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April was a busy month for earthquakes and volcanoes. The volcanic ash incident that grounded flights for nearly two weeks was interesting wasn’t it? It was like Mother Earth was showing us that corporate greed is no match for Her. Whilst I appreciate it was inconvenient for many travellers trying to get home, over here with no aeroplanes overhead, our air quality was so good! The air was sweet and fresh and I felt like I had more energy than I have had in ages. Unfortunately once the aircraft started flying overhead again, the air became smelly, it got cloudy and I felt less energetic. The incident also served as a timely reminder never to take anything for granted. Things can change so quickly, enjoy every precious moment and make each moment worthwhile. Sometimes we get caught up in the busyness of life and forget these simple things.

Despite Mercury being retrograde, I have probably spoken to and communicated with more people in the past month than I have done all year! The common theme throughout most of these conversations has been the Death Pull (see below for more info).

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Cosmic Slug Syndrome
Appetite variations continue; some are eating themselves out of house and home whilst others are a bit off their food and not eating so much. This is all to do with the current energies. Try and keep a balance with this, ensure that you are eating the right things and be careful that you are not establishing an overeating or undereating pattern.
Weight Gain – unexpected, even though you haven’t increased the amount of food you have been eating. One day you wake up and you look pregnant, this is because you are in empathy with the Earth Mother and what She is going through at the moment. (However this doesn’t give you an excuse to start eating for two!)

Has hit some Lightworkers quite hard over the past few weeks, some days it feels like you can barely move! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Came back for some and continues for others. (I have been using our ‘Travel Buddy’ spray mist more recently to help ground these jet lag type sensations). For some, the nausea accompanying the dizziness has been quite strong this time around.

Ascension Depression continues for some, but is only for short period of time. (Refer to your ‘Ascension Tips – How to Survive the Ascension Process’ book for tips on how to deal with it).

Energy Fluctuations
Some of you will be riding high on increased energy drives whilst others of you will feel as if you cannot move or you feel like you are wading through treacle.

Dreaming has been weird for some, prophetic for others and some have been having dreams with lots of violence in them. The recent Wesak Full Moon played havoc with many sleep patterns, especially in the build up to it and for some this is still going on.

Aches and Pains
Aching from head to toe again as we adjust to the constant fluctuations in energy. Earth Sensitives have really been feeling it lately because of the increase in earth changes.
Any physical problems are due to the full embodiment of your Light Body now. You may be feeling very weak physically but this will pass, you are being recalibrated so that your physical body can cope. Whilst you are going through this you can feel quite weak, feeble, lacking in strength, and have strange aches going on in your body, usual places like joints and muscles, but also inside your arms and legs, tingling in your hands and fingers, sharp little pains in odd places. If you have ever seen someone’s Higher Self/Light Body, it is about eight foot high, now imagine trying to squish that into your current body, no wonder it’s gonna feel weird for a while!

Heart chakra again and in a big way. You need to do some regular healing on your Heart chakra (simply lie quietly with your hand over your heart chakra and allow the healing energies to come through) do this several times a week. This will ease any chest pain, wheeziness or breathlessness that you may be experiencing. Use Essences undiluted and directly rubbed over the Heart chakra to help, I have been using our ‘Higher Heart’ essence which has helped tremendously (interestingly this one has been coming up in clients’ prescriptions over the past month).
Hand chakras itch as money comes to you if it is the left hand and you will be shaking hands with someone new if it is the right hand.
Foot chakras very itchy as you prepare to walk on different ground/visit somewhere new, to step forward into a new phase of your life.

Almost like a cosmic panic attack, palpitations, upper chest breathing that is faster than usual, as if you are anticipating something negative happening (rather like when getting a prem about upcoming disasters). This is an energy adjustment and for Earth Sensitives is a common symptom of when a volcano is about to go up.

Dark Forces are trying to destabilise the Lightworkers again, hence the weird random things that are happening in people’s lives. Some Lightworkers are getting sucked into heavy energy which has caused them depression and negativity. If you feel your energy dropping and/or you feel as if you are being sucked down, say aloud “If it’s not mine please take it away”, this breaks the spell and stops you getting caught in mass consciousness energy. If it doesn’t lift and continues despite using this phrase, then it is because you need to go all the way down to discover something about yourself, allow this to happen and you will come out of it more quickly. Remember all of these feelings and symptoms are always temporary; they are a phase which you will soon pass through. Keep taking your Essences and following the guidance in our “Ascension Tips – How to Survive the Ascension Process” book.

