Tuesday, 11 October 2011

FULL MOON Blessings

October’s Full Moon brings this month to completion, a month that has laid the foundations for the month ahead and the year ahead. It is time to celebrate and honour all that you have achieved over the past month (lots of woohoos!), as you prepare to slow down and withdraw your energies a little as the Moon goes into Her waning phase.

This Full Moon celebrates the miracles that are happening all around us if we open our eyes and ears to witness them and to receive them. Many are finding that their visionary powers have tripled over the past few weeks and they will continue to do so. Focus on what is spiritual, and the rest will follow.

Watch out for ULPs which will come up to sabotage and attack the beauty that is ready to be born through you now. Don’t allow self-attack to rob you of positivity as it will leave you exposed to attack from others. The lower ego mind will try and distract you and disconnect you from Spirit. Just reconnect to Spirit in whatever way you can, and balance will be restored once more.

The shadow side of this Full Moon is that what has been simmering under the surface will now come up for healing, and it has the potential to be explosive! Forewarned is forearmed as they say, so now you know you will be able to deal with it. Rise above what may be thrown at you, listen to your inner guidance about how to deal with it and make the decision to be brave, tackle it head on and heal it.

Use the coming two weeks of waning energy to rest, reflect and recharge, as you will need a lot of energy for the powerful events that are coming up in November and beyond. Questions to ask yourself during the waning phase are: -

What am I ready to let go of now?

What am I becoming (what is my role in life)?

What do I want to do next with my life?

Is everything in place or do I need to sort some things out?

Am I clear about my next step or do I need to wait for clarity?

Am I truly authentic (or copying someone else’s model)?

Who am I really?

Because October and November are such important months, I am offering an 11% discount on my 1-2-1 consultations for those who would like help in preparing for the important events that are coming up. Together we will find out which doorways are going to be opening and closing for you as well as so much more, you will also receive an Essence to support you. Please contact me a.s.a.p. to book to ensure that you are well prepared. (Offer ends Nov 11th).


Sarah Vine said...

Thank you Elly for your wonderful article this month... I shall remember to watch out for those ULP's and take time to rest and recharge xxxx

Elly Yule said...

You are very welcome Sarah, great to hear from you.
The rest of the updates for October are under the Full Moon Blessings article.
Have a wonder-full month!
Elly x