Friday, 9 July 2010


This weekend’s New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse. So how will this affect us?

Well some folks are having to let go of people/pets/groups/things and this can be very upsetting. However this is necessary in order to clear your path so that you can move forward from here. It is a great time to let go of things and people from the past. So if you sense something is ending or needs to go, trying not to resist it, you are creating space for new and better to come in. Whatever has gone wrong, you now have a lot of support to get it right and to move forward fearlessly, so drop the guilt/shame/fear and go for it now! We are being tipped out of our comfort zones because it is time for us to move forward and/or onto the next level now. It is therefore a great time to sift and sort, organize and prioritize. Stay in the present, this is where your personal power is, don’t let your mind drift you back into the past (unless it is to retrieve and heal an old wound) or fantasise about the future. Get back on track and stay present. Be excited and ready to move forward now.

The New Moon is in Cancer and is symbolized by the Crab, it is a nurturing and giving Moon. Let us spare a thought for the Crab and all creatures of the oceans and seas especially with all they have been suffering lately in the Gulf of Mexico.

REMINDER: As a support for all the energy work helping to heal the Gulf oil crisis, we are offering 50% off our “WATER BLESSINGS – Blessings of Love for the Water” essence with every order. Water is Mother Earth’s blood, how sick She must be feeling from the pollution in Her waters, no wonder She is doing all She can to expel the toxins from Her Being. If we can do our best to love, bless and heal the waters of the Earth Mother, we are helping Her to heal and rejuvenate. In micro/macrocosm terms it means that this will help us too. This essence was made immediately after the big Tsunami in 2005 and has been used by many people worldwide in water ceremonies and rituals and has been sent to countries affected by Tsunamis. A single drop can make a big difference. Start making a difference today. You will receive full information with each bottle including how to transmit the essence etherically.

This New Moon of celebration encourages us to get in touch with and make more time for family. The Solar Eclipse enables you to leave behind any childish triggers and emerge as a stronger adult in your dealings with family.

Symptoms you may have experienced lately are connected to several solar flares as well as the powerful energy of the upcoming Eclipse. These include; extreme tiredness, feeling muddled or confused, sweating as if you are burning something up from inside. This is an emotional time, with feelings rising to the surface to be healed. Take time to think about you feel; do you feel deeply or are you a bit numb to your feelings? How do you feel about your life right now? How do you feel about your environment right now – and the people and things you have in it? How do you feel about our World right now? How well do you give and receive? How well do you react and interact? How well do you carry yourself and show yourself in our world? This Eclipse brings great transformation so some will hit a ‘healing crisis’ as they journey through this. The effects of this Eclipse season may well be with us for several months.

Body – get some healing/treatments to help support you through this powerful time. Work especially on your heart and solar plexus chakras (or self treat by using St. John’s Wort herbal oil on your solar plexus and rose essential oil on your heart chakra).

Emotions – be gentle with yourself. Be a mother to your inner child who may be feeling a little scared or wobbly during this Eclipse phase. Take your essences to keep emotions in balance whilst you are working through this. Be calm. Practice tolerance and compassion for yourself and others. Take care not to over-react or have knee-jerk responses to people and stuff that comes up. Be kind to yourself and everyone else. Be positive, shine your Light and show the way for those that are struggling. Be the calm in the storm for yourself and others.

Let us pray and send healing to the waters of the Earth. The Earth Mother who represents our maternal nurturing and through Cancer asks to consider whether we are being mothered; are we nurturing and mothering ourselves enough? Are we doing this too much for others? Are we too smothering? This Moon gives us the opportunity to heal and find balance once again with the feminine nurturing aspect (or individual/s) in our lives.


I deeply and completely love my Body
I totally accept who I am and where I am right now
I nurture and care for myself
I give myself the best of everything
I honour all of my relationships
I give thanks for my family and my past
I am important
All is well; I am safe and cared for
I make good choices
I am centred and grounded
I am fully present
I am a great mother
I am open to receiving
I am committed to being the best that I can be
I am grateful for all the abundance in my life
I honour my emotions
I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Many Blessings
Elly xx

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