And remember your Protection practices must be done at the start of every day and every night before you go to sleep. If you are in a rush then give your Aura and Solar Plexus a quick squirt of our ‘Protector’ spray mist to put a shield of protection around you.

Continues to be weird, some days it just seems to be so fast and other days we are gifted with an Elastic Day (as I call it), which is when the day seems to go on forever and you enjoy so much in one day and achieve so much.

Losses and Letting Go
Letting go continues painfully for some; long standing friendships suddenly and abruptly end with no warning, groups you belong to become fractured, argumentative and possibly disband completely, long term jobs suddenly end, having to move home when you have been in the same area for years, etc. Please know that you are not alone. At the time when these things happen you can feel upset, tearful, rejected and lonely. This is your inner child, so reassure him/her that all will make sense further down the road. As I have said many times before, this year is the year of Truth and Integrity, those of us who are aligned with truth and integrity will find that those who are not, are removed from our lives. It is simply the ending of one chapter as a new one begins.

All interactions and communications must be from the higher heart from now on. Don’t worry about being lonely or your social and professional circles getting smaller, the upside of this is the wonderful new contacts, people and opportunities that are coming into your life now. The structure of relationship is changing now, what you used to be prepared to put up with and/or gloss over previously, you will no longer tolerate. What you tried to pretend wasn’t there will be shown to you so glaringly that you cannot ignore it or continue to allow it. All is part of the collapse or our old 3-D way of living. As we evolve internally and change, so that is reflected externally with changes in every aspect of our lives. So allow yourself to grieve over the losses (our ‘Grief’ essence will help) and then be ready to open up to the many new wonderful people that are waiting in the wings to step into your life. Stand tall, be proud of who you are and be aware of just how far you have come.

Note: If you are a healer/therapist/lightworker be aware:-

(1) That there may be some other ‘professionals’ around you who are on a major ego drive right now. They will be out for themselves and no-one else, so be careful not to get caught up in their games, even though they may be very seductive with attractive propositions to lure you. They want your energy, knowledge and experience (for free) and once they have got what they want, they will drop you like a hot stone as they get busy profiteering on what you gave them.
(2) That you may find yourself withdrawing from dealing with some clients/contacts whom you have normally helped in the past. This is because they are not moving on despite your wonderfully loving and professional help. If you continue to work with them you will be drained energetically on every level and be sucked down into their heavy 3-D energy. You no longer have to deal with these people, as you are destined to work with others who are also of a high vibration (but they are currently completely unaware of it which is why they need your help). These new clients will have more respect for you and be willing to pay you. (Some of you have struggled with finding clients who are willing to pay you properly for the wonderful service you can offer them; this will start to change once you cut the deadwood – more like deadweight – clients from your lists). And whatever you do don’t panic that you won’t get any more clients, you will, you must trust the process. Become an active part of that process by having a chat to Spirit/The Universe about the way you now want to work with people, when, how, where, what type of clients you now want to draw to you and give thanks that you are being handsomely rewarded for your time. Stay in your heart, trust and truly be Yourself.

Things you thought were lost forever are returned to you, things you thought had gone forever are coming back to you. Perhaps most importantly of all, Soul retrieval - aspects of yourself that were lost are now retrieved, healed & restored to you.

Wow, this is happening so quickly these days! If you are focusing positively on what you want, your prayers are being answered and quicker than ever – especially for the little things in life. This should give you great reassurance that if you can manifest the little things this quickly, then the bigger things are definitely on their way.

Death Pull

Some Lightworkers have been feeling the Death Pull, as if they were going to leave the planet. A longing to go Home, deep loneliness, feelings of emptiness. It is like being in No Mans Land; blank, empty, hopelessness, meaningless, asking why am I here? Battle weary old Souls who feel they have had enough, who feel that they really don’t see the point of carrying on any more. This has been going on for most of the year for some old Souls. This is a very important issue that has come up over the past few weeks for so many Lightworkers that I have spoken to/communicated with. As I was about to go into it in more depth, a book fell off my library shelf and when I opened it, I found someone else has been able to explain this even better than I could. It is “The Enlightenment Book” and is from a deck of cards by Chuck Spezzano which I have been using since 1996.

