them, they may not be who you think they are.  Our industry (mind/body/spirit/complementary/alternative) is the worst for this, and this could be a year of tricksters.  Snakes can strike at will, wilfully and powerfully, so don’t be taken in by a snake in the grass who seems super laid back, it could snap its fangs at you before you even realise it.

Traditionally Snake years can be wonderful but can also be difficult with shock events (the mowing down of the student of Tiananmen Square and other major incidents such as 911 all happened during Snake years).  If you are presented with big challenges then you know that within those challenges are big opportunities. 
There can be opportunities for abundance this year and new opportunities and experiences; there can also be setbacks and delays.  This year should be a lot smoother than last year, but there can be some bumpy bits along the way.  


The more effort you put in this year, the greater the rewards this year and in years ahead.  This is not the year to be lazy (and God/dess help you if you are), nor to be a fence sitter, pessimist or to be faint hearted.  “It is time to find your inner courage, or the need for it will confront you.”

It’s a good year for “men, the career-minded, entrepreneurs, writers and students”, business growth, and rebirth of businesses. Progress and success will be steady and sure like the tortoise this year not the hare.

When the tests happen, once you are over the shock, try and get back into your Heart centre and out of your head and solar plexus.  Take time out to meditate, calm down internally first and then you will know what to do.  Do not go running to everyone else first, you will end up like a headless chicken.  Sort yourself out first, calm yourself down and then seek further advice if you need it.  Sometimes sleeping on it can help greatly, as you may receive further guidance during dreamtime.

The colour green (think trees, Springtime) is very beneficial and helpful, and will bring you balance during this Snake year.  Use one or two accessories in the home, like a couple of cushions, a vase, etc.  And for you personally, accessorise with a scarf, jumper, jacket, handbag or shoes, jewellery etc.

By being prepared you will be able to deal with this year, so enjoy it!  It can be an empowering, abundant year full of new beginnings and opportunities.  “The Chinese understand that their family will never go hungry in the Year of the Snake” as long as planning, caution, reflection and balance are taken into account.

(To find out how the Year of the Snake will affect your personal Chinese sign, visit my favourite Feng Shui suppliers website for FFI:

Other Info

Every year Spirit gives me a catchphrase that accompanies the year that we are in, this year I have been given two: -

2013 – Be the dream
2013 – work as a Team

Use Love as your key to enable you to truly live the dream you have been creating for yourself.  Whilst we will continue to work on ourselves and strengthen ourselves on every level, this is the year to work with others towards a common goal.  Seek out others who can support you and your dreams; find a suitable coach/guide who can help you anchor and live your dream, find new friends and/or groups who will respect and honour your dreams and support you all the way.  Who can you collaborate with?  What collaborations can be created to serve the world in a bigger way?

And bring love into the mundane and routine in your life.  Give thanks for the safe clean water to wash your plates in and do it with love.  Give thanks for the ability to do chores and do them with love.  Stop and think before you say and do anything – “am I doing this with love?” Give yourself a few minutes and take a few deep breaths to put you back into your Heart centre.  Access the love energy there (or tap into the Universal Love that is always around you and draw that down into yourself) and then proceed. 

Give up trying to control your life, we have gone way beyond that, it is just too unpredictable.  Surrender to the Will of the Divine with love, in a way that you never have before.  When you allow Love to be your Guide, life flows more easily and you experience more joy.

Each day send up the prayer – “how may I serve today?”

FEBRUARY highlights

Mercury retrograde February 23rd – 20th March.

Full Moon 25 Feb 2013 20.25pm in Virgo

I am taking a leaf out of my own writings, and need to continue to gather my strength and energy.

Many Blessings
Elly x

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leonfirenze said...

Well done Elly. You put so much into that and I could feel your own struggles in all that. They reflected my own.
Please can you send me your email.. Always mean to ask and forget as I ramble this route to you.
I have been doing so much processing these past months and it is paying off though there has been many things telling me to sit and not make any decisions about my life until at least march.. Or perhaps the decisions will be made for me around then.. Very strong so I cannot ignore it. When I have tried to control or make plans I get ignored or v obvious walls stand in front of me. Kind of cool to feel the universe telling me so definitely.
This past 6 months has been the hardest in years and I thought I had all the work nearly done!!! I can appreciate it now as I do sense the end is nigh but there have been many bluesie days here and there. One part of me is so prepared for any obstacle even to the point if it is my time to leave I am ok with that too and the other still feels my old fears...
I ignored your detox warnings and did a wonderful 3 week fruit cleanse in January... Was another real calling and was vital for allowing the new energies to meet me openly.
There is no one at the moment I meet who is steady or sure of themselves. Everyone knows that change is nigh but not everyone is wide to what is happening or else they translate it from another standpoint.
Excuse my blabber Elly...
Was really writing to say thank you and send you some love and good vibes... Can you feel it??
My love to you.


Elly Yule said...

Great to hear from you again Noel. Thank you so much for your message which was very timely and much appreciated. You can contact me through the website addy:
Many Blessings
Elly x

samantha hurst said...

Hi elly I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into writing these pieces for us. I know many people who read them and greatly appreciate them and I suppose you don't always get that feedback as we are all faceless beings somewhere on the World Wide Web! They always bring me great comfort. I do hope you keep writing them but understand if you do not have the time anymore. Thank you again wonderful woman. Sam x

Elly Yule said...

Thanks Samantha, great to hear from you and thank you for your kind comments. It's true, I have no idea how many people read this Blog!
Many Blessings to you

mon emery said...

Elly...Thanks so much for your post. As always, it is very helpful and informative. I hope you can find the strength to keep them coming, but if you must stop, I certainly understand.


mrspeppermoo said...

Hi Elly,
Thankyou for writing this blog and all the ones that have come before it x your blog has seen me through some tough times, it has given me hope, inspiration and has moved me forward as a person. I always look forward to your words....
Much appreciation
Manda xx