Tuesday, 21 February 2012

NEW MOON Blessings!

The New Moon today (UK 22:35pm, 17:35pm USA – EST, 22nd Aus/NZ) falls in the sign of Pisces.

Pisces energy always makes us feel dreamy; we don’t feel like concentrating or pushing ourselves too hard. And that is exactly what this New Moon is all about. Chill out a bit and tune into the dream energy that is around for the next three days, as you may receive new insights about your dreams and goals.

Although a dreamy and romantic sign, Pisces people have strong personalities, Pisces women in particular. So if you are a Pisces woman, you have permission to stop being your usual control freak self for the next three days. Let yourself and everyone else around you off the hook!

Pisces is a water sign and so we are invited to indulge ourselves in its water element. Book into a spa, go swimming, visit water (pond/lake/ocean), drink plenty of pure water, wallow in a deep bubble bath etc.

Pisces’ water element also relates to our emotions, therefore it is time to take an honest look at how we feel emotionally. Are we content, happy, fulfilled? If not what is really going on? Is there anger or grief that needs clearing? Is that block that stops you expressing love ready to be removed now? Be like a fish and dive deep into the waters of your Self.

Today when writing your New Moon Wish List, your focus is on what you want emotionally over the coming month. What would you like to manifest for yourself that will help you to feel supported emotionally? What would nurture your emotions? What would you like help with emotionally?

Today’s New Moon also ushers in the start of a new 14 year Neptune cycle - Neptune leads the way forward in 2012 and beyond. (Check your personal astrology chart to see which house this is in to see how it will affect you).

Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is The Mystic and represents; spirituality, imagination, the Sea, union, dissolution, chaos, delusion, scandal, dreams, solvents, drugs, ESP, compassion, socialism, collectivism, nations, peoples, hospitals, asylums. It will be interesting to see how His influence will bring changes to our world.

Those that are in tune, will be bringing forth new manifestations from the dream world in a new way, their link to Spirit will be greatly enhanced and greatly enhance any creative work and creative projects.

Pay attention to your dreams over the next few days and over the coming years, keep a Dream Journal, as your dreamtime and psychic abilities will be greatly enhanced by Neptune.

On the other hand, the shadow side of Neptune’s areas will bring forth more scandals (no doubt political), more people power and changes to our hospitals and institutions – and not before time.

For those of you working within these areas, you can be the change makers from within; this is your opportunity over the next 14 years to make the changes that have been long overdue. For those of you who have been struggling working in places and jobs that support those in need such as drug rehab/hospitals/asylums, hang on in there you are now being given the planetary support to be the Way Showers and to bring about the changes you have longed for. You are true Warriors/Warrioresses!

This New Moon invites you to grab your Cosmic Surfboard and see where the cosmic waves will take you. (We have a ‘Cosmic Surfing’ spray mist which helps you to ride the coming changes and extremes of energy, whilst carrying on your day-to-day life, it brings stabilization, grounding, alignment and fluidity. http://www.theapothecarygarden.org/Products---SPRAY-MISTS.html).The Neptunian Cosmic Surf ride we are about to embark on will have some scary highs and lows, and as Neptune is also the water element the lows might make us go very low and drop us into depression, victim-consciousness, woe is me etc etc. We have to get back on that Cosmic Surf board and find another wave to take us forward and onwards.

Trust yourself and your instincts and trust your gut reactions. Be open to receiving – on all levels. Pay attention to your dreams (day dreams as well as those when sleeping) that will suddenly pop into your consciousness.

What are you dreaming into reality?

- for yourself

- for our world

Dare you dream bigger and better?

Remember you are the bridge between the dream world and the physical world.

There are no limits, 2012 as I have said before, is a blank canvas allowing us to create whatever we want – and we have the support to do it. None of us really knows what is going to happen, so stay in the present moment and enjoy every second of it. Make every minute of your life count. Be excited; trust yourself and your visions/dreams because you can make them a reality.

Now wax those Cosmic Surf Boards y’hear!

If you feel you would like some personal help with these transits, please contact me regarding a 1-2-1 session.

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