The back of the card is Black, the Black cards are the Victim cards, and represent the typically hidden (subconscious) motivations which create blocks to our betterment and success. These victim traps are usually determined by our relationship traps and patterns.

It is card No. 8 and is called ‘Death Temptation’

Key Concepts: Weariness, burnout, great pain, a ‘why go on?’ feeling, hiding a birth opportunity.

Card Meaning:
Essentially there are two forms of death. The first is the inevitable passing at the end of life which is peaceful and easy – like changing clothes. The second is death temptation (either real or symbolic) which is a form of reaction to disappointment, a fight or curse against life. The form of death becomes a kind of power struggle in which you are consciously or subconsciously drawn toward self-destruction. You feel that the only thing which would truly end the pain or exhaustion you are experiencing is death. But in fact when you have a death temptation it is a chance to look at your circumstances and experience a rebirth although, because of the conflict you are in, you may think there is no way out. Actually, there are many ways out, and you are being asked to be willing to change and have a rebirth in your life.
Conflict occurs when two parts of your mind are moving in different directions. One part may be projected on to someone, some group, or the situation outside you. The other part of your mind you identify with feels stuck. This can turn into an unliveable situation – but this is only because you are unwilling to let go of something and to change. So, the key out of this is the willingness to have a new birth in your life, which comes about by truly choosing life. In this new birth, you need to acknowledge that life can begin again (springtime follows every winter) but you must be willing to experience it. When you are faced with a death temptation; willingness, letting go, choice, rebirth, forgiveness and self-forgiveness are the key healing concepts. Through your willingness, and by asking for help from your Higher Mind, you can bring about the rebirth easily and with grace.

Using the Card
If you get this card and you are not aware that you have had a death temptation, ask yourself whether you are feeling such things as loss, heartbreak, guilt, disappointment, power struggle, exhaustion, burnout, mortification, physical and/or emotional pain, valuelessness and meaninglessness. These are the general categories which lead people to face a death temptation. Imagine you could help the whole world and save time, money and suffering by choosing rebirth rather than death. Be willing to allow yourself and the situation to change, perhaps drastically. Don’t forget that even ‘impossible’ situations can be answered by miracles. Your new birth is as far away as your sincere choice for it.


The old way of Being is virtually non-existent now. You are now living the reality of your Truer, Higher Self as a LightBeing. And yes, we are still not quite there yet, we are still adjusting internally and externally in our lives. Try not to resist this progress or the changes as this will cause stiffness in your body. Step by step you are building the new you and your new lives. So keep on keeping on, keep progressing bit by bit and all will be well.

The Way of the Heart is the way forward now, more than ever before. Everything must come from the heart, which is the only way that truth and integrity can be experienced, and that is what this year is all about. The Way of the Heart is the pathway that leads to Ascension and our new way of Being.

Stay in touch with those of like mind, those who love you and support your dreams. Keep your vibration raised by playing lovely music, having flowers in your home, taking your essences, eating well, drinking plenty of water and sleeping well. Allow more healing into your life, if you cannot afford to pay a therapist then do some self healing. When the weather is fine, spend time sitting outside in Nature and let its greenery heal you as you listen to the sounds of the birds and little critters.


Letting go
Letting God/dess
Letting it Be
That all will be well
That you are protected by Angels
The power of the Universe
Your mind
Your body
Your emotions
Gratitude for all that is going on right now
Gratitude for all that you have right now
Gratitude for your dreams coming true

The key for the coming month is HEART.
To not do anything unless it feels like it is from the heart or heart based. To not say anything that is not heart based. To not continue to participate in conversations that are not heart based. Daring to say no to those you feel are not coming from their heart. Saying yes to what feels right in your heart (without being tricked by that fabulously strong mind of yours!). Staying so fully present that every single step you take is done with heart (you can do this by actively watching yourself take each step as you are walking). Preparing and eating food fully present in your heart. Turning mundane chores into heart acts. Sharing the love in your heart and not holding back. This is the Way of the Heart.


H appiness
E xperiencing
A wareness
R ealizing
T rusting

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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