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Today’s New Moon partial Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (Friday 25 Nov 06:10am GMT, Thurs 24 10:10pm PST, Friday 25 Nov 1:10am EST) woke me up early just before it happened. Although only a partial eclipse - and therefore not as powerful as a full eclipse - this one is still powerful in its own way and brings us important messages, Eclipses will always demand our attention.

(Check out which house in your chart Sagittarius is in as this will give you an idea of what you are working on and what will be brought into the light during this partial eclipse transit. I have Sagittarius in my 4th house (Mother/Father, homeland – home of the Soul) and it is about me healing parental stuff (which has happened already, I have just enjoyed the best time with my Mother since I was a little girl but know that I still have some Father stuff to sift through), childhood stuff etc. My healing journey is about yet another round of freeing myself from the pain of my childhood and from that part of my past. This house enables one to feel deeply and so one’s experiences go very deep. The freedom once you have healed such deep stuff is absolutely wonderful and leaves you with the gift of Knowing. It is the house of Soul growth and expansion. The blood ties go deep and only we can heal them and free ourselves. I am excited to see where this will now lead me).

Since 11-11-11 we have had the blinkers removed and many are now seeing clearly where they are meant to be and what they are meant to be doing. If that isn’t you, don’t worry. The other 50% are waiting for clarity and in the meantime are doing some deep clearing, right down at cellular level before receiving clarity about the next stage of their lives. This clearing is bringing up old fears that you thought you had dealt with (such as abundance issues, self confidence issues, self image issues etc). Everybody is now questioning who they are, what their lives are about and where they fit into this world. We have to go into this deeply in order to create brand new realities for ourselves. So embrace the down days, dive in deep and clear what has been holding you back probably for many years.

The Moon moved into dreamy, romantic (and sometimes pedantic) Pisces today which will soften the effects of the Eclipse but makes it difficult to stay focused on tasks today. However the Sun is clashing with Mars today, so some people may want to pick a fight just for the sake of it – stay well away from them. Do not be sucked into bitching and fighting, this is lower vibrational energy and is being created by those who do not understand what is going on. Protect your aura and solar plexus from projected outbursts from others who are dealing with their own stuff, only in a less than helpful way!

The ‘worms’ are definitely crawling out from under the stones. I have seen egos playing out to the point where it makes me feel nauseous, and these are all so-called spiritual people! They all talk the Love & Light boll*cks but actually they are completely ego-driven as they weave their webs and manipulate for their own ego’s gain. I have seen this in many groups where they pump up each other’s ego not out of genuine love and compassion but purely with a materialistic intention behind it, further down the line they want to use these people for their own gain. What once seemed so caring and light, now reveals its true dark side that up until now has been cleverly well hidden. Stand well back and do not go near this lot!

This Lunar Eclipse invites us to take a step back (and as we now enter Mercury retrograde this is very fitting) and rethink our deepest beliefs, and rethink our plans and projects for the future. A couple of weeks ago I felt absolutely certain about what I wanted to do next year for myself personally and for my businesses. However in the past week all of that has gone and I have felt a little lost and directionless. It has been scary to go one week from feeling totally confident to not having a clue what to do the next. I am one of those now waiting for clarity whilst I clear some old stuff.

It is time to let go of old expectations, outmoded ways of thinking and doing things and being rigid in your opinions and beliefs - especially religious and spiritual. Drop judgments of yourself and others. Erase all those old tapes once and for all, update old stories about yourself and others (those in victim-mode say the same old stories over and over again like a broken record keeping them stuck in the same old, same old). Quit hankering after what you haven’t got, use what you’ve got where you are right now and be grateful for it. Be open to finding new creative and resourceful ways to use what you’ve got.

Open yourself up to Divine Guidance. Surrender your ego and allow Divine Will and the Universe to be your compass. The old pathways you have been travelling on are now dissolving, and for a while it may seem as if you have no path to follow. For those who are willing to be open and expand their consciousness during this transit, new pathways and opportunities will open up for you. So be patient, meditate, take walks in Nature and talk to Spirit.

The good news is that as it is a New Moon we are given a fresh chance to start again, to be excited about exploring new possibilities and opportunities. However this solar eclipse will “punish runaway egos and irresponsible behaviour”, so don’t get too cocky or you could get a kick up the butt. Drop being competitive or feeling like you are in a competition. Take it slow, take things one step at a time, don’t rush anything.

The first half of December is a time to review, revise and rework future plans rather than implementing them, this is not the time to push things. Mercury retrograde means that your message may not be as well received as other times of the year and you may wonder why people are not responding to it so well, - it ain’t the right time. Keep things ticking along and keep an eye on all the pots you have a-brewin’. Be very careful about what you are committing yourself to as this may change, risks are not advised at this time. Show no weakness (if you do, it could be your downfall).

Use these energies to help you tie up loose ends, finish outstanding tasks, chores and projects in readiness for next year. Do this before the year ends. Try and go with the flow (Pisces) despite the bombasticness of others (Mars). Chiron the Great Healer is there, ready and willing to help you heal all that you need to let go of now. Go with the flow of uncertainty and allow healing, wait for clarity and love yourself more than you have ever loved yourself before. (Our ‘Self Love’ essence helps greatly with this).

The 11-11-11 opened the doorway, the December Moons and Eclipse season provide the starting blocks for us to start visualizing who/where/how for 2012. These celestial events signal that we have completed major life lessons and are now ready to move to the next level. (Again check your chart to see in which house this occurs, as that is the area that you will be progressing in. I am delighted to have completed lessons in this house, I have been through so many layers of them, it is like a big boulder has been lifted from my shoulders and my wings are free to expand again).

Questions to ask yourself:-

What lesson/s am I aware of completing at this time?

What do I really want – for myself? For my family? For my work? For my world?

What do I believe is possible for me (“Universe surprise and delight me beyond my wildest dreams!”).

What do I see?

Do I really see me? (Or my egoic image?)

Do I really see others? (Or my egoic projections of who I think they are?)

Do I really see my World? (Or only what my ego wants to see?)

Am I fooling myself? (Or are others fooling me?)

Remember that you are a Lightworker and it is your mission to hold the space for the bigger picture and protect the innocents. Therefore please radiate your beautiful whiteLight and Heartlight out far and wide during your prayers and meditations, to help support the awakening of the masses. Remember that they are very frightened because they do not understand what is going on. They need our help more than ever.

Remember too that we are approaching Winter Solstice, always a powerful time, and this year’s extended Solstice crossing invites us to retreat, reflect, be quiet, contemplate, pray, heal and integrate the massive year that we have all come through. Just think how many changes have occurred in your life, how many personal shifts you have made, how many energy waves and astrological rollercoaster rides you have been a part of ! It is vital during the coming Winter moons (December, January, February) to rest and regenerate, to contemplate and plan and to be at peace with yourself in preparation for 2012 and beyond.

There are many beginnings and endings at the moment. Things are moving so fast, we have all changed so much since we passed through 11-11-11 and I know that by the end of this year we will all have changed again. All this and with 2012 ahead of us, it’s one heck of a ride this lifetime and I am so glad to be sharing it with you.

We have a lot of Fire energy this month so use it positively to fire your creativity and in your seasonal celebrations. Light the fires, light lots of candles and fill your house with light. Celebrate, expect miracles, smile, laugh, and love whilst all around you Winter wraps her dark velvet cloak (protection) and anoints you with snow (snow = purity).

New Moon Blessings to you all

Elly x

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