Saturday, 30 July 2011

New Moon Blessings!

Today's New Moon in Leo (7:40pm UK) is the luckiest New Moon of 2011. It sets the energy for August – the month of creativity.
Leo says stop pushing and start creating instead.
Don’t forget to let your inner child play this month! Allow the magical, golden child within to be your creativity guide over the next four weeks. Get out of your heads and into your hearts whilst you dance in the rays of the Sun.
August = Create – Play – Love.
There is still time to write your New Moon Wish List as the New Moon doesn't 'appear' until 7:40pm tonight.
Write a list of what you most want to manifest over the coming month and beyond. Fold it and then place on your altar.
Tonight light a candle, and read it out loud to Grandmother Moon.
Believe it and you will see it.
New Moon Blessings y'all!
Elly x

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